This Earth Network centers on decarbonization and climate resilience of the existing built environment through interdisciplinary and justice-oriented education approaches to community-engaged research, design, technology, and policy. This network seeks to challenge traditional education paradigms in the professions dedicated to the design, construction, and management of the built environment — namely architects, engineers, preservationists, conservators, attorneys and urban planners – by advancing the interdisciplinary learning and community-engaged research needed to adapt and decarbonize existing buildings. Without intentional integration of social-spatial histories and analyses, climate justice, community development, law and public policy, design and engineering, and more, decarbonization and climate resilient adaptation of the existing built environment can perpetuate exclusion and inequity.

This Network’s approach seeks to engage a range of disciplinary perspectives on evolving the curricular development of the built environment professions and to establish critical connections to allied fields in ways that integrate academic and community-engaged research, policy development, and professional practice.


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