This new network will evaluate how the intersection of creative and research practices can contribute to understanding and teaching environmental equity and inclusion. Over three years, it will create the foundation for and test a series of interdisciplinary courses, initially hosted in the home departments of its two network leaders; assemble and design an innovative, interactive web-based resource for mentor works, texts, contacts, and activities; and carry out a series of open events on campus—workshops, readings, interventions, installations, and happenings—to introduce its findings to the Columbia community at large. The results will support wider development of new transdisciplinary curricular and co-curricular efforts towards climate awareness and action across the university. Network participants are drawn from liberal arts, science, arts, and management disciplines; and all work in the area of environmental equity using both research and creative methods. Their first-hand experiences and professional contacts make them especially capable of taking on the difficult task of engaging and elevating those voices that have been left out of environmental storytelling.


Network Head(s)

Name Title Email
Lee, Ana Paulina Associate Professor in the Latin American and Iberian Cultures apl2147@columbia.edu
Chen, Anelise Assistant Professor of Fiction in the School of Arts ac4132@columbia.edu
Minow Smith, Darby Adjunct Assistant Professor of Writing in the Faculty of the Arts dms2302@columbia.edu
Hughes, Emlyn Professor of Physics ewh42@cumc.columbia.edu
Lopez, Nicola Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Visual Arts in the Faculty of the Arts ngl1@columbia.edu
Walters, Wendy Associate Professor of Writing in the Faculty of the Arts wsw2111@columbia.edu

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