The Environmental Justice and Climate Just Cities Network is led by Christian Braneon (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies) and Jacqueline Klopp (Center for Sustainable Urban Development), Kate Orff, Thaddeus Pawlowski, Johanna Lovecchio (Center For Resilient Cities And Landscapes – Columbia GSAPP) and Natalie Greaves-Peters (Teacher’s College). The network is rooted in the concept that no community should take on an unfair share of environmental burden, and that environmental benefits are shared in an equitable way regardless of race, class, gender or other axes of exclusion. The Climate Just Cities Network brings these principles to life in regards to how climate change mitigation and adaptation policies, plans and actions are conceptualized, implemented, managed, and governed. To get involved, they invite you to attend future meetings and events, let them know about your environmental justice work, add contacts to their environmental justice directory and help with curriculum development. They especially welcome students who are interested in environmental justice. Please contact the network at justice.climate@columbia.edu for details.

Learn more about events, projects, and resources by visiting our website: justicenetwork.climate.columbia.edu


Network Head(s)

Name Title Email
Van Geen, Alexander Lamont Research Professor avangeen@ldeo.columbia.edu
Turner, Amy Associate Research Scholar, Cities Climate Law Initiative aturner@law.columbia.edu
Simms, Angela Assistant Professor of Sociology and Urban Studies asimms@barnard.edu
Hernandez, Diana Associate Professor, Sociomedical Sciences dh2494@cumc.columbia.edu
Cook, Elizabeth Assistant Professor in Environmental Science ecook@barnard.edu
Avrami, Erica James Marston Fitch Assistant Professor of Historic Preservation eca8@columbia.edu
Lovecchio, Johanna Director of Program Design jrl2205@columbia.edu
Klein-Rosenthal, Joyce Adjunct Associate Research Scientist jr438@columbia.edu
Dale, Lisa Co-Director lad2189@columbia.edu
Yoon, Liv Fellow, New York City Panel on Climate Change - Health Working Group (NPCC) ly2512@columbia.edu
Greaves-Peters, Natalie PhD student in Behavioral Nutrition nhg2114@tc.columbia.edu
Gallay, Paul Senior Staff Associate III and Director, Resilient Coastal Communities Project pag57@columbia.edu
Horton, Radley Professor of Climate rh142@columbia.edu
Parks, Robbie Assistant Professor (tenure track) rmp2198@columbia.edu
Commane, Roisin Associate Professor rc3195@columbia.edu
Pawlowski, Thaddeus Research Scholar t.pawlowski@columbia.edu

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