The Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems Network, co-led by Jennifer Woo Baidal (Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University Irving Medical Center) and Walter Baethgen (International Research Institute for Climate and Society) is focused on combating the main challenges of agriculture and food systems.

One of their main goals is engaging faculty, researchers, and students from across Columbia in order to bring areas like nutrition and health, climate, economics, human behavior, policy, equity and vulnerability together. The work is expected to contribute to the establishment and development of the food-related themes of the Columbia Climate School, as well as support the university’s goal to “bring knowledge and experts to the world and solve real world problems.”

The network will achieve these goals by developing collaborations across Columbia and beyond in education, collaborative research and practice, and engagement and outreach. For example, the group will create a resource to identify all existing classes on food systems at Columbia; develop new courses, capstone projects and executive education material; and design a food systems curriculum for the Climate School. The network will also engage with stakeholders in New York City such as community-based organizations, food banks, local government and private companies, designing a process to support investment strategies in food systems in NYC.


Network Head(s)

Name Title Email
Ruane, Alexander Adjunct Research Scientist ar2732@columbia.edu
Rose, Alison Senior Program Manager, Food for Humanity Initiative ra2322@columbia.edu
Paxton, Anne ap428@cumc.columbia.edu
Custodio-Lumsden, Christie Associate Research Scientist clc2123@cumc.columbia.edu
Rosenzweig, Cynthia Senior Research Scientist crosenzweig@giss.nasa.gov
Denning, Glenn Professor of Professional Practice gdenning@climate.columbia.edu
Potent, Jeffrey Senior Staff Associate I jp2339@columbia.edu
Lovecchio, Johanna Director of Program Design jrl2205@columbia.edu
Jägermeyr, Jonas Associate Research Scientist jonas.jaegermeyr@columbia.edu
Ziska, Lewis Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences lhz2103@cumc.columbia.edu
Orjuela, Manuela mao5@cumc.columbia.edu
Puma, Michael Director mjp38@columbia.edu
Mardirossian, Nora Associate Research Scholar; Senior Legal Researcher nm3006@columbia.edu
Koch, Pamela Mary Swartz Rose Associate Professor of Nutrition Education pak14@columbia.edu
Deckelbaum, Richard Robert R. Williams Professor of Nutrition rjd20@columbia.edu
Seager, Richard Palisades Geophysical Institute/Lamont Research Professor seager@ldeo.columbia.edu
Hartley, Rob Assistant Professor of Social Work rh2845@columbia.edu
DeFries, Ruth Chief Academic Officer; Co-Founding Dean Emerita rd2402@columbia.edu
Albrecht, Sandra ssa2018@cumc.columbia.edu
Lall, Upmanu ula2@columbia.edu

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