SEEN’s objective is to revolutionize the relationship between sustainability, energy, and entertainment by creating a coalition that unites entities across entertainment industries to promote knowledge sharing and best practices for reducing their environmental footprint.

“Sustainability” and sustainable solutions are those that ensure the needs of the present are met without compromising the needs of current and future generations. Expanding on the scientific definition of the word, SEEN strives to harness the “Energy” of global citizens to create real-world change. We view “Entertainment” as a powerful platform for reaching and influencing large audiences, with each sector offering its own unique perspective and insight. And given the urgent need to combat environmental degradation and the challenges associated with Climate Change, we are creating a “Network” dedicated to addressing these issues by leveraging the entertainment industry’s influence to engage with a wide array of global audiences.

SEEN’s goal is to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration among diverse stakeholders in the entertainment industry from multiple sectors, such as athletes, artists, filmmakers, scientists, policymakers, and community representatives. The Network’s mission is to create a powerful framework for understanding the ethical dimensions of sustainability to inspire positive behavioral change, raise awareness about environmental and social challenges, and set a new standard of sustainable practices.

Entertainment with purpose, envisioning a sustainable world.


Network Head(s)

Name Title Email
Bagnasco, Alexandra ab5179@columbia.edu
Nicholls, Ashley ashley@doermaker.com
Ganthier, Felicia felicia.ganthier@gmail.com
Chissell, H.G. Hgchissell@goadvancedenergy.com
Catandella, Kenneth kmc103@columbia.edu
Hyacenth, Rashad rmh2211@columbia.edu
Squires, William Adjunct Professor, Graduate Sports Management ws2234@columbia.edu

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