The goal of this Earth network will be to develop a more holistic framework for stakeholders and decisions involved in development that impact (directly or indirectly) disaster resilience, preparedness and response. This will lead to more comprehensive decision support tools, optimized for non-traditional disaster management stakeholders, who may be influencing but are disconnected from disaster resilience themes.

The motivation for this Earth Network is driven by the need to strengthen the broad capacity for integrated and interdisciplinary research, analysis and action - and amplified by the unique collection of stakeholders within Columbia and across our partner constellation. Key outputs of this Earth Network will be:

1. Convenings to bring together disparate fields of analysis and action related to disaster resilience in all phases (mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery) a. This will include a compendium of multi-stakeholder led workshops that are inter disciplinary and aim to use eco-pedagogy to focus on urban resilience.

2. Development of a library of case studies to support education and analytical efforts within and beyond this Earth Network.

3. Development of a road map of development decisions impacting disaster resilience, and their associated information requirements to inform current development and disaster resilience efforts, as well as future areas of research and analysis.


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