Central America Projects

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A Stakeholder Engagement Workshop for the Agriculture Sector in Central America 6/1/13 7/31/13 Central America
ACToday (Adapting Agriculture to Climate Today, for Tomorrow) 11/1/17 6/30/22 Africa ; South America ; Asia ; Central America ; Guatemala ; Colombia ; Africa ; Senegal ; Ethiopia ; Asia ; Bangladesh ; Vietnam
Addressing undernutrition and climate change in the Millennium Villages: enhancing resilience of rural communities 1/1/13 12/31/13 Central America ; Caribbean ; Haiti
Assessment of the use of Decentralized Water Systems in Residential Buildings in Mexico City 1/1/16 12/31/16 Central America ; Mexico ; Mexico City
Collaborative Research: Developing Multicentury Drought Reconstructions from Guatemala and the Context for Past and Future Hydroclimatic Change 3/1/09 4/30/13 Central America ; Guatemala
Collaborative Research: Hydrological Variability During the Last Millennium from High Resolution Proxies 10/1/10 9/30/14 South America ; Central America ; Puerto Rico ; Caribbean ; Venezuela
Collaborative Research: Magnitude and Pathway of Gaseous Atmospheric Mercury 1/1/19 12/31/21 North America ; Central America ; Harvard Forest, MA ; Costa Rica
Collaborative Research: Rapid Magma Ascent Recorded in Volatile Diffusion Profiles 9/1/15 8/31/19 Central America ; Europe ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Cerro Negro Volcano, Nicaragua ; Etna Volcano, Italy
Collaborative Research: Testing Source vs. Crustal Processing in High-Mg# Arc Magmas by Os-O-He-Olivine Systematics 8/1/19 7/31/22 Central America ; North America ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Nacional Autónoma de México Centro de Geociencias (UNAM-CGEO) ; Kilbride, Scotland ; Eugene, OR
Collaborative Research: Volatile Loss During Magma Ascent and Cooling 8/1/10 7/31/14 Central America ; North America ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Fuego Volcano, Guatelama ; Seguam Volcano, AK
Consultancy to support Preparatory Study and Readiness Assessment for Electrification Planning for B 10/18/16 12/31/18 Central America ; South America ; Latin America
Crop Insurance - Columbia 5/20/15 10/31/15 Central America ; Honduras
Development of a toolkit for planning universal access to electricity in Latin America and the Caribbean 4/11/16 10/10/16 Central America ; South America ; Latin America
Development of low Nitrogen: Phosphorus Ratios in the Euphotic Zone - The Phosphorus Side of the Sto 1/1/18 12/31/20 Central America ; Atlantic Ocean ; Gulf of Mexico
Ecosystem Impacts of Oil and Gas Inputs to the Gulf (ECOGIG) 9/1/11 12/31/15 Atlantic Ocean ; Central America ; Gulf of Mexico
Education Reform in Paraguay 9/1/19 11/30/19 Central America ; Paraguay
Game Changers for Puerto Plata: Design Scenarios for Urban and Rural Communities 7/1/11 10/31/12 Central America ; Caribbean ; Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Haiti National Proposal - Technical Assistance and Analysis 6/1/13 11/20/13 Central America ; Haiti ; Caribbean
Haiti Regeneration Initiative / Cote Sud Initiative 1/1/11 10/31/12 Central America ; Caribbean ; Haiti
HAITI NATIONAL TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND ANALYSIS 1/1/12 4/30/12 Central America ; Caribbean ; Haiti
Identifying Thresholds for Humanitarian Action in Response to Seasonal Rainfall Forecasts 8/1/14 7/31/16 Global ; Central America ; United States ; Caribbean
IndexAmericas: IDB´s Corporate Sustainability Index 7/9/18 12/31/18 Central America ; Caribbean ; Latin America
Integrating Climate Risk Information to Climate-Smart Marine Protected Areas and Coastal Management in the Mesoamerican Reef (MAR) Region 9/1/18 12/31/20 Central America ; Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System ; Belize ; Guatemala ; Honduras ; Mexico
Issue Brief: US Crude Oil Exchanges with Mexico 2/4/15 Central America ; Mexico
Mexican Energy Reform 6/11/14 Central America ; Mexico
Mexican Oil Reform: The First Two Bidding Rounds, Farmouts and Contractual Conversions in a Lower Oil Price Environment 10/28/15 Central America ; Mexico
National Infrastructure and Facility Inventory (NIFI) 1/1/14 6/15/15 Central America ; Haiti ; Caribbean
NATURAL DISASTERS AND HAZARDS REDUCTION RESEARCH IN THE DOMINICAN 8/11/10 12/30/11 Central America ; Caribbean ; Puerto Plata ; Dominican Republic
NSFGEO-NERC: Sulfur Cycling at Subduction Zones 9/1/19 8/31/22 Central America ; Asia ; Pacific Ocean ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Marianas Islands
Operation Gridded Dataset of Daily Precipitation over Latin America (LatAm Dataset) 6/1/17 6/1/18 Central America ; Latin America
Present horizontal stress orientation in the Costa Rica subduction margin from borehole breakout analysis 10/23/12 1/30/16 Central America ; Costa Rica
Quantifying borehole shapes in IODP Holes U1378A and U1379A from Density and Ultrasonic LWD Measurements 5/14/11 2/12/14 Central America ; Costa Rica
Studies and pilot initiatives to promote environmental sustainability in Dominican Republic and Haiti 1/4/13 9/30/13 Central America ; South America ; Dominican Republic ; Haiti
Sustainable Energy in Haiti: Hydrology and Meterology Program 5/30/13 12/31/16 Central America ; Haiti
Synergistic ice cloud observations from eMAS and RSP 12/22/14 12/21/18 Central America ; North America ; New York City, NY
Testing the Processes of Melt Differentiation in the Mexican Volcanic Belt 1/15/08 7/1/13 Central America ; North America ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Nacional Autónoma de México Centro de Geociencias (UNAM-CGEO) ; Kilbride, Scotland ; Eugene, OR
Testing the Slab Connection: A 10Be and 10Be/9Be Tracer Study in the Transmexican Volcanic Belt 4/1/19 3/31/21 Central America ; North America ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Nacional Autónoma de México Centro de Geociencias (UNAM-CGEO)
The Cote Sud Initiative, including the Millennium Village in Port-a-Piment, Haiti 11/1/11 10/31/12 Central America ; Caribbean ; Haiti
The Impact of Lower Oil Prices on the Mexican Economy 12/10/14 Central America ; Mexico
Towards a Multi-Scale Theory on Coupled Human Mobility and Environmental Change 4/2/18 6/30/21 Central America ; North America ; Africa ; Florida ; New York City, NY ; New York ; Syria ; South Sudan ; Honduras ; Somalia ; Puerto Rico
Towards mass balancing arc magmatic fluxes-insights from the central Mexican Volcanic Belt 7/15/12 6/30/15 Central America ; North America ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Nacional Autónoma de México Centro de Geociencias (UNAM-CGEO) ; Kilbride, Scotland ; Eugene, OR
Understanding and predictability of the Inter-American mid-summer drought 8/1/10 7/1/13 Central America
AgroClimas Phase II Central America ; Guatemala ; Colombia
CIAT Honduras Central America ; Honduras
Index Insurance for Agricultural Sector in Central America Central America ; Honduras
Tailored Agro-Climate Services and food security information for better decision making in Latin America (AGROCLIMAS) Central America ; Colombia ; Guatemala ; Honduras
An Open Data Resource Center for Inclusive Urban Transport: Latin America Branch 3/29/19 10/31/19 Central America ; South America ; Latin America
Support COs in the Dry Corridor in the Establishment of Processes and Systems that Provide Basic Climate Information Services 12/19/19 4/15/20 Central America ; El Salvador ; Guatemala ; Honduras ; Nicaragua
Collaborative Research: Reconstructing River Discharge and Hydrologic Variability in Panamá via Coral Geochemistry: Implications for Management of the Panamá Canal 6/1/20 5/31/22 Central America ; Panama Canal
Ground-Truthing in Costa Rica 4/1/19 Central America ; Costa Rica
Troubled teleconnections: migration, the COVID-19 pandemic and climate in Central America’s Northern Triangle 1/21/21 12/31/22 Central America
Last Interglacial Sea-level Evolution from U-series Chronology of Ooids, Corals, and Caves Deposits from Crooked Island, Bahamas 5/15/21 4/30/23 Atlantic Ocean ; Central America
Collaborative Research: EAR-Climate: Linkages Between Glacio-climatic, Hydrothermal, and Volcanic Processes in the Central Andes 5/1/22 4/30/25 South America ; Central America ; Andes