East Africa Projects

By Project Name By Startdate By Enddate By Location
A Symbiotic Agent-Based Network Platform Linking Expert Knowledge and Machine Learning for Systemic Risk Mitigation 12/1/18 2/28/22 Africa ; New York City, NY ; New York ; East Africa
Capacity Building, Progress Review in EMTCT; Knowledge Sharing Meeting and Evaluation Report 4/1/13 11/30/13 Africa ; East Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa
Climate Variability and Change: Implications for Malaria Control in East Africa 7/1/13 6/30/16 Africa ; East Africa
Collaborative Research: Faulting Processes During Early-Stage Rifting: Analysis of an Unusual Earthquake Sequence in Northern Malawi 12/15/10 12/31/13 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Malawi ; East Africa Rift System
Developing Index Insurance for Drought-prone Maize and Bean-based Farming Systems in East (and West) Africa to Enhance Farmer adoption of climate-adapted germplasm 8/1/16 12/15/16 Africa ; East Africa ; Uganda
Drying Versus Wettening of the East African Climate 5/1/13 3/31/16 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; East Africa
Drying Versus Wettening of the East African Climate 4/1/13 4/30/17 Africa ; East Africa
East Africa Drought and Agricultural Productivity Assessment and Prediction System 10/27/15 9/30/16 Africa ; East Africa
Groundswell II: Climate Change Migration Analysis for the West Africa Coastal Areas Management Program and Ethiopia 10/1/18 3/31/21 Africa ; West Africa ; East Africa ; Ethiopia ; Lake Victoria
Planning and Resilience in East Africa through Policy, Adaptation, Research (PREPARED) 3/5/13 12/14/16 Africa ; East Africa ; Tanzania ; Kenya ; Uganda ; Rwanda ; Burundi
Simulation of near-term climate change at target locations in West and East Africa 4/1/13 7/31/13 Africa ; West Africa ; East Africa
Strengthening Climate Information Partnerships - East Africa (SCIPEA) 1/1/16 12/31/17 Africa ; East Africa
Strengthening National Climate Data and Information for Malaria Decision-Making in Africa 6/1/14 5/31/15 Africa ; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania ; East Africa
UNAIDS and the Millennium Villages Project: Establishing 'HIV-1 mother-to-child transmission-free zones' 12/1/12 12/31/15 Africa ; East Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa
WISER Enhanced National Climate Services (ENACTS) for Eastern Africa - DflD WISER project 11/25/15 2/28/18 Africa ; East Africa