Europe Projects

By Project Name By Startdate By Enddate By Location
A 175m Long Sediment Core from Lake Traimeno 5/1/13 1/1/16 Europe ; Italy
Aligning Investment Treaties with Sustainable Development Europe ; Switzerland
Brexit's Implications for UK and European Sanctions Policy 10/4/16 Global ; Europe ; United States ; America
Business Case for Transparency North America ; Europe ; United States ; United Kingdom
Climate Risk Information for Ecosystem-Based Adaptation 2/15/16 6/30/16 Europe ; Germany
Collaborative Research The North Anatolian Fault system in the Marmara Sea, Turkey Insights from the Quaternary evolution of a multi-stranded transform 2/15/13 1/31/15 Europe
Collaborative Research: Influence of Surfactants on Air-Sea Gas Exchange: 3He/SF6 Experiments in the Baltic Sea 3/1/18 2/28/21 Europe ; Baltic Sea
Collaborative Research: P2C2-Past and Future Drought Variability in the Mediterranean Basin 6/1/11 5/31/13 Europe
Collaborative Research: Rapid Magma Ascent Recorded in Volatile Diffusion Profiles 9/1/15 8/31/19 Central America ; Europe ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Cerro Negro Volcano, Nicaragua ; Etna Volcano, Italy
Collaborative Research: The North Anatolian Fault system in the Marmara Sea, Turkey - Insights from the Plio-Quaternary evolution of a multi-stranded transform 10/1/15 9/30/19 Europe ; Mediterranean ; Turkey
Consensus for Action: Towards a More Effective EU Sanctions Policy 11/28/18 Global ; Europe ; North America ; United States
Considerations for the Treatment of Energy in the US–EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 9/10/15 Europe ; North America ; United States
Health effects and geochemistry of arsenic: Core C- Biogeochemistry Core 5/16/17 3/31/19 North America ; Europe ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory ; McMaster University ; University of Manchester
Crustal Magma Plumbing of the Santorini Volcanic System in the Aegean Sea 1/1/15 12/31/15 Europe ; Santorini ; Aegean Sea
Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project 1/1/15 12/31/15 Europe ; Switzerland
Ericsson Grant FY2015-Core Operating Costs 1/1/15 6/30/18 Europe ; Sweden
Geochronologic Tests of Scottish Caledonide Tectonics Europe ; Scotland
How International Oil Companies Could Assist Greece to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: A Conversation Starter Europe ; Greece
Magnitude Scale and Regional Moment Tensor Inversion for Earthquakes in Offshore Norway 10/1/15 10/31/16 Europe ; Norway
NSFGEO-NERC: Collaborative Research: The Central Apennines earthquake Cascade under a New Microscope 4/15/18 3/31/21 Europe ; Italy
Operation Densification and Upgrade of Continuous GPS Stations in Russia 10/1/13 9/30/18 Europe ; Russia
Operation, Densification and Upgrade of Continuous GPS Stations in Russia 7/1/11 9/30/13 Europe ; Russia
Operation, Densification, and Upgrade of Continuous GNSS Stations in Russia in the Framework of MOU 5/11/12 1/30/24 Europe ; Russia
Paleoenvironmental Perspectives on Prehistoric Human Settlement of Arctic Norway: Implications for climate, sea-level, and land-use changes during the Iron Age 9/1/16 8/31/19 Europe ; Norway
Planning on Global Climate Change and activities Regional climate modeling in Italy: a new strategy 1/1/12 12/31/14 Europe ; Italy
Postkodstiftelsen funding for SDSN 3/1/13 12/31/14 Europe ; Lithuania
Proposal for a 2 Year Pilot Visiting Scholar Program with the Agirre Lehendakaria Foundation 12/15/16 12/31/19 Europe ; Basque Country, Spain
Re-evaluation of the Late Glacial and the Little Ice Age Problem in the Alps by High-precision Surface Exposure Dating 6/1/12 5/31/17 Europe ; Alps
SDSN - Networks 7/1/15 6/30/16 Europe ; Germany
Seismic imaging of the interplate boundary and deformation within the overriding Aegean lithosphere 1/1/16 12/31/16 Europe ; Mediterranean
Solar Together: A Proposal 4/26/16 Asia ; North America ; Europe ; United States
Some Future Scenarios of Russian Natural Gas in Europe 6/20/16 Europe ; Russia ; Eurasia
Subduction and Eduction of Continental Crust Europe ; Norway ; Liverpool Land, Greenland ; Sweden
Sustainable Development Solutions Network 12/1/14 12/31/15 Europe ; Norway
Sustainable Development Solutions Network 7/1/15 10/31/15 Europe ; France
Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Financing Sustainable Development 11/9/15 1/8/16 Europe ; Germany
Tectonics in the Western Anatolian Extensional Province from sequence stratigraphic modeling of multichannel seismic data in the Gulf of Kusadasi 3/15/16 2/28/22 Europe ; Mediterranean ; Gulf of Kusadasi
The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) Third Annual Global Workshop 10/1/12 10/31/12 Europe ; Rome ; Italy
The Drought Risk Financing Science Laboratory (DRiSL) 1/1/18 3/31/20 Europe ; England
The Future of Nuclear Energy - A Three-Part Series 3/31/17 Global ; Asia ; Europe ; Europe ; United States ; China ; India
The Impact of Low Oil Prices on Algeria 10/12/16 Asia ; Africa ; Europe ; Middle East ; North Africa
The Impact of US LNG on Russian Natural Gas Export Policy 12/17/18 Global ; Europe ; United States ; Russia
The Role of Natural Gas in Europe's Electricity Sector Through 2030 8/7/18 Europe
The Role of US Shale in European Energy Security and Trade 2/25/16 Asia ; Europe ; North America
The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency support for SDSN 4/1/13 6/30/17 Europe ; Sweden
They Might Be Giants: Emerging LNG Importers Are Reshaping the Waterborne Gas Market 11/16/17 Global ; Asia ; Europe ; United States ; Japan ; Australia
Transatlantic Sanctions Policy: From the 1982 Soviet Gas Pipeline Episode to Today 3/22/19 Europe ; North America ; United States
Travel Support for an International Meeting on Monsoons and Tropical Rain Belts: Trieste, Italy 4/1/18 3/31/19 Europe ; Trieste, Italy
REACH: Using Technology to Increase Health Literacy and Health Care Access for Refugees in Turkiye, Lebanon, and Jordan 8/1/19 6/30/23 Europe ; Asia ; Global ; Turkiye ; Lebanon ; Jordan
Europe and Global Challenges - Research Proposal, Impact of intensified weather extremes on Europe's economy 10/1/18 9/30/22 Europe
Agirre Lehendakaria Visiting Scholar Program 1/1/19 12/31/21 Europe ; Basque Country, Spain
ALC CLIMATE KIC Data Review and Summary Report Drafting 11/23/20 12/31/20 Europe ; Poland ; Italy ; Basque Country
Cycles of Drought and Floods during Past Interglacials in the East Mediterranean-Levant 10/1/21 9/30/22 Asia ; Europe
The Astromaterials Data System: Enabling FAIR Astromaterials Samples Data through Trusted Archiving Services and Broad Community Engagement 10/1/23 9/30/28 Europe ; Australia ; Belgium ; Czech Republic ; France ; Germany ; Spain ; Space
NSFGEO-NERC: Investigating the Direct Influence of Meltwater on Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics 8/15/23 7/31/26 South America ; Europe ; Chile ; United Kingdom
Collaborative Research: A New Pathway of Indonesian Throughflow in the Indian Ocean: Mechanisms and Role in Transporting the Excess Heat and Freshwater of the Recent Hiatus Decade 4/15/23 3/31/26 North America ; Europe ; United States ; United Kingdom
GNSS and InSAR Surface Deformation Constraints on a 3-D Geodetic Model of the Indo-Burma Subduction Zone 2/23/23 2/22/26 Asia ; Europe ; Bangladesh ; United Kingdom
NNA Research: Collaborative Research: Rapid Arctic change and its Implications for Fisheries and Fishing Communities of the Western North Atlantic 1/1/23 12/31/25 Europe ; Austria
Inferring Middle- and High-Level Cloud Feedbacks Using A-Train Observations 10/17/22 10/16/25 Europe ; Austria
Harnessing Microbial Batteries for Efficient, Sustainable Water Treatment and Recycling in Rural Areas 10/1/21 9/30/25 Europe ; Australia ; Australia ; United Kingdom
Observational Estimates of Radiative Forcing by Greenhouse Gases in the Presence of Clouds 9/1/21 8/31/24 Europe ; Austria
Collaborative Research: RAPID: A Novel Magnetometer Network to Capture the Ongoing Inflationary Episode at Askja Volcano, Iceland 7/1/23 7/31/24 Europe ; Iceland