Global Projects

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2017-2020 Provision of Log Data Reduction and Database Services for Scientific Ocean Drilling 7/1/17 9/30/20 Global
2018 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 3/1/17 1/31/18 Global ; New Haven, CT
A Combined Experimental and Theoretical investigation of reactive flow in brittle media with applications to solid Earth geodynamics 8/1/15 7/31/19 Global
A Critical Test of the Nd Paleocirculation Proxy 9/1/13 8/31/15 Global
A Global Map of Feasible Residential Solutions-emphasizing Stoves with space Heating Uses 3/1/14 12/31/18 Global ; Alaska ; Nepal ; Mongolia ; China
A global survey of long-term organic carbon decomposition in marine sediments: constraints to methanogenesis, gas hydrate formation, and C cycle budget 7/15/13 6/30/16 Global ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
A global survey of marine magnetic anomalies to constrain the Late Cretaceous- Eocene time scale 9/1/15 8/31/19 Global ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
A global view of climate change during and since the last ice age: Insights from the record of Earth 8/1/13 7/31/15 Global
A Method to Quantify the Social Impact of Investments in Publicly-Traded Emerging Markets Equities 4/1/19 3/31/20 Global
A M-Sequence Geomagnetic Polarity Time Scale that Minimizes Global Spreading Rate Variations and Incorporates Cyclostratigraphic Information 7/1/09 6/30/13 Global ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
A Novel Approach to CO2 Brick Production Integrated with Simultaneous Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Carbon Intensive Industrial By-Products via 10KG/day Simulator Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
A Proposal to Demonstrate Air Capture Technology 2/1/15 1/31/17 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York ; Paris ; France
Management of the U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP) associated with the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) 12/1/14 2/28/25 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
A Prototype Earth-Gauging System Integrating Weather and Health Data to Manage Meningitis 4/10/09 10/15/12 Global ; Africa ; Niger
A Regulatory, Operational and Commercial Framework for the Utilization of Associated Petroleum Gas Global
A Southern Hemispheric Perspective on Holocene Climate Variability Based on Mountain Glacial Chronologies 8/1/18 7/31/21 Global ; Southern Hemisphere
A Time Series of Sea Surface Nitrate and Nitrate Based New Production in the Global Oceans 5/1/13 4/30/19 Global
Abrupt Climate Change in a Warming World: Modern Instrumental Records - CFCs 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Abrupt Climate Change in a Warming World: Synthesis of Tracer Data 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Absolute Paleointensity from the Cretaceous Long Normal 10/10/10 10/12/13 Global
Achieving Sustainable Development in the Coffee Sector Global
Acquisition of a State-of-the-Art 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology System for the AGES Lab at Lamont-Doherty 8/1/16 7/31/18 Global ; New York City, NY
Active lava lakes as a window into magma and volcano dynamics 3/1/14 2/28/18 Global ; Antarctica ; Africa ; Halemaumau crater, HI ; Mount Erebus, Antarctica ; Ertale ; Ethiopia
Adaptation Planning for Climate Change Impacts using Advanced Decision Support and Remote Sensing: Irrigated Agriculture in California’s Central Valley 4/1/12 6/1/14 Global ; New York
Advanced Imaging Techniques Combined with In Situ Analyses used to Assess Diagenesis in Benthic Foraminifera 5/1/17 4/30/19 Global
Advancing Data Access for the Deep Carbon Community 1/1/16 10/31/16 Global
Advancing the Data Infrastructure for Reservoirs and Fluxes Research in the Deep Carbon Observatory 1/1/14 12/31/14 Global
Advancing Tidal Tomography for Study of Earth's Interior 1/9/17 1/8/21 Global
Air Capture of CO2: Technological and economic feasibility study of various end-to-end process alternatives 1/1/13 5/31/14 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
An Ecosystem approach to climate change education 10/1/11 12/31/14 Global ; New York ; Louisiana
Analyzing Sustainability Plans for PepsiCo International Operations 9/1/07 12/31/13 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Annual Global Happiness Council Policy Report 7/1/18 8/31/19 Global ; New York
Anticipatory Analytics for Environmental Stressors 10/1/17 6/30/18 Global
Anticipatory Analytics for Environmental Stressors Phase 2 1/1/19 12/31/20 Global
ARCHES - Abrupt Climate Change in a Warming World: Lessons from Holocene Paleo and Modern Instrumental Records and Model Simulations 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Asian LNG Trading Hubs: Myth or Reality 5/4/18 Global ; Asia ; China ; Japan ; Singapore
Assessing Water-Related Risks in the Mining Sector Global ; Chile ; China ; Peru ; Philippines ; South Africa ; Australia ; United States ; Canada
Assessment of the National Security Implications of Climate and Global Change 9/26/09 11/30/14 Global
Atmospheric Tomography Experiment (ATom) 4/1/15 3/31/21 Global ; Remote Atmosphere
Atmospheric Tomography Mission: The global carbonyl sulfide budget 1/1/19 12/31/19 Global ; NASA DC8 research aircraft
AXA Award Research Project: Global Patterns of Extreme Precipitation 11/18/13 12/31/16 Global
Bayesian Cloud Property Retrievals from ARM Active and Passive Measurements 8/1/16 7/31/18 Global
Best Practices for Estimating Forecast Uncertinity in Seasonal-to-Decadal Predictions 8/1/12 7/31/16 Global
Blog on the ENSO Phenomenon to Help Educate and Inform National and International Non-Climate Scientists 8/20/15 8/31/16 Global
BRACED Climate and Weather Helpdesk 4/18/16 3/31/17 Global
Breakthrough Electrolytes for Energy Storage (BEES) 3/1/19 2/28/22 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Brexit's Implications for UK and European Sanctions Policy 10/4/16 Global ; Europe ; United States ; America
Bridging the last few kilometers: Accounting for Subgrid mixing and spatial gradients in global aerosol models 8/15/09 8/14/14 Global ; New York ; Illinois
Can seasonal Climate Forecasts Improve Food Security in Indian Ocean Rim Countries in a Variable and Changing Climate 10/1/12 6/15/13 Global ; Australia ; India ; Sri Lanka
Carbon Catalogue - product carbon footprints Global ; New York City, NY
Carbon mineralization in peridotite for CO2 removal from air and solid storage: chemo-mechanical feedbacks and kinetics 1/1/20 12/3/22 Global
Carbon Pricing as a Policy Instrument to Decarbonize Economies: How to Assess Cap-and-trade vs. Carbon Tax 10/27/18 4/27/19 Global ; South America ; Colombia ; Chile
CAREER: Characterizing the Uncertainty in Projections of Climate Change in the Semi-Arid Tropics Based on the Moist Static Energy Framework 9/1/10 8/31/17 Global ; Sahel ; New York City, NY ; New York
CAREER: Evolution of Ocean Mesoscale Turbulence in a Changing Climate 2/15/16 1/31/21 Global
CAREER: Investigating the Impact of Temporal and Spatial Variations on Lava Emplacement Through Numerical and Physical Models 4/1/17 3/31/22 Global
CAREER: Very Broadband Rheology and the Internal Dynamics of Plate Boundaries on Earth 10/1/11 9/30/16 Global
CCAFS Theme 2: Adaption through Managing Climate Risk 1/1/11 12/31/16 Global
CCEP II: Polar Learning and Responding (PoLAR) Climate Change Education Partnership 9/15/12 8/31/18 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
CCEP-I: Polar Learning and Responding (PoLAR) Climate Change Education Partnership 9/1/10 8/31/14 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Center for the Study of Individual and Group Decision Making Under Climate Uncertainty 9/15/04 8/31/12 Global
Chemical and Biological Catalytic Enhancement of Weathering of Silicate Minerals as Novel Carbon Capture and Storage Technology 7/15/10 7/14/14 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
CityLinks Climate Adaptation Partnership Program 2/25/15 9/1/16 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Climate and chemistry changes from 1975 to 2000 as observed and modeled in the coupled chemistry-aerosol-climate GISS ModelE Earth System Model 5/14/09 6/30/15 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Climate Change Relevant Statistics and Guidelines to Estimate Data Uncertainty 12/31/18 12/31/19 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Climate Decision Support in the Gulf States: Assessing the Impacts of Key Uncertainties in End-to-End Assessments 8/1/10 7/31/13 Global ; New York ; Florida ; Alabama
Climate Extremes: Aging Dams and Failure Impacts 4/1/18 3/31/20 Global
Climate Informed Global Flood Risk Assessment 10/30/12 10/29/13 Global ; United States
Climate Services Partnership: Climate & Malaria Data Analysis 1/1/15 3/31/16 Global
Climatology and Variability of Tropical Rainfall in the 20th Century Reanalysis 9/1/11 8/31/13 Global
Closing Accountability Loopholes and Ensuring Compensation for Environmental Harm Global
CMG Research: Reconstructing Climate from Tree Ring Data 9/15/09 8/31/13 Global
CO2 Mineral Sequestration With Integrated Tailored Synthesis of Carbon-neutral Filler Materials 10/1/09 9/30/14 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Coalition for Publishing Data in the Earth & Space Sciences (COPDEES) workshop 10/15/15 7/14/17 Global
Collaboration on an Open Data Resource Center and Mapping for Urban Public Transport 5/1/18 12/31/18 Global
Collaborative Proposal: GP-IMPACT: Ambassadors for STEM Training to Enhance Participation (A-STEP) 7/1/18 6/30/21 Global
Collaborative Research and NEON: MSB Category 2: PaIEON - a Paleo Ecological Observatory Network to Assess Terrestrial Ecosystem Models 9/1/13 5/31/15 Global
Collaborative Research: A field, laboratory and theoretical study of mixed bedrock-alluvial meandering rivers 9/15/11 8/31/15 Global
Collaborative Research: A Proposal for the Cosmic-Ray Produced Nuclide Systematics on Earth (Cronus-Earth) Project 3/1/05 9/30/12 Global
Collaborative Research: Advanced modeling for understanding fluid and magma migration in subduction zones 3/1/14 2/28/18 Global
Collaborative Research: Advanced Models of Magma Migration at Convergent MARGINS 2/1/09 1/31/13 Global
Collaborative Research: An Experimental Investigation of Reactive Melt channelization in Partially Molten Rocks 8/15/15 7/31/19 Global
Collaborative Research: An Inverse and Forward Global Modeling Synthesis of Noble Gases to Better Quantify Biogeochemical Cycles 9/15/11 8/31/15 Global
Collaborative Research: Assessing the Role of Compound-specific Phosphorus Hydrolase Transformations 9/1/17 8/31/20 Global
Collaborative Research: Automated Continuous Measurement of CFC and SF6 Saturations in Surface Waters 10/1/10 9/30/15 Global
Collaborative Research: Bridging between Tabletop Models and the Earth System 9/15/09 6/30/13 Global
Collaborative research: Calibration of deep-sea coral paleoproxies for nutrients, carbonate ion, and temperature 1/1/19 12/31/21 Global
Collaborative Research: Chemical and biological characterizations of phosphonate and polyphosphonate dynamics in marine phytoplankton 1/1/13 4/30/16 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Atlanta, GA ; Columbia, SC
Collaborative Research: Combined Seismological and Geodetic Constraints on 3-D Mantle Structure 6/30/10 6/30/13 Global
Collaborative Research: Deep Circulation over the Flanks of a Mid-Ocean Ridge 9/1/17 8/31/20 Global ; Brazil Basin ; Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Collaborative Research: Developing New Instrumentation ot Accurately Measure Heat and Mass Flux of Hydrothermal Fluids 9/15/11 6/30/15 Global
Collaborative Research: Development and Support of the MB-System Software Package for Processing and Display of Swath Mapping Sonar Data 8/1/13 7/31/19 Global
Collaborative Research: Dynamics of dissolved organic phosphorus production, composition and bioavailability along a natural marine phosphate gradient 3/1/18 2/28/21 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Honolulu, HI
Collaborative Research: EarthCube End-User Workshop: Deep Seafloor Processes and Dynamics 4/15/13 3/31/14 Global
Collaborative Research: Ecology and Evolution of Microbial Interactions in a Changing Ocean 3/1/19 2/28/23 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Fairbanks, AK ; Birmingham, AL
Collaborative Research: Evolution of Lava Channel Networks: Implication for Lava Flow Hazards and Mitigation 2/1/13 1/31/16 Global
Collaborative Research: Fast Spin Up of Ocean General Circulation Models Using Newton-Krylov Methods 9/1/08 8/31/12 Global
Collaborative Research: FIRE: Making Meaning from Geoscience Data: A Challenge at the intersection of Geosciences and Cognitive Sciences 9/1/11 6/30/13 Global
Collaborative Research: Gas Transfer Through Polar Sea Ice (GAPS)-Mechanisms of Turbulence Production in the Seasonal Ice Zone and Its Control of Mixed Layer Ventilation 10/1/10 9/30/13 Global
Collaborative Research: Global Ocean Repeat Hydrography Carbon & Tracer Measurements, 2015-2020 3/15/15 2/28/22 Global
Collaborative Research: Global Ocean Repeat Hydrography, Carbon and Tracer Measurements, 2009-2014 12/10/08 1/31/18 Global
Collaborative Research: Global Ocean Repeat Hydrography, Carbon, and Tracer Measurements, 2009-2014 2/1/09 1/31/15 Global
Collaborative Research: Investigating the Air-Sea Energy Exchange in the presence of Surface Gravity Waves by Measurements of Turbulence Dissipation, Production and Transport 9/1/18 8/31/21 Global
Collaborative Research: Investigating the Limits of Ray-Based Global Surface-Wave Tomography 10/1/09 9/30/12 Global
Collaborative Research: Melting of Carbonate-Bearing Sediments in Subduction Zones 7/1/09 6/30/13 Global
Collaborative Research: Modeling hydrothermal recharge and outflow in oceanic crust analogs with sharp permeability gradients 9/1/15 12/31/17 Global
Collaborative Research: Ocean Acidification: Impacts of Evolution on the Response of Phytoplankton Populations to Rising CO2 6/1/13 5/31/19 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Birmingham, AL
Collaborative Research: Open Core Data: Transformative Data Infrastructure for Integrating and Accessing Scientific Drilling and Coring Data 7/1/16 6/30/19 Global
Collaborative Research: P2C2 - Locally-constrained Climate Field Reconstructions of the Last Millennium: Methods and Application 8/1/11 7/31/13 Global
Collaborative Research: P2C2--Derivation of Ensemble and Joint-Variable Climate Field Reconstruction 11/1/16 10/31/19 Global
Collaborative Research: P2C2-Tree-Ring Reconstructions of Western North Pacific Climate Dynamics 5/1/12 5/31/16 Global ; Trans-North Pacific
Collaborative Research: Persistent Presence in the Ocean Interior: Developing a Low-power, Autonomous System for Geo-referenced Navigation 1/1/17 12/31/19 Global
Collaborative Research: Proposal for an NSF-Wide Workshop to Explore the Prospects for a Common Response to the Requirements for Public Access to Research Data 9/15/16 8/31/18 Global
Collaborative Research: RAPID Testing High Temperature Subseafloor Tracers and Optical Communication 6/1/14 5/31/15 Global
Collaborative Research: Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R): Transforming the Academic Fleet Into an Integrated Global Observing System 9/1/09 8/31/15 Global
Collaborative Research - Sediment pathways, sedimentation processes, and structural growth along the Tohoku segment of the Japan subduction margin: Role of megathrust earthquakes 8/1/14 7/31/17 Global
Collaborative Research: Seismic Attenuation and Anelasticity in the Upper Mantle: The Effect of Continuous Far-field Dislocation Creep 5/1/19 4/30/22 Global
Collaborative Research: Separating Forced and Unforced Decadal Predictability in Models and Observations 9/1/10 8/31/13 Global
Collaborative Research: Taking the Reliability of Cenozoic Boron Isotope pH and pCO2 reconstructions to the next level 4/1/17 3/31/21 Global
Collaborative Research: Terrestrial Hydrology during the Last Deglaciation 7/1/19 6/30/22 Global
Collaborative Research: Testing the Orbital Theory of Ice Ages Through Analysis of Glacial Deposits and Numerical Modeling 7/15/13 12/31/18 Global ; South America
Collaborative Research: The Behavior of sulfur during magma mixing and implications for magma degassing and ore formation 1/1/13 12/31/16 Global
Collaborative Research: The impact of time-dependent mantle rheology and 3-D structure on models and observations of Glacial Isostatic 6/15/13 5/31/16 Global
Collaborative Research: Tropical Cyclone Tracks in Present and Future Climates 9/1/11 8/31/16 Global
Collaborative Research: U.S. GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional Transect: Thorium-232, Thorium-231 and Protactinium-231 as tracers of trace element supply and removal 11/1/17 10/31/20 Global
Collaborative Research: Uncertainty in Predictions of 21st Century Ocean Biogeochemical Change 12/1/17 3/31/20 Global ; Boulder, CO ; New York City, NY
Collaborative Research: Unlocking the Seismic Signature of Rivers 7/1/12 6/30/14 Global
Collaborative Research: Western Equatorial Pacific Rainfall During the Holocene: New Inter-annual Records from High Resolution Borneo Stalagmites 9/1/11 8/31/14 Global ; Borneo
Columbia Global Energy Dialogue Report: Sulfur Regulations on the High Sea 4/21/16 Global
Comparing data and model estimates of hydroclimate variability and change over the Common Era 2/15/16 9/15/16 Global
Comprehensive High-Precision Relocation of Global Seismicity 2/1/12 1/31/16 Global
Comprehensive high-precision relocation of global seismicty 2/15/16 1/31/20 Global
Informational Database and Schlanger Felllowship Support for the U.S. Science Support Program of IODP 8/1/16 1/31/17 Global
Conference: At What Point Managed Retreat? 6/19/19 6/21/19 Global ; North America
Connecting lava rheology and flow dynamics using novel field and modeling techniques 1/1/12 12/31/13 Global
Consensus for Action: Towards a More Effective EU Sanctions Policy 11/28/18 Global ; Europe ; North America ; United States
Constraining the Past and Future Ocean Sink of Anthropogenic Carbon with Observations 2/15/11 1/31/16 Global
Continued Evaluation of Fast Processes in Climate Models Using ARM Measurements 6/15/09 9/14/14 Global
Continuity of the AMSR Earth Science Data Records 3/7/19 3/6/23 Global
Coupled Model Biases in the Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Distribution of the Global Tropics and their Influence on Climate Change Projections 3/15/17 2/28/21 Global
CRPA: Shrinking Glaciers: Achronology of Climate Change 1/15/11 5/31/13 Global
CSEDI Collaborative Research: Integrating Seismological, Rheological and Petrological Studies of Melt Production and Transport in Subduction Zones 9/15/11 8/31/14 Global ; Marianas Trench ; Nicaragua-Costa Rice subduction zone
CWC Aquanauts Education Program 6/1/12 12/31/13 Global ; North America ; United States
Deciphering Antarctic Intermediate Water Variability During the Pliocene 12/22/15 6/21/16 Global ; Antarctica ; Atlantic Ocean ; North Atlantic Ocean
Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project (DDPP)-IDDRI Subgrant 5/1/15 8/31/15 Global
Defining the Future of IGSN as a Global Persistent Identifier for Material Samples 8/1/18 7/31/20 Global
Developing a Global WorldPop Dataset 11/19/15 8/31/18 Global
Developing a Mechanistic Understanding of Variability in the Atmospheric CO2 Growth Rate owing to Interannual Climate Oscillations 6/1/17 5/31/20 Global ; Ann Arbor, MI ; New York City, NY
Developing a Real-Time Multi-Model Sub-seasonal Predictive Capability 8/1/16 7/31/19 Global
Developing an Optimum Multi-Model ENSO Prediction 8/1/12 7/31/16 Global
Developing earthquake simulators for use in seismic hazard estimates 2/1/12 1/31/16 Global
Developing Global Building Exposure for Disaster Forecasting, Mitigation and Response 9/1/12 12/31/13 Global ; Long Beach, CA ; New York ; London, UK
Development of a business plan for a sustainable mobility initiative 1/1/12 12/31/12 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Development of a Self-Consistent Model for Spatial and Temporal Variation of Sea Level Integrating Data on Cryospheric Mass Change, Ocean Dynamics, and Solid-Earth Loading 1/28/11 1/27/15 Global
Development of Novel Charge Quantification Method and Charge Density Map in Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds 10/1/10 9/30/15 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Development of Novel Liquid-like NanoparticleOrganic Hybrid Materials (NOHMs) with EncapsulatedDesign for Innovative Direct Air Capture 2/1/18 1/31/22 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Development of a Masters Level Education in Sustainable Urban Transport 10/1/16 12/31/16 Global
Diagnosing Decadal-Scale Climate Variability in Current Generation Coupled Models for Informing Near-term Climate Change Impacts 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Diagnostic Monitoring of Bio-Geochemical Interactions of a shallow aquifer in response to a CO2 leak 12/1/09 11/30/14 Global
Difficulties in Easing Sanctions on Myanmar 4/13/16 Global ; Asia ; North America ; Myanmar ; United States
DMUU: Understanding and Improving Environmental Decisions 9/1/10 8/31/18 Global
Dynamical coupling of deformation and melt transport in the Earth: A combined theoretical and experimental study 7/15/12 6/30/16 Global
EAGER: Catastrophic Landslide Dynamics from Seismic Wave Inversion and Satellite Remote Sensing 9/1/11 8/31/12 Global
EAGER: Collaborative Research: Using Available Sentry AUV aboard R/V Atlantis to Measure Hydrothermal Heat Flux at Axial and Main Endeavor Fields 4/15/13 3/31/15 Global
EAGER: Investigating the Thermal Maturity of Organic Matter in Fault Zones with Laboratory Experiments 3/1/12 4/30/14 Global
EAGER: The 170-excess of dissolved O2 in the deep sea: A possible tracer of Little Ice Age oceanography 8/1/11 7/31/13 Global
Earth Microbiology Initiative at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 1/1/12 12/31/12 Global
Earth Microbiology Laboratory at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 1/1/13 12/31/13 Global
Earth System Modeling, Comparative Planetary Climatologies and Remote Sensing 9/1/18 8/31/19 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Earth System Modeling, Comparative Planetary Climatologies and Remote Sensing 9/1/18 8/31/21 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York ; Greenbelt, MD ; Maryland ; Boulder, CO ; Colorado
EarthCube Building Blocks: Collaborative Proposal: A Geo-Semantic Framework for Integrating Long-Tail Data and Models 9/1/14 8/31/17 Global
EarthCube Building Blocks: Deploying Web Services Across Multiple Geoscience Domains 10/1/13 8/31/16 Global ; Global Ocean
EarthCube Domain End-User Workshop: Community-Based Cyberinfrastructure for Petrology and Geochemistry 2/15/13 1/31/16 Global
Earthcube IA: Collaborative Proposal: Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance as a Model for Integrati 9/1/15 8/31/19 Global
Earth's Climate History, Ice Sheets, and Sea Level Over Last Four Million Years 8/15/11 8/31/12 Global
EaSM-3 Collaborative Research: Local and Remote Regional Climate Responses to Regional Forcings from Short-Lived Climate Forcers 10/1/14 9/30/20 Global
Ecological and Sociodemographic Determinants and Impacts of Urbanization and Restoration on Intertwined Urban-Wetland-Estuarine Systems 7/20/17 7/19/21 Global
Econutrition and Nutrition-sensitive Landscapes 3/1/15 6/30/16 Global
EdGCM: A Realistic Global Climate Modeling Experience for Educational Institutions (EdGCM) 10/1/10 9/30/15 Global ; New York ; Wisconsin
Electric Vehicle Charging in China and the United States 2/5/19 Global ; North America ; Asia ; United States ; China
Electricity Growth and Use in Developing Economies (e-GUIDE) Center 1/1/19 12/31/21 Global ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Uganda ; Tanzania
ELT Collaborative Research: Evolutionary and ecological responses of small mammal communities to habitat and climate change over the last 5 million years 8/15/13 7/31/17 Global
Emissions modeling, Phase III 11/1/11 8/31/12 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Engaging State-Owned Enterprises in Climate Action 9/10/19 Global
Enhancing Seasonal Drought Prediction Capabilities for the US and the Globe Using the National Multi-Model Ensemble 8/1/12 7/31/17 Global
Enhancing Understanding of Ocean Drilling Discoveries through the Synergy of Earth2Class and Deep Earth Academy 9/1/12 10/31/13 Global
Environment under Review: Emerging Issues Project Globally 3/28/16 10/31/16 Global
Environmental Decision Making by Individuals and Groups 9/15/07 8/31/12 Global
Environmental, Social, and Governance Analytics Scoring Application 8/15/13 12/31/14 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
EPSCoR - Building Statistical and Dynamical Downscaling Capacity at the University of Vermont 6/1/12 5/1/14 Global ; Vermont
Error and Variability in Satellite SST Data and Global High-Resolution Analyses 3/1/09 2/28/14 Global
Error Models for Remotely-Sensed Sea Surface Heights and Temperatures in Ocean Data Assimilation 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Establishment of the POPGRID Data Collaborative 9/1/17 6/30/20 Global
Evaluating Mechanisms for the Formation, Propagation and Evolution of Volcanic Rifts and Margins 5/1/17 4/30/19 Global
Evaluation of Finestructure Mixing Parameterization Based on LADCP Shear 7/1/10 8/31/13 Global
Evaluation of the Impact of Changing Climate on Food Security Through Global Agriculture Models 9/24/10 9/23/15 Global ; United States
Experimental Studies of Glacial and Planetary Ice 1/1/13 12/31/13 Global
Experimental Studies of Glacial and Planetary Ice 1/1/14 12/31/14 Global
Exploring Alternatives to ISDS Global
Extended-Range Prediction with Low-Dimensional, Stochastic-Dynamic Models: A Data Driven Approach 6/1/12 5/31/17 Global
Eye Tracking Study of Environmental Science Students 9/15/12 11/30/13 Global
Facility Support: The Global CMT Project 1/1/13 5/31/17 Global
Facility Support: The Global CMT Project 8/1/16 7/31/20 Global
Faculty for the Future 9/1/15 8/31/17 Global
Faint Young Sun Paradoxes and Habitable Worlds: Comparative Climatology of Early Earth and Mars 8/1/15 7/31/19 Global ; New York City, NY
Fault Zone Widths as a Parameter in Seismic Hazard Estimates 2/1/12 1/31/14 Global
FESD Type 1: Pliocene Maximum Sea Level (PLIOMAX): Dynamic Ice Sheet-Earth Response in a Warmer World 9/1/11 8/31/18 Global ; Antarctica
FESD Type I: Earthquake Fault System Dynamics 9/1/12 8/31/17 Global
FESD Type: VOICE: Volcano, Ocean, Ice, and Carbon Experiments 10/1/13 8/30/20 Global ; Pacific Ocean ; Juan de Fuca Ridge
Fibrous diamonds through time-insights into mantle fluids and metasomatism 1/1/15 12/31/17 Global
For the supply of an indefinite number of Climate change Adaptation 11/27/14 11/26/19 Global
Fossil Fuel Companies and Climate Change Global
Future Changes in the Seasonal Cycle: Mechanisms and Implications 1/1/10 2/28/15 Global
GED4GEM: A Global Exposure Database for the Global Earthquake Model 10/13/10 10/13/13 Global ; Pavia, Italy ; Ispra, Italy ; New York
Generation and Evaluation of Long-Term Retrospective Forecasts with NCEP Climate Forecast System: Predictability of ENSO and Drought 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Geo-Chemo-Mechanical Studies for Permanent CO2 Storage in Geologic Reservoirs 12/1/09 9/30/13 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
GHG of electric vehicles Global ; New York City, NY
Global and Regional Environmental Assessments 10/1/15 6/30/17 Global ; New York
Global Climate Change and Human Health Exploring Impacts in the Classroom using Innovative Technolog 11/1/10 4/18/14 Global ; New York
Global constraints on radiative properties of ice clouds using MODIS and POLDER measurements 3/25/11 3/24/14 Global ; New York City, NY
Global Decadal Hydroclimate Variability, Predictability and Change: A Data-Enriched Modeling Study (GloDecH) 8/1/10 7/31/15 Global
Global Oceanic 3He Data Set: Calibration Tools for Models of the Upward Branch of the Deep Ocean Global Conveyor 7/1/08 6/30/14 Global
Global Paleohydrology 1/1/12 6/30/13 Global
Global variation of the fundamental radiative properties of ice clouds 5/23/14 5/22/18 Global ; New York City, NY
GP-IMPACT: Science Technology Engineering and Math Student Experiences Aboard Ships (STEMSEAS) 7/1/17 6/30/20 Global
Gravity recovery and Interior Laboratory 8/1/13 9/30/16 Global ; Moon
Gravity Science Working Group (GSWG) 11/20/15 9/25/16 Global ; Europa, Jupiter System
Harnessing the Geospatial Data Revolution for Good: Characterizing Populations Displaced by Disaster 9/5/18 6/30/20 Global
Hazards SEES Type 1: Predicting Landslide Runout and Granular Flow Hazard: Enhanced-g Centrifuge Experiments, Contact Dynamics Model Development and Theoretical Study 8/1/13 8/31/15 Global
High-resolution DSSAT-compatible database for Africa based on AfSIS 4/15/15 9/30/15 Global ; Global
Historicizing Hazard: An Interdisciplinary Workshop on Environmental Learning, Ignorance, and Fear 7/1/11 12/31/12 Global ; North America
Holocene Variability of the Deep Limb of Meridional Overturning Circulation 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
How Lower Oil Prices Impact the Competitiveness of Oil with Renewable Fuels 10/15/15 Global
Human Rights Law and Investment Treaty Regime Global
Idealized models for tropical climate dynamics 8/1/10 7/31/15 Global
Identifying Thresholds for Humanitarian Action in Response to Seasonal Rainfall Forecasts 8/1/14 7/31/16 Global ; Central America ; United States ; Caribbean
Identifying, Sharing, and Showcasing Decision Support Products and Information from the Climate and Society Interactions Program 7/1/10 6/30/14 Global
IEDA 2016-2021: Operation of a Multi-Disciplinary Data Facility for the Earth Science Community - MG/EarthChem/SESAR 2/15/17 4/30/22 Global ; Global Ocean
If You Build It, Will They Come? The Competitiveness of US LNG in Overseas Markets 11/22/16 Global ; United States
IFAD-Universities Win-Win Partnership: Engaging students with IFAD-supported operations 1/28/16 9/30/20 Global
IGERT: Solving Urbanization Challenges by Design – A New PhD Program Between Architecture & Engineering 8/1/09 7/31/16 Global
Impact 2020- The Future of Cities Under Climate Change 8/1/17 12/31/18 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Impact of rising greenhouse gases on mid-latitude storm tracks and associated hydroclimate variability and change 9/15/10 9/14/14 Global
Improved locations for global seismic events using surface waves 7/1/15 6/30/19 Global
Improving Economic Development Through Prediction and Management of Hydroclimate Variability 7/1/08 6/30/14 Global
Improving Implementation of UN Security Council Sanctions Resolutions 6/6/17 Global
Improving Robustness of Adaptive Strategies with Better Climate Information 9/1/12 9/30/16 Global ; Brazil ; Indonesia ; Peru
Improving Rural Water and Livelihood Outcomes through Targeted Solutions 1/1/08 6/1/13 Global ; India ; China ; Mali ; Brazil
Incorporating Scale and Predictability Information in Multi-Model Ensemble Climate Predictions 8/1/10 7/31/13 Global
Increasing the Global Climate Change Team's Technical Support Capacity to Global Climate Change, Adaptation, and Development Issues 8/6/11 8/5/14 Global ; Washington, DC ; New York City, NY ; New York ; United States
Insolation Control of Ice Sheet Mass Balance in the 41-kyr World: a test of Multiple Hypotheses 8/15/11 7/31/13 Global
Integrated Ocean Drilling Program 10/1/03 6/30/15 Global
Integration of AgMIP results for the development of agricultural response functions for PNNL Models 4/26/16 8/31/18 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Integration of AgMIP Results for the Development of Agricultural Response Functions for PNNL Models - Phase 3 10/18/18 12/31/19 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Integration of Horizontal Unstructured Mesh Generation Code (JIGSAW) into MPAS-O and MPAS-SI 10/11/18 7/31/21 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York ; Los Alamos, NM
Integration of Ocean and Earth Dynamics of Measurement and Prediction of Sea-Level Change 7/20/11 7/19/12 Global
Interannual and Orbital-Scale Climate Variability in the Early Miocene: Physical, Chemical and Biological Investigations of the Foulden Maar Diatomite 4/1/14 3/31/16 Global ; New Zealand
Interdisciplinary Global Change Research 6/2/11 9/1/14 Global
Interdisciplinary Research on Climate Science & the Impacts of Climate Change 10/1/10 8/31/14 Global ; New York
Interdisciplinary Study of the Ocean-Ice Shelf Interface Utilizing IceBridge Data 11/22/11 11/21/14 Global
Interface of the Natural Sciences and Data Sciences 1/1/14 12/31/16 Global
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Socioeconomic Data Distribution Center 1/1/03 Global
Inter-Rater Reliability Study of Student Assessment Data 10/15/12 11/30/13 Global
Intra and Inter Building control algorithms and smartgrid communication links to facilitate electricity storage in buildings 1/1/12 12/29/13 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Intraseasonal Variability and Tropical Cyclones in the NASA GISS General Circulation Model 6/15/09 6/14/14 Global
Intraseasonal variability and tropical cyclones in the NASA GISS General Circulation Model 7/1/13 6/30/17 Global
Inventment Law and Intra-National Inequality Global
Investigating Holocene shifts in the Intertropical Convergence Zone 5/1/15 11/30/15 Global ; Intertropical Convergence Zone
Investigating the Role of Radiative Forcing in Northern Hemisphere Glacial Cycles on the Basis of Mo 4/1/14 6/1/15 Global
Investigation of Data-Intensive Discovery Methods for Improved Seismic Monitoring 5/1/11 8/31/18 Global
Investigations of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Ocean and Ice Conditions In and Near the Marginal Ice Zone 9/1/11 8/31/14 Global
Investment Treaties and Environmetal Protection: Actual and Potential Interactions Global
IRAP: Integrating Climate Information and Decision Processes for Regional Climate Resilience 9/1/13 8/31/19 Global ; Caribbean ; India
IRI/The Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre-Climate Centre 6/15/11 7/1/12 Global
Is Corruption Always Bad for Post-Disaster Economic Recovery? 7/1/11 12/31/12 Global
Joint CCAFS-AGIMP Activities 4/1/14 3/31/16 Global ; New York City, NY ; West Africa
Laboratory Study of Shear Heating on Faults and Ridges of Icy Satellites using Transient Friction Experiments 6/12/13 6/11/17 Global
Laboratory Study of Substrate Control and Cryoseismicity of Glacier Basal Motion 7/15/19 6/30/22 Global
LADCP Measurments on Global Ocean Repeat Hydrography Cruises 3/15/15 2/28/20 Global
Lamont Doherty Core Repository: Curation, Service Professional Development, Outreach 6/15/16 5/31/21 Global
Landslide dynamics from seismic wave inversion, satellite remote sensing, and numerical modeling 9/1/12 8/31/16 Global
Learning through Ecology and Environmental Fields Studies (LEEFS) 6/1/08 11/30/14 Global ; New York City, NY
Liaison between SOS Children's Villages International and IRI Columbia to Support Resilience 360 2/1/17 1/31/19 Global
Linking NASA Models and Missions to Global Change 9/4/13 4/30/16 Global ; New York
Low Oil Prices: An Opportunity for Fuel Subsidy Reform 10/30/15 Global
LTER: Palmer Antarctic Long Term Ecological Research: Looking Back in Time Through Marine Ecosystem Space: Physical Oceanography and Sea Ice Component 9/1/08 3/31/13 Global
Mantle signals in arcs: Transport models from geochemistry and seismicity 2/1/15 1/31/18 Global
Mapping the Renewable Energy Sector to the Sustainable Development Goals Global
Marine Data Repository Services for SOI Falkor 1/30/15 2/28/21 Global ; Global Ocean
Master's of Science in Carbon Management program (MCM) 5/1/11 6/30/20 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Measurements of global ocean CO2 and acidification Global ; Atlantic Ocean
Measuring and Integrating Non-Financial Parameters in Project Decision Making Global
Mechanisms of change in global ocean heat uptake 9/1/14 8/31/19 Global
Mega Urban Changes and Impacts in the Decade of the 2000s 11/14/12 7/31/17 Global
Meridional Hydrology Variability and Synthesis of Ocean Circulation 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Microbial and Chemical Enhancement of In-Situ Carbon Mineralization in Geologic Formations 1/1/10 12/31/13 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Mining & Water Risk: Diagnosis, Benchmarking and Quantitative Analysis of Financial Impacts 7/1/14 12/31/17 Global ; United States ; Chile ; Canada ; Australia ; Peru
Mining and Metals: The Transformation Map Global
Mining and the Sustainable Development Goals 1/1/16 Global
Model analysis of the factors regulating the trends and variability of methane, CO2 and OH 7/3/14 7/2/18 Global
Modeling of reactive fluid-solid systems for H2O and carbon transport in subduction zones 9/1/14 12/31/14 Global
MRI-R2: Acquisition of Stable Isotope Instrumentation for High Precision Paleoclimatic and Environmental Research at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory 5/1/10 4/30/12 Global
Nanoscale Ionic Materials for CO2 Capture and Sequestration 6/1/08 5/31/13 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York ; Ithaca, NY
Navigating Political Hurricanes in the MENA Region: Energy Pricing Reform in a Context of Changing Social Contracts 4/11/17 Global ; Middle East ; North Africa
New constraints on and models of global and plate-scale anisotropic mantle structure 7/1/13 6/30/17 Global
New Tools and Incentives for Carbon, Nitrogen, and Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Management in Corn Cropping Systems 1/1/11 3/31/17 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York ; Fort Collins, CO ; Colorado ; Ithaca, NY
Next Generation Analytics: A roadmap for the global agriculture and climate modeling community 9/13/16 7/1/17 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Next Generation Models Groundwork 12/19/13 2/28/15 Global ; United States
Ocean Acidification - Category 1: Calibration and Application of the Boron Isotope Seawater-pH Indicator in Deep-water Corals 9/15/10 8/31/16 Global ; Atlantic Ocean ; Pacific Ocean
Ocean Acidification - Category 1: Climatological Mean Distribution of pH in Surface Waters in the Unified pH Scale and Mean Rate of Changes in Selected Areas 1/1/11 12/31/13 Global ; Research Vessels ; RVIB N. Palmer
Ocean Acidification: Collaborative Research: Establishing the Magnitude of Sea-Surface Acidification During The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum 9/1/12 8/31/16 Global ; Pacific Ocean ; Atlantic Ocean ; equatorial Pacific ; South Atlantic
Ocean Surface Wave Optical Roughness: Analysis of Innovative Measurements 2/1/11 9/30/13 Global
Ocean Video Lab 12/1/16 12/31/17 Global ; Global Ocean
Operation and Management of the LDEO Instrument Center of the National Ocean Seismometer Pool 4/1/06 3/31/14 Global
OPUS: Synthesis of Three Decades of Research on Tree Growth in Northern Forests in Relation to Global Climate Change 6/1/10 5/31/14 Global
Organic Thermal Maturity of SAFOD Fault Rocks 2/1/12 1/31/16 Global ; California ; United States
P2C2: Diagnosing the Dynamics of Past and Future North American Megadroughts 3/1/19 3/31/22 Global ; Pacific Ocean ; Atlantic Ocean ; North America
PaleopCO2 - A Scientifically Rigorous and Accessible CO2 Keeling Curve For Geologic Time 1/1/19 12/31/21 Global
PaleopH reconstruction across the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum (MECO) using boron isotopes (d11B) 4/1/15 3/31/16 Global ; South Atlantic ; Southern Ocean
Partnership Agreement Between the Center for International Forestry Research and Columbia University 1/1/13 6/30/15 Global
Past Behaviour of the Southern Ocean's Atmosphere and Cryosphere (SOUTHSPHERE) 8/1/17 5/31/20 Global ; Southern Hemisphere
People Building Better Cities: Participation and Inclusive Urbanization 10/1/12 1/4/14 Global ; Bangkok, Thailand ; Rio de Janiero, Brazil ; Sydney, Australia ; Johannesburg, South Africa ; Nairobi, Kenya ; India ; Beijing ; Shanghai, China ; Cincinnati, OH ; New York ; United States
Photoheterotrophy in unicellular cyanobacteria: ecological drivers and signigicance for marine biogeochemistry 9/1/14 8/31/18 Global
PIER: International Collaboration for Education, Training, and Research in Ice Core Science (ICE-ICS) 9/1/10 8/31/17 Global
PIRE: Dust simulated drawdown of atmospheric CO2 as a trigger for Northern Hemisphere Glaciation 10/1/15 9/30/21 Global ; Northern Hemisphere
Population and Infrastructure on Our Human Planet: Supporting Sustainable Development through Improved Spatial Data and Models for Human Settlements, Infrastructure, and Population Distribution Based on Earth Observations 1/2/18 6/30/22 Global
Population Data Validation II 4/6/16 10/31/19 Global
Population-Environment Research Network (PERN) 1/1/01 Global
Power of the River: Introducing the Global Dam Tracker (GDAT) 11/19/18 Global
Predicting Volcanic Eruptions Using Real-time 4D+ Microscopy of Bubble Interactions in a Solid-Liquid Mush 5/1/17 4/30/19 Global
PREEVENTS Track 1: Meteorology and Impacts of Correlated Climate Extremes: New York, NY: May 28-31, 2019 4/1/19 3/31/21 Global
Present and Future Models of Low Frequency Climate Variability 9/15/10 9/14/13 Global
Process Oriented Diagnostics of Tropical Cyclones in Climate Models 8/1/15 7/31/19 Global
Process-Oriented Diagnosis of Tropical Cyclone Genesis and Intensification 8/1/18 7/31/21 Global
Professional Development to Improve the Spatial Thinking of Earth Science Teachers and Students 9/15/10 8/31/13 Global
Provision of Log Data Reduction and Database Services for Scientific Ocean Drilling 7/1/14 6/30/17 Global
Quantification of Trichodesmium spp. vertical and horizontal abundance patterns and nitrogen fixation in the western North Atlantic 1/1/13 9/30/13 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Woods Hole, MA
Quantifying Greenland Ice Sheet Dimensions During Past Warm Periods: A Novel Approach Using Cosmogenic Isotopes 9/1/12 8/31/15 Global ; Greenland
Quantifying Process-based Variability and Uncertainties in Ocean, Land, and Atmosphere Forcing 7/20/17 7/31/22 Global
Quantifying Subglacial Erosion Rates and Exploring Pro-glacial Bedrock as Climate Archive by in-situ Cosmogenic ^14C-610Be Techniques 10/1/09 9/30/13 Global
Quantifying Surface Diapycnal Mixing by Mesoscale Eddies Using Satellite Observations 5/6/14 5/5/18 Global
Quantifying the Carbon Budget in Marine Sediments 4/1/17 12/31/18 Global ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
Quantifying the Carbon Budget in Marine Sediments 1/1/19 12/31/19 Global ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
Quantifying the climate and health benefits of improved cookstoves: and intergrated laboratory, field and modeling study 1/1/14 8/31/16 Global ; China ; India ; Kenya ; Honduras
Radiocarbon as a Reactive Tracer for Tracking Permanent CO2 Storage in Basaltic Rocks 10/1/10 9/30/15 Global ; Iceland
Rapid Assessment of Agriculture in a + 1.5 Scenario: An AgMIP Coordinated Global and Regional Assess 9/30/16 9/29/17 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
RCN: Improving reconstructions of Cenozoic pCO2 and temperature change 10/1/16 9/30/20 Global
RCN-SEES: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage 9/1/12 8/31/16 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Recalibrating and Combining Ensemble Predictions 8/1/09 6/30/13 Global
Reconstructing the role of CO2 in climate change throughout the Cenozoic Step 1: The mid-Pleistocene transition 9/1/06 8/30/10 Global ; Eastern Equatorial Atlantic
Reconstructions of a Snowball Earth: A Data/Model Perspective 6/10/14 6/9/18 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York ; Greenbelt, MD ; Maryland
Reservoirs and Fluxes Community - The Deep Carbon Observatory 1/1/19 12/31/19 Global
Reservoirs and Fluxes Community-The Deep Carbon Observatory 4/1/17 3/31/19 Global
REU SITE: Research Experience for Undergraduates: Analyzing Global Databases 6/1/10 11/30/14 Global
Review of Competitive Bidding Frameworks for Natural Resource Rights Global
Rigorous Combination of GRACE and Other Data Types for Simultaneous Estimation of Temporally and Spatially Variable Melting and Glacial Isostatic Adjustment 2/7/12 2/6/17 Global
Risk-Based Water Valuation for Mining Companies 1/1/19 Global
Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R) 2014-2019 9/1/14 8/31/20 Global ; Global Ocean
ROSES10 A24-COUND is a project of using NASA A-Train satellite data for IPCC climate model evaluations; NASA A-Train satellite data for IPCC climate model 11/17/11 9/30/12 Global ; New York
Scientific Leadership of the U.S. Ocean Drilling Community 5/1/10 1/10/13 Global
Scoping Study: Design Options for a Global Sustainable Farming Data Clearinghouse 10/14/13 4/30/14 Global
Sensitivity of Climate Variability to Anthropogenic and Natural Drivers during the Last Millennium 8/1/10 7/31/14 Global ; New York
Ship Operations 2012-2017 1/1/12 10/31/18 Global
SI2-SSI: Collaborative Research: ENKI: Software infrastructure that Enables Knowledge integration for Modeling Coupled Geochemical and Geodynamical Processes 7/1/16 8/31/19 Global
Simulating the Impact of Multi-Sectoral Approaches to Scaling-Up Nutrition: Development and Validation of a Conceptual Model 5/9/13 1/15/14 Global
Slow Steaming to 2020: Innovation and Inertia in Marine Transport and Fuels 8/10/17 Global
Socioeconomic Data and Applications Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) for the EOS Data and Information System 8/1/18 7/31/22 Global
Socioeconomic Data and Applications Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) for the EOS Data and Information System 8/1/13 7/31/18 Global
Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Sea Surface Salinity Fluctuations and Links to the Marine Hydrological Cycle 11/15/09 11/14/13 Global
SRN: Integrated Urban Infrastructure Solutions for Environmentally Sustainable, Healthy and Livable Cities 8/21/15 7/31/20 Global
Stage 2: Developing Global Building Exposure for Disaster Forecasting, Mitigation and Response 8/22/14 8/21/17 Global ; Long Beach, CA ; New York
Stakeholder Engagement through the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) 9/17/12 3/31/14 Global
STEAMSEAS: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Student Experiences Aboard Ships 9/1/15 8/31/18 Global
Storms, Forms, and Complexity of the Urban Canopy: How Land Use, Settlement Patterns, and the Shapes of Cities Influence Severe Weather 7/23/12 11/30/16 Global
Stratospheric and Tropical Influences on the Mid-Latitude Circulation Response to Rising Greenhouse Gases 8/15/13 6/30/18 Global
Studies of Unusual Earthquakes: Volcanos and Landslides 7/1/10 6/30/13 Global
Subaward: Testing the Scenario Hypothesis: The Effect of Alternative Characterizations of Uncertainty on Decision Structuring 5/1/11 4/1/14 Global
Sulfur Isotopic Evidence on the Age of Recycled Surface Material in the Tristan-Gough Plume Source 6/15/18 5/31/20 Global
Support for the U.S. GEOTRACES Project Office 10/1/11 9/30/16 Global
Support for the U.S. GEOTRACES Project Office 10/1/15 9/30/19 Global
Support for the U.S. GEOTRACES Project Office 10/1/18 9/30/21 Global
Support of the Messenger Principal Investigator 9/1/13 9/30/17 Global ; Mercury
SuSCheM: Environmentally Sustainable Pathways forExtracting Valuable Elements from Electronic Wastes 9/1/17 8/31/19 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Sustainability Metrics Global
Sustainability Plans for PepsiCo International 1/1/08 12/31/13 Global ; New York City, NY
Sustainability Policy: Hastening the Transition to a Cleaner Economy 1/27/15 Global ; United States
Sustainable Energy Conversion of Solid Wastes with Integrated In-Situ Carbon Sequestration 10/1/09 9/30/14 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Synthesis of Internal Wave and Turbulence Observations Across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current 9/1/17 8/31/19 Global
Synthesis of observed and simulated rain microphysics to inform a new Bayesian statistical framework 8/15/16 8/14/19 Global
Tagging CO2 to Enable Quantitative Inventories of Geological Carbon Storage 10/1/09 6/30/14 Global ; New York ; Iceland
Temporal Discounting of Social Goals 9/1/08 8/1/12 Global
Terra Populus: A Global Population/Environment Data Network 9/1/11 8/31/16 Global
Testing geochemical proxy relationships under variable paleo-seawater chemical compositions 9/1/12 8/31/17 Global ; Catalina Island, CA ; Isla Magueyes, Puerto Rico
Testing the Scenario Hypothesis: The Effect of Alternative Characterizations of Uncertainty on Decision Structuring 5/1/11 4/1/13 Global
Testing, Refinement and Demonstration of Probabilistic Multi-Model, Calibrated Subseasonal Global Forecast products 8/1/18 7/31/20 Global
The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) Agricultural Model System Training 3/1/13 3/30/13 Global ; Nepal ; India
The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) Workshop 9/19/12 9/30/13 Global ; New York
The American midsummer Drought: Casual Mechanisms and Seasonal-to-Interannual Predictability 8/1/10 7/31/13 Global
The Carbon Budget in Marine Sediments 6/1/15 12/31/16 Global ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
The Climate Change Signal in Hurricanes Today 10/1/18 9/30/20 Global ; Atlantic Ocean
The Continuation of the International Research Institute for Climate and Society 2010-2012 7/1/10 6/30/13 Global ; Ethiopia ; Sahel ; Indonesia ; India ; Southern Cone, South America ; Colombia
The Cooperative Institute for Climate Applications and Research (CICAR Continuation) Shadow Award 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
The Energy Sector and the Sustainable Development Goals Global
The Essential Dynamics of Tropical Rain Belts: Monsoons and Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) in a Multi-model Ensemble of Idealized Simulations 11/1/16 10/31/19 Global
The Food Sector and the Sustainable Development Goals Global
The Future of Nuclear Energy - A Three-Part Series 3/31/17 Global ; Asia ; Europe ; Europe ; United States ; China ; India
The Geopolitics of Renewable Energy 6/28/17 Global
The Global Master's of Development Practice Programs Secretariat 12/1/10 7/31/13 Global
The Impact of Downward Wave Coupling on the Tropospheric Circulation 9/1/11 8/31/16 Global
The Impact of Organic Aerosol Volatility on Aerosol Microphysics for Global Climate Modeling Applications 9/1/17 8/31/19 Global
The Impact of US LNG on Russian Natural Gas Export Policy 12/17/18 Global ; Europe ; United States ; Russia
The Mystery of the Expanding Tropics: From Past to Future (THEMES) 9/1/17 12/31/20 Global
The Nature Conservancy NatureNet Science Fellow 8/31/15 8/30/17 Global ; Virginia
The Paleoclimate Reconstruction (PR) Challenge: A Community Program to Benchmark Methods Used to Reconstruct the Climate of the Last 1-2,000 Years 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
The relationship of tropical cyclones to MJO and ENSO in the S2S Database 7/1/16 6/30/20 Global
The Role of Fault Strands and Roughness in Fault and Earthquake Mechanics 9/1/10 8/31/12 Global
The Role of Ice Sheet Feedbacks in Northern Hemisphere Ice Ages 7/1/13 7/1/15 Global
The Role of Water in Moisture Swing Absorption of CO2 9/1/12 5/31/15 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
The seismic wave bacground Earthquake and volcanic triggering from ocean tides and waves 1/1/15 12/31/15 Global
The Sustainable City 11/21/17 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
The Sustainable Human Development Project (SHD) 9/1/14 9/30/16 Global ; North America ; Basque Country, Spain
The Systematics of Helium in Diamond-forming Metasomatic Mantle Fluids 7/15/17 6/30/19 Global
They Might Be Giants: Emerging LNG Importers Are Reshaping the Waterborne Gas Market 11/16/17 Global ; Asia ; Europe ; United States ; Japan ; Australia
To Develop DiamondDB, A Community Data Infrastructure for Diamond Research within the Deep Carbon Observatory 12/1/12 12/1/13 Global
Towards a Better Understanding of the Relationship Between Climate Change and Tropical Cyclone 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Towards near-global reconstruction and understanding of hydroclimate variability and change over the past several centuries 8/1/10 7/31/14 Global
Tree-Rings & Climate 6/1/11 10/31/13 Global
Tropical Cyclones and Climate - A Model Intercomparison Project 1/1/12 12/31/16 Global
Tropical Cyclones in the GISS model at High Resolution 7/10/17 7/9/22 Global
U.Pb-40Ar/39r Coupling Approach for the Reconstruction of Paleo-River Systems: A Case Study of the Siluro-Devonian Old Red Sandstone 7/1/15 8/31/18 Global
U.S. National Multi-Model Ensemble ISI Prediction System 8/1/12 11/6/12 Global
UCCRN Second Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities (ARC3.2) (2018) 8/22/14 8/31/17 Global ; New York City, NY
UCCRN Second Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities (ARC3.2) Summary for City Leaders 4/21/15 4/20/16 Global ; New York City, NY
Understanding and Attributing Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Frequency Changes in the 20th and 21st Centuries 8/1/10 7/31/14 Global
Understanding how the mantle transition-zone "value" controls slab fate 1/1/15 1/31/16 Global
Understanding recent global hydroclimate change using multivariate detection & attribution techniques and GCM Experiments 8/1/15 7/31/19 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Underway CO2 Measurements Aboard the RVIB Palmer and Data Management of the Global VOS Program 9/1/08 6/30/14 Global ; Research Vessels ; RVIB N. Palmer
UNDP Climate Change Modeling 2013 9/15/13 2/28/14 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) 8/1/13 1/31/14 Global ; New York City, NY
Validation of the B/Ca Proxy for Surface Seawater pH and Application to Measure Anthropogenic Ocean Acidification 3/15/08 2/28/14 Global ; Catalina Island, CA ; Isla Magueyes, Puerto Rico
Variability and Trends in Tropospheric Oxidation: Interactions with Regional Air Quality, Global Atmospheric composition, and Climate Trends 2/15/17 2/14/21 Global
Vertical Upwelling and Bottom-Boundary Layer Dispersal at a Natural Seep site 1/1/16 12/31/18 Global
Water diffusion in olivine: Experiments and application to phenocrysts 1/1/15 2/28/17 Global
Water Risk and Sustainability: Managing Water Risks through the Supply Chain 2/1/11 8/31/16 Global
Weather-Type Based Cross-Timescale Diagnostics of CMIP6-Era Models 8/1/18 7/31/21 Global
Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative 3/25/16 12/31/17 Global
Women in Energy Program Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Workshop on Geotechnical Fundamentals in the Face of New Challenges 7/1/15 7/31/18 Global
Workshop on Paleo-Ocean Acidification and Carbon Cycle Perturbation Events August 26-28, 2010 6/1/10 5/31/13 Global ; Catalina Island, CA ; California
World Happiness Report 2015, Happiness and Wellbeing Research 1/1/15 12/31/15 Global
WSL PURE Ocean Science Research 2/1/16 12/31/18 Global ; Palisades, NY
REACH: Using Technology to Increase Health Literacy and Health Care Access for Refugees in Turkiye, Lebanon, and Jordan 8/1/19 6/30/23 Europe ; Asia ; Global ; Turkiye ; Lebanon ; Jordan
The Sustaining Peace Project 1/1/15 12/31/25 Global
The Difficult Conversations Lab Global
Successful Interdisciplinary Research: Case Studies from the Earth Institute 8/1/19 1/22/20 Global
Asymptotic exponentiality of certain stable laws 1/1/17 Global ; New York City, NY
Taylor's law fluctuation scaling of semivariances and higher moments 1/1/18 Global ; New York City, NY ; Hong Kong, China ; Seattle, WA
Asymptotic Markov's inequality when the unknown mean may be infinite 1/1/19 Global ; New York City, NY
Long-range dependence in fluctuations of human death rates 1/1/19 Global ; New York City, NY ; Cergy-Pontoise, France
Taylor’s law, via ratios, for some distributions with infinite mean 1/1/14 1/1/17 Global ; New York City, NY
Bilateral international migration flow estimates for 200 countries 1/1/15 1/1/19 Global ; New York City, NY ; Shanghai, PRC
Cities and climate change 1/1/17 1/1/19 Global ; New York City, NY
Projecting age-specific international migration flows using cohort-component methods 1/1/17 Global ; New York City, NY
Open Critical Infrastructure Exposure for Disaster Forecasting, Mitigation, and Response 7/1/19 6/30/20 Global
GCR: Collaborative Research: Disentangling Environmental Change and Social Factors as Drivers of Migration 10/1/19 9/30/23 Global
A Geospatial Analysis of Glacier Volume Change 5/15/19 10/14/21 Global
Capturing Investment: Policy Design to Finance CCUS Projects in the U.S. Power Sector 4/28/20 Global
Low-Carbon Heat Solutions for Heavy Industry: Sources, Options, and Costs Today 10/7/19 Global
Under a Cloud: The Future of Middle East Gas Demand 4/29/20 Global ; Middle East
In Dire Straits? Implications of US-Iran Tensions for the Global Oil Market 11/21/19 North America ; Global ; United States ; Iran
The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change 11/13/19 Global ; North America ; United States
Establishing Extraterrestrial 3He as a Plio-Pleistocene Constant Flux Proxy 8/15/19 7/31/22 Global
Climate Change and Portfolio Risk: Curriculum Development and Workshop Presentations 7/15/19 2/15/20 Global
EarthCube Data Capabilities: Collaborative Proposal: Reducing Time-To-Science in the Earth Sciences: Annotations to Foster Convergence, Inclusion, and Credit 9/15/19 8/31/22 Global
Sampling Peculiarity of Sea Surface Temperature Data Sets from Drifting Buoys due to the Lagrangian Nature of Observing Platforms 9/1/19 8/31/22 Global
Bio-Optical Monitoring and Evaluation System (BIOMES) for Improving Satellite Estimates of Ocean Net Primary Production for Carbon Cycling and Climate Change Studies 12/1/19 11/30/22 Global
Using Multi-Satellite Observations to Analyze Ground-Level Ozone Sensitivity to NOx and VOC Precursor Emissions, from Urban to Global Scales 9/1/18 8/31/20 Global
Marine Geoscience Data System 2020: Optimizing Established Data Infrastructure for the Future 11/1/19 10/31/22 Global
Three-Dimensional Observational Estimates of Mesoscale Eddy Kinetic Energy in the Global Ocean: Understanding the Energetics of the Climate System 8/1/19 7/31/21 Global
Collaborative Research: Ocean Transport and Eddy Energy 9/1/19 8/31/22 Global
R2R Data Management Services for the Academic Fleet: 2020-2024 12/1/19 11/30/24 Global
Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board (OOIFB) Administrative Support Office 8/1/19 9/30/23 Global
Collaborative Research: A Flexible Framework for Radiation Parameterizations Traceable to Benchmarks 3/1/20 2/28/23 Global
Collaborative Research: Defining the Role of the Pan Genome in Emiliania Huxleyi Ecology and Biogeography 3/15/20 2/28/23 Global
Collaborative Research: Dynamic and Thermodynamic Mechanisms of Heat Extremes in the Northern Hemisphere 4/1/20 3/31/23 Global
Community Facility Support: The Global CMT Project 3/1/20 2/28/23 Global
Forced Precipitation Response in a Single Column Model with Parameterized Dynamics 3/1/20 2/28/23 Global
Collaborative Research: Interhemispheric and Zonal Asymmetries of the ITCZ 2/1/20 1/31/23 Global
Collaborative Research: Forced Drivers of Trends in Ocean Biogeochemistry: Volcanos and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide 3/1/20 2/28/23 Global
Exploring Ocean Worlds: Ocean System Science to Support the Search for Life 8/2/19 8/1/24 Global ; Icy moons in our solar system
ARBO-PREVENT 1/1/20 12/31/21 Global
Integrating air pollution prediction models: Uncertainty quantification and propagation in health studies 3/16/20 12/31/21 Global
Ab Initio Geochemistry of Hydrous Phases 1/1/19 3/31/21 Global
Collaborative Research: P2C2 - Synthesizing Asian Monsoon Hydroclimate and Indo-Pacific Variability on Seasonal to Multi-Decadal Timescales Using Tree-Rings and Coupled Climate Models 5/1/20 4/30/23 Global
AgMIP GGCMI/PNNL Collaboration on Producing Next Generation of Gridded Crop Model Projections and Analysis for GCAM and Similar Models 4/16/20 9/30/20 Global
Collaborative Research: EarthChem & SESAR - Data Infrastructure for Geochemistry and Earth Science Samples Communities 5/15/20 4/30/24 Global
Grenada Readiness and Preparatory Support Proposal to the Green Climate Fund 2/17/20 4/17/20 Global
Pandemic Thought Leadership for ComEd 4/8/20 6/20/21 Global
Green Stimulus for Oil and Gas Workers: Considering a Major Federal Effort to Plug Orphaned and Abandoned Wells 7/20/20 Global
Addressing Environmental Challenges Through the Law 2/28/20 12/1/20 Global
Carbon Dioxide Removal Law Database 8/1/19 7/31/20 Global
Climate Action Reports 3/20/19 4/30/20 Global
Electric Sector Resilience 9/3/19 9/30/20 Global
Environmental Rule of Law: Advancing Justice, Governance and Law For Environmental Sustainability 11/16/16 3/15/17 Global
Mitigation-Based Rationale for Increased Coal Charges 8/5/16 10/7/16 Global
UNEP FI TCFD Insurer Pilot Group Project 2/24/20 11/30/20 Global
Environmental Rule of Law: Advancing Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability 9/1/15 11/30/15 Global
RMI/Columbia Law School Conference on Legal Issues Faced by Threatened Island Nations Global
Sabin Colloquium of Innovative Environmental Law Scholarship Global
UNDP Platform Assessment 1/1/20 Global ; Somalia ; Paraguay ; Pakistan ; Macedonia
Climate Change Laws of the World Global
Climate Change Litigation Database Global
Strengthening Nuclear Energy Cooperation between the United States and its Allies 7/28/20 Global ; United States
NSFGEO-NERC: Adjoint Tomography of Mantle Viscosity using Deglacial Sea Level Observations 6/15/20 5/31/22 Global
Combining Data and Models for Robust Estimates of Global Air-Sea CO2 Fluxes 9/1/20 8/31/23 Global
What Controls the CO2/SO2 Ratio in Arc Volcanic Gas? 9/1/20 8/31/22 Global
Collaborative Research: Caldera Dynamics and Eruption Cycles at Axial Seamount 7/15/20 6/30/23 Global
19-MAP19-0011; Assessing the Impact of Glacial Melt on the Coupled Climate 6/10/20 6/9/21 Global
CSEDI Collaborative Research: Understanding what we see in the lower mantle - mineral physics interpretation of seismic tomographic images 7/15/20 6/30/23 Global
GRID3 COVID-19 Support Scale Up 7/14/20 2/28/23 Global
Collaborative Research: AccelNet: Clean Air Monitoring and Solutions Network (CAMS-Net) 1/1/21 12/31/25 Global
Levelized Cost of Carbon Abatement: An Improved Cost-Assessment Methodology for a Net-Zero Emissions World 10/19/20 Global
Supporting Marine Geoscience Research with Ongoing Growth of the Global Multi-Resolution Topography Synthesis and Maintenance of GeoMapApp 9/1/19 8/31/22 Global ; Global ocean
PACE UV Retrieval of Ocean and Atmospheric data-products (PACE UV ROAD): CDM, BrC and BC polarimetry 7/24/20 7/23/22 Global
Early Warning Early Action Technical Support for the Red Cross/Red Crescent 1/1/20 12/31/20 Global
Polarimetric Radar & Lightning Analysis and High Resolution Simulations to Support TRACER Science Goals 9/15/20 9/14/21 Global
Improving the Parameterization of Cloud and Rain Microphysics in E3SM using a Novel Observationally-Constrained Bayesian Approach 9/15/20 9/14/21 Global
Multi-Breadbasket Failures and Shocks to Food Systems: AgMIP Simulations 8/20/20 12/31/22 Global
The Financial Ecosystem: The Role of Finance in Achieving Sustainability 12/1/19 Global
Inferring Ocean Transport from SWOT 6/1/20 5/31/21 Global
Interdisciplinary Research on Earth and Planetary Systems Modeling, the Impacts of Climate Change, and-the Habitability of Other Worlds 10/1/20 9/30/21 Global
Supporting short and medium term anticipatory action and policy development in climate security and food systems 1/1/21 12/31/22 Global
Community Mental Health Toolkit for Environmental Justice and Climate Change 1/1/21 12/31/22 Global
Global Council for Happiness and Well-being 11/1/19 4/30/22 Global
Opportunities and Limits of CO2 Recycling in a Circular Carbon Economy: Techno-economics, Critical Infrastructure Needs, and Policy Priorities 5/4/21 Global ; North America
Food and Climate Change InfoGuide 5/3/21 Global
Carbon Accounting Project 4/21/21 Global ; North America
Clean Air Toolbox for Cities 1/1/19 Africa ; Asia ; Global ; Nairobi, Kenya ; Kampala, Uganda ; Kinshasa, D.R. Congo ; Brazzaville, R. Congo ; Accra, Ghana ; Kigali, Rwanda ; Lome, Togo ; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ; Kolkata, Indore ; Chennai, India ; Jakarta, Indonesia
General Operating Support for the Center for Sustainable Development 2/1/21 12/31/23 Global ; North America
Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Consumer Products (under development) 1/1/20 Global ; North America
Protected Area Management & Natural Resource Governance: Exploring Pathways for Environmental Sustainability & Peacebuilding 2/1/21 3/31/21 Global ; North America ; Asia
Community Partnerships and Philanthropy 3/1/21 3/1/22 Global ; North America
The Lancet Commission on COVID-19 - BMZ 1/1/21 12/31/21 Global ; North America
Collaborative Research: Global Agricultural Impacts of Stratospheric Aerosol Climate Intervention 4/1/21 9/30/22 Global
Will COVID Drive an Early Peak in Transportation Activity and Oil Demand? 6/1/21 Global ; North America ; Asia
GCRP Compound Risk Analytics Seasonal Natural Hazard Risk Metrics 12/22/20 11/1/21 Global
At What Point Managed Retreat? Resilience, Relocation and Climate Justice Conference 6/22/21 6/25/21 Global
Data Driven Disaster Planning in New York, Tokyo, and Taipei 4/20/21 3/1/22 Global ; North America ; Asia ; New York ; Tokyo, Japan ; Taipei, Taiwan
Sustainable Business Practices in the Food Sector: Business in Action, Phase 2 of Fixing the Business Food Project 6/1/21 12/1/21 Global
Along-strike Variations in Synrift Magmatism on the Eastern North American Margin 4/15/17 3/31/21 Global ; North America
Collaborative Research: EarthCube Data Capabilities: A Data-Driven Modeling Infrastructure to Support Research and Education in Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology 8/15/20 7/31/23 Global
2020-2024 Provision of Log Data Reduction and Database Services for Scientific Ocean Drilling 10/1/20 9/30/24 Global ; North America
The Influence of Fault Geometry on Shallow Frictional Sliding in Subduction Zones 2/1/21 1/31/24 Global
Collaborative Research: Investigating the Relationship Between Ocean Surface Gravity- Capillary Waves, Surface-Layer Hydrodynamics, and Air-Sea Momentum Flux 3/1/21 2/28/23 Global
Investigating Near-Surface Ocean Heating and Mixing Processes in the Presence of Surface Material 6/1/21 5/31/23 Global
Elements: Open-Source Cyberinfrastructure as a Decision Engine for Socioeconomic Disaster Risk (DESDR) 10/1/21 9/30/24 Global
Center for Learning the Earth with Artificial Intelligence and Physics (LEAP) 10/1/21 9/30/26 Global
Oil Intensity: The Curiously Steady Decline of Oil in GDP 9/1/21 Global
Collaborative Research: OpenDendro - Advanced Open-source Tools for Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction 6/1/21 5/31/23 Global
UNS: Collaborative Research: Global Agricultural Impacts of Stratospheric Aerosol Climate Intervention 4/1/21 9/30/22 Global
RCN: Sampling Nature: A Network to Enhance the Natural History Value Chain for Sustainability Science 4/15/21 3/31/24 Global ; North America
REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates: Interdisciplinary Cutting-Edge Research though the Analysis of Global Data 5/1/21 4/30/22 Global ; North America
Scaling Technologies for Carbon Removal Using High-Resolution Imaging to Optimize Enhanced Weathering 1/1/21 12/31/22 Global
M2LInES - Multiscale Machine Learning in Coupled Earth System Modeling (VESRI) 12/18/20 12/31/21 Global
Leveraging the Geologic Record to Constrain Solar System Evolution, Earth-Moon Dynamics, Paleoclimate Change, and Geological Time 6/1/21 5/31/22 Global
Collaborative Research: U.S. GEOTRACES GP17-OCE and GP17-ANT: Thorium-230, Thorium-232 and Protactinium-231 as Tracers of Trace Element Supply and Removal 7/1/21 6/30/24 Global
Maintenance and Development of the Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project (S2S) Database and Tools in IRI Data Library 9/1/21 8/31/23 Global
Support of Analysis, Integration, and Modeling of the Earth System Project 5/1/21 10/31/21 Global
Bio-Optical Monitoring and Evaluation System (BIOMES) for improving satellite estimates of Ocean Net Primary Production for Carbon Cycling and Climate Change studies 12/1/19 11/1/22 Global
Development of a Prototype Kenya Ocean Monitoring and Decision Support System for Sustainable Coastal Resource Management under Climate Change 6/1/22 8/1/24 Africa ; Columbia Global Centers, Nairobi
Mixotrophy in the Oceans – Novel Experimental designs and Tools for a new trophic paradigm (MixONET) (SCOR Working Group 165) 1/1/21 8/1/24 Global
Collaborative Research: EAGER: Scaling Necessary Change, Coalitions and Community (SNC):Brave Leadership for Better Geoscience 10/1/21 9/30/23 Global
Collaborative Research: Probing the Ventilation Efficiency of the Deep Ocean with Conservative Dissolved Gas Tracers in Archived Samples 9/1/21 8/31/24 Global
Collaborative Research: Socio-economic Patterns, Public Perceptions, and ClimateVulnerabilities of Water Resources and Quality 12/1/21 11/30/24 Global
Collaborative Proposal: CO2PIP — A Community Project to Advance and Standardize Approaches to Paleo-CO2 Reconstruction and Build the Next-Generation Phanerozoic Record 8/1/21 7/31/24 Global
Collaborative Research: EarthCube Data Capabilities: Volcanology Hub for Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Tools and Resources (VICTOR) 9/1/21 8/31/24 Global
Collaborative Research: EarthCube Capabilities: Open Polar Radar (OPoRa) Software and Service 9/1/21 8/31/24 Global
Development of a High-Throughput/High-Sensitivity, in situ 14C Extraction Line for US Earth Sciences 8/15/21 7/31/23 Global
Experimental Refinement of the Boron Isotope Proxy in Planktic Foraminifera – Temperature,Asymbiotic Sensitivity, and Seawater Elemental Composition 8/15/21 7/31/24 Global
Collaborative Research: Developing Argon Techniques to Elucidate Earthquake Chronologies (DATEEQ) 9/1/21 8/31/24 Global ; Japan ; New Zealand
Scalable Enrichment of 48Ca at the Solid/liquid Interface by Chemical and Electrochemical Methods 8/1/21 6/30/23 Global
Collaborative Research: Frameworks: Seismic Computational Platform for Empowering Discovery (SCOPED) 9/1/21 8/31/25 Global
Climate Attribution through Enhanced Fingerprinting 12/16/21 9/30/22 Global
Technology for Sending Signals Through the Ice (STI Tech) on Ocean Worlds 10/1/21 5/30/24 Global
MRI: Acquisition of Continuous Flow Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS) for Climate Change and Environmental Research at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 9/1/21 8/31/23 Global
Changes in Impacts-relevant Climate in the the World’s Mediterranean Climate Regions: A Mechanisms-based Investigation of Atmosphere-Ocean-Land Processes across Seasons 12/15/21 11/30/24 Global
NSF Convergence Accelerator Workshop: Integrated Research on Societal Infrastructure Resilience to Stressing Events through Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Convergence 4/15/21 3/31/22 Global
Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board (OOIFB) Administrative Support Office 10/1/21 9/30/23 Global
Quantifying the temperature responses of symbiotic nitrogen fixation and its carbon cost 9/1/21 8/31/22 Global
Travel: Symposium on Advances in Ocean Observation 3/1/22 2/28/23 Global
R/V Marcus G. Langseth - Oceanographic Instrumentation 2022 3/1/22 2/28/23 Global
COVID-19: GRID3 Microplanning Support Country Expansion 11/16/21 12/31/22 Global
Improving the Usage and Impact of the Integrated Aging Studies Databank and Registry 9/1/21 5/31/22 Global
VREF MAC Skills and Tools Workshop: 2021: Digital Data and Tools for Transport Research: AShort Introductory Course 8/16/21 6/30/22 Global
Innovative SubX Prediction Science: MJO-ENSO Interference 10/1/21 9/30/22 Global
For the Initiative on Communication and Sustainability to Communicate the Role of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Protecting Forests and Mitigating Climate Change 9/1/21 8/31/22 Global
Valuation of Applications Benefits Linked with Earth Science (VALUABLES) Consortium 11/15/21 3/18/22 Global
Modeling Forest Physiological and Structural Responses to Climate Extremes and Feedbacks in GISS Model E 7/9/21 7/8/25 Global
An Idealized Global Modeling Framework for Understanding Relationships between Cloud Albedo and Atmospheric Composition 9/1/21 8/31/23 Global
Research for Anticipatory Action in the Humanitarian Sector for the UN System 10/15/21 10/14/22 Global
Quantifying Uncertainty and Constraining Parameterizations of Clouds in Earth System Modelsusing NASA Observations 7/9/21 7/8/25 Global
Discovering Physically Meaningful Structures from Climate Extreme Data 9/1/21 8/31/22 Global
Interconnected Pathways to Development 9/1/21 8/31/24 Global
Enhancement and Development of Oat Quantity and Quality Models Using Machine Learning for Supply Chain Stability 8/18/21 2/28/22 Global
2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 9/1/21 6/30/22 Global
Evaluation of Tropical Cloud-Radiation-Circulation Coupling in NASA GISS ModelE3 Using Observations and Reanalysis 8/6/21 8/5/25 Global
Combining Remote-sensing Observations and a PPE Approach to Constrain Low-cloud FeedbackProcesses in the NASA-GISS ESM 5/27/21 5/26/25 Global
Bridging Spatio-temporal Scales to Observationally Constrain the Cloud Feedback Pattern Effect 8/15/21 8/14/22 Global
Integrative Research in Earth System Modeling and Observations 1/1/22 12/31/25 Global
Implementing Novel Solutions for Promoting Cultural Change In Geoscience Research & Education (INSPIRE) 11/1/22 10/31/27 Global ; North America ; New York City