Middle East Projects

By Project Name By Startdate By Enddate By Location
Climate Change, Weathering and Ocean Chemistry from U-Series Comminution Dating in the Gulf of Aqaba 1/1/12 12/31/16 Asia ; Middle East
Collaborative Research: The North Anatolian Fault in the Marmara Sea, Turkey: The Growth of Continental Transform 9/1/09 12/31/12 Asia ; Middle East ; Marmara Sea
Collateral Damage: The Impact on Pakistan from US Sanctions Against Iran 7/31/17 Asia ; North America ; Middle East ; Iran ; Pakistan ; United States
Columbia Global Energy Dialogue Report: The GCC and the New Oil World 4/6/16 Asia ; Africa ; Middle East ; Saudi Arabia ; North Africa
Columbia University Middle East Research Center (CUMERC); Advisory Support for the National Poverty Reduction Strategy and Executive Education in Sustainable Development 1/1/11 4/30/14 Asia ; Middle East ; Jordan
Dense Water Formation and Overturning in the Red Sea: A Proposal to Collect Anthropogenic Tracer Observations 9/15/11 10/31/12 Asia ; Middle East
Navigating Political Hurricanes in the MENA Region: Energy Pricing Reform in a Context of Changing Social Contracts 4/11/17 Global ; Middle East ; North Africa
Petrologic Study of Peridotite Carbonation in Oman: Temperature, Timing and Fluid Composition 3/1/11 2/28/15 Asia ; Middle East
Planning Workshop, Oman Drilling Project 6/1/12 11/1/12 Asia ; Middle East
Reforming electricity, water, and fuel subsidies in the United Arab Emirates 4/20/17 Asia ; Middle East ; United Arab Emirates ; Abu Dhabi ; Dubai
The Dead Sea deep drill core as the longest paleo-environmental archive of the late Quaternary Levant 10/1/11 9/30/16 Asia ; Middle East ; Dead Sea
The Impact of Low Oil Prices on Algeria 10/12/16 Asia ; Africa ; Europe ; Middle East ; North Africa
Towards an improved age resolution of lake records Protactinum-231 dating of the Lisan Formation, the Dead Sea Basin 8/1/10 7/31/12 Asia ; Middle East
Vulnerability, Resilience, and Reform: The GCC and the Oil Price Crisis 2014-2016 12/20/16 Asia ; Africa ; Middle East ; North Africa ; Bahrain ; Kuwait ; Oman ; Qatar ; Saudi Arabia ; United Arab Emirates
Under a Cloud: The Future of Middle East Gas Demand 4/29/20 Global ; Middle East