Palisades, NY Projects

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Collaborative Research: Chemical and biological characterizations of phosphonate and polyphosphonate dynamics in marine phytoplankton 1/1/13 4/30/16 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Atlanta, GA ; Columbia, SC
Collaborative Research: Defining the biogeochemical drivers of diatom physiological ecology in the North Atlantic 9/1/16 8/31/19 Atlantic Ocean ; Palisades, NY ; North Atlantic Ocean ; Narragansett, RI ; Rhode Island ; Woods Hole, MA ; Massachusetts
Collaborative Research: Dissolved phosphorus processing by Trichodesmium consortia: Quantitative partitioning, role of microbial coordination, and impact on nitrogen fixation 10/1/13 9/30/18 Atlantic Ocean ; Palisades, NY ; North Atlantic Ocean ; Woods Hole, MA
Collaborative Research: Dynamics of dissolved organic phosphorus production, composition and bioavailability along a natural marine phosphate gradient 3/1/18 2/28/21 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Honolulu, HI
Collaborative Research: Ecology and Evolution of Microbial Interactions in a Changing Ocean 3/1/19 2/28/23 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Fairbanks, AK ; Birmingham, AL
Collaborative Research: Ocean Acidification: Impacts of Evolution on the Response of Phytoplankton Populations to Rising CO2 6/1/13 5/31/19 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Birmingham, AL
ECOHAB: Linking biogeochemistry to harmful algal bloom nutritional physiology with gene expression analyses: A case study with Aureococcus anophagefferens 1/1/13 8/31/14 North America ; Palisades, NY ; Woods Hole, MA ; Long Island Sound ; Stony Brook, NY ; New York
GIS-based Graphical User Interface Tool for Analysis of Solar Thermal Desalination Systems and High Potential Implementation Regions 10/1/18 9/30/21 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York ; Palisades, NY
Ocean ecosystem resiliency-knowledge for a sustainable future 1/1/17 12/31/21 North America ; Palisades, NY
Postdoc and Student Summit on Microbial Eukaryotes 12/1/15 6/30/16 North America ; Palisades, NY
Quantification of Trichodesmium spp. vertical and horizontal abundance patterns and nitrogen fixation in the western North Atlantic 1/1/13 9/30/13 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Woods Hole, MA
Resolving the effects of resource availability, predation and competition on brown tide dynamics using metatranscriptomics 9/1/15 8/31/19 Long Island Sound ; Palisades, NY ; Stony Brook, NY
REU Site: Interdisciplinary Cutting-Edge Research though the Analysis of Global Data 4/1/18 3/31/21 North America ; Palisades, NY ; New York
REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates: Analyzing Global Databases 9/1/14 2/28/18 North America ; Palisades, NY
Travel Support for the EMBO/EMBL Microeukaryote Symposium 12/1/15 6/30/16 North America ; Palisades, NY
WSL PURE Ocean Science Research 2/1/16 12/31/18 Global ; Palisades, NY