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By Project Name By Startdate By Enddate By Location
A 175m Long Sediment Core from Lake Traimeno 5/1/13 1/1/16 Europe
A global view of climate change during and since the last ice age: Insights from the record of Earth 8/1/13 7/31/15 Global
Deep Sea-Water Sampler for Improved Co2 Measurements 11/1/14 10/30/18 Antarctica
Deglacial Lake-level History of the Mono Basin, California 9/1/12 8/31/13 North America
Efficient measurements of the 170-excess of dissolved O2 in the high seas 7/1/13 6/30/14
Global Paleohydrology 1/1/12 6/30/13 Global
Holocene Snowline Changes in the Bhutanese Himalaya 6/1/12 5/31/13 Asia
In Situ 10Be Production-Rate Calibration for North America from the Early Holocene Marquette Moraine, Upper Peninsula of Michigan 6/1/12 5/31/15 North America
Investigating the Role of Radiative Forcing in Northern Hemisphere Glacial Cycles on the Basis of Mo 4/1/14 6/1/15 Global
Paleo-Climate and -Hydrology Change in Central China 8/1/11 7/31/15 Asia
Populus Euphratica and Tamarix Ramosissima o13C Tree-ring Chronologies from the Taklamakan Desert, Xingjiang China 6/1/13 5/15/15 Asia
Quantifying Greenland Ice Sheet Dimensions During Past Warm Periods: A Novel Approach Using Cosmogenic Isotopes 9/1/12 8/31/15 Global
Radiocarbon as a Reactive Tracer for Tracking Geologic CO2 Storage at the CarbFix Pilot Injection Site, Iceland 9/1/12 8/31/15
Reconstructing Ice Ages in New Zealand, N. America and Greenland Using Cosmogenic Be-10 Dating 11/1/06 10/31/17 Oceania
Re-evaluation of the Late Glacial and the Little Ice Age Problem in the Alps by High-precision Surface Exposure Dating 6/1/12 5/31/17 Europe
Rock Varnish Record of a Younger Dryas-Age Wet Event in Northern Tian Shan, Western China 3/1/11 3/1/14 Asia
Rock varnish record of Holocene millennial-scale wetness variations in the Lake Turkana basin of Kenya 1/1/15 12/31/17 Africa
Spatial-latitudinal shifts of the East Asian Summer Monsoon recorded by paleo-shorelines and dDleafwax from Dali Nou-er Lake, Inner Mongolia, China 7/1/14 12/30/16 Asia
Testing Milankovitch - Glacier Fluctuations during the LGM and the Mystery Interval in the Western US 8/16/09 8/15/17 North America
Testing the potential for U-Th Dating of Clean calcite tufa the Last High-stands of Owens Lake (Searles and other downstream basins), Lake Lahontan and Lake Chewaucan 1/1/14 6/30/16 North America
The Role of Ice Sheet Feedbacks in Northern Hemisphere Ice Ages 7/1/13 7/1/15 Global
Towards an improved age resolution of lake records Protactinum-231 dating of the Lisan Formation, the Dead Sea Basin 8/1/10 7/31/12 Asia
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