Projects sponsored by National Aeronautics & Space Administration

By Project Name By Startdate By Enddate By Location
4-D AEROSOLS: occurrence, type and evolution study using the GISS-E2 model and space/ground based observations 1/29/15 12/31/18
A Time Series of Sea Surface Nitrate and Nitrate Based New Production in the Global Oceans 5/1/13 4/30/19 Global
Adaptation Planning for Climate Change Impacts using Advanced Decision Support and Remote Sensing: Irrigated Agriculture in California’s Central Valley 4/1/12 6/1/14 Global
Advancing Tidal Tomography for Study of Earth's Interior 1/9/17 1/8/21 Global
Animals on the move: Remotely based determination of key drivers influencing movements and habitat selection of highly mobile fauna throughout the above study domain 9/1/15 8/31/19
Asian Monsoon Response to the Changing Climate Role of Anthropogenic Forcing 9/1/15 8/31/18 Asia
Assessing the causes for the rise in abundance and seasonal productivity of the green mixotrophic dinoflagellate Noctiluca in the Arabian Sea ecosystem 9/1/13 8/31/16 Indian Ocean
Assessing the Impacts of Arctic Sea Ice Melting and Freshwater Flux on Phytoplankton Productivity 9/1/15 8/31/18 Arctic Ocean
Atmospheric Tomography Experiment (ATom) 4/1/15 3/31/21 Global
Attributing the Causes of a Century of Wetting in the Eastern United States Using Observations, Mode 9/1/17 8/31/19 North America
Bayesian integration of multiple geodetic data types for investigation of the coupled impact of climate 8/13/14 8/12/18
Characterization of Large and Unusual Noctiluca Blooms in the Northern Arabian Sea and Their Role in Carbon Cycling During the Winter Monsoon 1/28/11 4/27/14 Indian Ocean
Climate and chemistry changes from 1975 to 2000 as observed and modeled in the coupled chemistry-aerosol-climate GISS ModelE Earth System Model 5/14/09 6/30/15 Global
Climate Decision Support in the Gulf States: Assessing the Impacts of Key Uncertainties in End-to-End Assessments 8/1/10 7/31/13 Global
Combining Altimetry with Electromagnetic and Regional-climate Models to Improve Radar and Lidar Altimetry Estimates over the Greenland Ice Sheet 3/1/17 2/28/22 Arctic
Connecting Earth Observations to Decision Makers for Preparedness Actions 8/1/18 7/31/19
Continuity of the AMSR Earth Science Data Records 3/7/19 3/6/23 Global
Decision and Information System for the Coastal Waters of Oman (DISCO) - an Integrative tool for managing coastal resources under changing climate 5/1/17 4/30/22 Asia
Desertification or "re-greening": Adaptation lessons learned in coping with late 20th century drought in West Africa 7/18/16 7/17/20 Africa
Development and Implemention of Flood Risk Mapping, Water Bodies Monitoring and Climate Information for Disaster Manegment and Human Health Integration with SERVIR 8/31/12 8/30/17 Africa
Development of a Self-Consistent Model for Spatial and Temporal Variation of Sea Level Integrating Data on Cryospheric Mass Change, Ocean Dynamics, and Solid-Earth Loading 1/28/11 1/27/15 Global
Development of Climate Analysis Section for the President's Malaria Initiative Impact Evaluation Reports for Ethiopia and Tanzania 4/1/14 9/30/15 Africa
Earth System Modeling, Comparative Planetary Climatologies and Remote Sensing 9/1/18 8/31/19 Global
Earth System Modeling, Comparative Planetary Climatologies and Remote Sensing 9/1/18 8/31/21 Global
EdGCM: A Realistic Global Climate Modeling Experience for Educational Institutions (EdGCM) 10/1/10 9/30/15 Global
Error and Variability in Satellite SST Data and Global High-Resolution Analyses 3/1/09 2/28/14 Global
Faint Young Sun Paradoxes and Habitable Worlds: Comparative Climatology of Early Earth and Mars 8/1/15 7/31/19 Global
Glacier changes in high mountain Asia since 1970 - combining declassified spy satellite imagery 9/1/16 8/31/19 Asia
Global constraints on radiative properties of ice clouds using MODIS and POLDER measurements 3/25/11 3/24/14 Global
Global variation of the fundamental radiative properties of ice clouds 5/23/14 5/22/18 Global
High Resolution Gravity and Measurements for Operation IceBridge Antarctica Campaigns 2016-2019 3/1/16 12/31/21 Antarctica
High-resolution shipboard measurements of phytoplankton functional types and photosynthetic competency - a way forward for enhancing the utility of satellite Chlorophyll and SST for mapping coastal micro-scale features and frontal zones 1/8/16 1/7/19 Atlantic Ocean
IceBridge 2012-2015: Gravity and Magnetics 12/13/12 2/29/16 Antarctica
Iced sheet Sliding Constrained by Assimilation of Stratigraphic Data 9/1/13 8/31/18 Arctic
Improved Surface Mass Balance Mapping of Antartica by Quantifying Wind-blown and Sublimated Snow 4/23/14 4/22/18 Antarctica
Integration of Ocean and Earth Dynamics of Measurement and Prediction of Sea-Level Change 7/20/11 7/19/12 Global
Interdisciplinary Global Change Research 6/2/11 9/1/14 Global
Interdisciplinary Research on Climate Science & the Impacts of Climate Change 10/1/10 8/31/14 Global
Interdisciplinary Research on Climate. Climate Modeling and the Impacts of Climate Change 10/1/13 9/30/17
Interdisciplinary Research on Earth System Modeling and the Impacts of Climate Change 10/1/17 9/30/20
Interdisciplinary Study of the Ocean-Ice Shelf Interface Utilizing IceBridge Data 11/22/11 11/21/14 Global
Intraseasonal Variability and Tropical Cyclones in the NASA GISS General Circulation Model 6/15/09 6/14/14 Global
Intraseasonal variability and tropical cyclones in the NASA GISS General Circulation Model 7/1/13 6/30/17 Global
Investigating the influence of subglacial hydrologic conditions on seasonal velocity in Northwest Gr 9/1/15 8/31/18 Arctic
Laboratory Study of Shear Heating on Faults and Ridges of Icy Satellites using Transient Friction Experiments 6/12/13 6/11/17 Global
Leveraging CMIPS and NASA/GMAO Coupled Modeling Capacity for SERVIR East Africa Climate Projections. 9/11/12 11/19/15 Africa
Linking NASA Models and Missions to Global Change 9/4/13 4/30/16 Global
Linking Remote Sensing Data and Energy Balance Models for Scalable agriculture Insurance Systems for sub-Saharan Africa 1/17/14 1/16/18 Africa
Maintenance and refinement of the NASA SWE product through AMSR-E historical observations 12/24/15 4/13/20
Measuring and Modeling the Response of the Solid Earth to Changes in the Cryosphere and the Earthquake 5/31/16 5/30/19
Mechanisms of change in global ocean heat uptake 9/1/14 8/31/19 Global
Model analysis of the factors regulating the trends and variability of methane, CO2 and OH 7/3/14 7/2/18 Global
MoonDB Phase 2: Restoration of Lunar Geochronological and Lunar Meteorite Data 3/1/18 2/28/20
Mult-source imaging of infrastructure and urban growth using Landsat, Sentinel and SRTM 7/7/15 7/6/19
NRA/Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences-2009 8/1/10 8/24/13 Antarctica
Oceanic freshwater flux within the upper limit limb of the shallow overturning cell 9/1/14 8/31/17
Population and Infrastructure on Our Human Planet: Supporting Sustainable Development through Improved Spatial Data and Models for Human Settlements, Infrastructure, and Population Distribution Based on Earth Observations 1/2/18 6/30/22 Global
Quantifying Surface Diapycnal Mixing by Mesoscale Eddies Using Satellite Observations 5/6/14 5/5/18 Global
Reconstructions of a Snowball Earth: A Data/Model Perspective 6/10/14 6/9/18 Global
Regional Indicators of Daily-to-Yearly Variability in Background Ozone to Inform Air Quality Standard Setting and Decision-Making 2/1/12 7/31/16 North America
Research Opportunities In Space And Earth Sciences 2010 (ROSES-2010) 2/7/12 2/28/17 Asia
Research Scanning Polarimeter (RSP) Team Support for CAMP2Ex 10/19/17 10/18/22 Asia
Response of the Indian Ocean to Indonesian Throughflow Variability 9/1/17 8/31/20 Indian Ocean
Rigorous Combination of GRACE and Other Data Types for Simultaneous Estimation of Temporally and Spatially Variable Melting and Glacial Isostatic Adjustment 2/7/12 2/6/17 Global
Socioeconomic Data and Applications Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) for the EOS Data and Information System 8/1/13 7/31/18 Global
Source attribution using satelite products and models to inform air quality planning and health accountability 8/11/16 8/10/20 North America
Spatial and temporal Characteristics of Sea surface Salinity Fluctuations and Links to the Marine Hydrological Cycle 5/1/14 8/31/17
Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Sea Surface Salinity Fluctuations and Links to the Marine Hydrological Cycle 11/15/09 11/14/13 Global
Spatial and temporal variability in chlorophyll, primary production and carbon export in the Bering Sea linked to climate change 8/26/11 8/25/12 Pacific Ocean
Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of the Ganges Brahmaputra Delta: Field-Validated, Multi-Sensor Analysis of Interannual Flooding and Channel Movement 7/18/12 6/16/18 Asia
Stakeholder Engagement through the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) 9/17/12 3/31/14 Global
Synergistic ice cloud observations from eMAS and RSP 12/22/14 12/21/18 Central America
The Impact of Organic Aerosol Volatility on Aerosol Microphysics for Global Climate Modeling Applications 9/1/17 8/31/19 Global
The Impact of Solar Wind Ions on the Surface and Exosphere of Mercury 2/14/18 2/13/21 Mercury
Towards A Global Flood & Flash Flood Early Warning Early Action System Driven by NASA Earth Observatory 12/26/17 12/25/21 South America
Tropical Cyclones in the GISS model at High Resolution 7/10/17 7/9/22 Global
Understanding and Quantifying the Links between Ice Sheet and Glacial Albedo, Surface Mass Balance 8/3/17 8/2/21
Understanding the fundamental processes controlling the surface mass balance of the Greenland ice sheet and improving estimates 4/1/16 3/31/18 Arctic
Use of GRACE to estimate terrestrial carbon fluxes 9/1/10 8/31/13 South America
Variability and Trends in Tropospheric Oxidation: Interactions with Regional Air Quality, Global Atmospheric composition, and Climate Trends 2/15/17 2/14/21 Global
Vulnerability of the U.S. Atlantic coast to hazards associated with extreme weather storms 1/16/14 1/15/18 North America
Remote sensing of cloud properties using PACE SPEXone and HARP-2 4/1/20 3/31/23
Laboratory Study of Frictional Stability and Tidal Triggering in Ice Mixtures 12/31/19 12/30/22
19-MAP19-0011; Assessing the Impact of Glacial Melt on the Coupled Climate 6/10/20 6/9/21 Global
19-PACESAT19-0030; Remote Sensing of Cloud Properties Using PACE SPEXone and HARP-2 7/31/20 7/22/22
PACE UV Retrieval of Ocean and Atmospheric data-products (PACE UV ROAD): CDM, BrC and BC polarimetry 7/24/20 7/23/22 Global
The Role of Midlatitude Cyclones in the Seasonal Evolution of the Coupled Atmosphere-sea Ice-ocean System in the Labrador Sea and the Greenland Sea 8/1/20 7/31/21 Atlantic Ocean
Assessing the Role of the Atmosphere in Extreme Arctic Sea Ice Melting Events from Daily to Centennial Time Scales 6/29/20 6/28/23 Arctic
Building Resilience to Wildfires in the Western United States: Predictive Modeling in a Coupled Climate and Human System 9/1/20 8/31/22 North America
Process-Based Understanding of Extreme Asian Monsoon Rainfall Response to Anthropogenic Forcings 9/1/20 8/31/21 Asia
Interdisciplinary Research on Earth and Planetary Systems Modeling, the Impacts of Climate Change, and-the Habitability of Other Worlds 10/1/20 9/30/21 Global
3-D Modeling of a Secondary Ancient Lunar Atmosphere: The Effect on Volatile Distribution 10/26/20 10/25/23
Multisensor Observation of Drivers of Phytoplankton Community Structure and Productivity in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean 2/1/21 1/31/24 Atlantic Ocean
Investigating Spatiotemporal Patterns at the Nexus of Air Pollution, Climate and Public Health over the Northeast U.S.A. 1/25/21 1/24/25 North America
Ice-Shelf Hydrological Evolution and Impacts on Ice-Shelf Stability 2/1/22 1/31/25 North America
COMBINED: Channelized Ocean Melting Beneath Ice shelves: Nonhydrostatic Ice and Estimating shelf Densities 1/1/22 12/31/24 Antarctica
Modeling Forest Physiological and Structural Responses to Climate Extremes and Feedbacks in GISS Model E 7/9/21 7/8/25 Global
Quantifying Uncertainty and Constraining Parameterizations of Clouds in Earth System Modelsusing NASA Observations 7/9/21 7/8/25 Global
Evaluation of Tropical Cloud-Radiation-Circulation Coupling in NASA GISS ModelE3 Using Observations and Reanalysis 8/6/21 8/5/25 Global
Combining Remote-sensing Observations and a PPE Approach to Constrain Low-cloud FeedbackProcesses in the NASA-GISS ESM 5/27/21 5/26/25 Global
Integrative Research in Earth System Modeling and Observations 1/1/22 12/31/25 Global
The Astromaterials Data System: Enabling FAIR Astromaterials Samples Data through Trusted Archiving Services and Broad Community Engagement 10/1/23 9/30/28 Europe
Rheology and Eruptibility of Two- and Three-Phase Cryomagmas 9/1/23 8/31/26 North America
GNSS and InSAR Surface Deformation Constraints on a 3-D Geodetic Model of the Indo-Burma Subduction Zone 2/23/23 2/22/26 Asia
Inferring Middle- and High-Level Cloud Feedbacks Using A-Train Observations 10/17/22 10/16/25 Europe
The Future of the Forest-Tundra Ecotone: A Synthesis that adds Interactions among Snow, Vegetation, and Wildlife to the Equation 10/1/22 9/30/25 North America
Causal Mechanisms of Dry and Humid Heat Extremes 9/1/22 8/31/25 North America
Global Climate Role of Biomass Burning Aerosols and Brown Carbon 9/1/22 8/31/25 North America
Laboratory Experiments and Numerical Models to Constrain Melt Migration Under Strike-Slip Faults on Europa 9/1/23 8/31/25
Process and Performance-based Assessment of Tropical Cyclone and Associated Precipitation Predictions in the NASA GEOS-S2S System for Improved Forecast Skill 7/14/21 7/13/25 North America
Science Core Heuristics for Open Science Outcomes in Learning (SCHOOL) 7/1/23 6/30/25
Ocean Carbon Sink Variability: Internal vs. Forced Mechanisms 10/20/21 10/19/24 North America
Analysis of Multi-decadal Fennoscandian Geodetic Data Sets in an Environment of Present-Day Mass Loss: Implications for Earth Structure and Sea-level Change 8/19/21 8/18/24 North America
Start up funds for Early Career Researcher 7/1/17 6/30/20