Projects sponsored by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

By Project Name By Startdate By Enddate By Location
High Wavenumber Ocean Gravity-Capillary Wave Measurements Using Polarimetry for Doppler Scatterometer Measurement Physics 7/24/19 7/23/20
Integration of Satellite and In-Situ Observations to Investigate the Evolution of High Salinity Shelf Water in the Terra Nova Bay polynya, Antarctica 9/1/19 8/31/21 Antarctica
Development and Operation of the Astromaterials Data System 7/1/19 6/30/24
Modeling Fecal Indicator Bacteria Persistence in Turbid Rivers Using Satellite Data 9/1/19 8/31/21
Bio-Optical Monitoring and Evaluation System (BIOMES) for Improving Satellite Estimates of Ocean Net Primary Production for Carbon Cycling and Climate Change Studies 12/1/19 11/30/22 Global
Using Multi-Satellite Observations to Analyze Ground-Level Ozone Sensitivity to NOx and VOC Precursor Emissions, from Urban to Global Scales 9/1/18 8/31/20 Global
Quantifying Socioecological Consequences of Changing Snow and Icescapes: A Data-model Fusion Approach 9/1/19 8/31/21 Arctic
BIOSCape-Mapping of phytoplankton functional types from space in support of coastal resource management and decision support activities 6/1/22 5/1/25 Indian Ocean
GLIMR: A hyperspectral geostationary sensor for measurement of dynamic coastal ecosystem and carbon cycle processes 5/1/21 1/1/27 Atlantic Ocean
Bio-Optical Monitoring and Evaluation System (BIOMES) for improving satellite estimates of Ocean Net Primary Production for Carbon Cycling and Climate Change studies 12/1/19 11/1/22 Global
Decision and Information System for the Coastal waters of Oman (DISCO) - An integrative tool for managing coastal resources under changing climate 5/1/17 4/1/23 Asia Indian Ocean
Ecological and sociodemographic determinants and impacts of urbanization and restoration on intertwined urban-wetland-estuarine systems 7/1/17 7/1/22 North America