Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) Projects

By Project Name By Startdate By Enddate By Location
Collaborative Research: Establishing Community Standards for Underwater Video Acquisition, Tagging, Archiving and Access 7/15/15 6/30/18 North America ; Rhode Island
Exploring the absolute pressure gauge data from the Cascadia Initiative OBS deployment for transient changes in seafloor elevation 4/15/15 3/31/17 North America ; Strait of Juan de Fuca ; Cascadia
Geochemical Analysis of Ancient Salt Deposits from the Dead Sea and its Climate and Hydrology During Warmer Periods in the Past 200,000 Years 9/1/16 8/31/18 Asia ; Dead Sea
2007 Solas Summer School 7/1/08 6/30/10
2014 Ship Operations 1/1/12 12/31/18
2014 Technical Services 1/1/12 3/31/18
2015 University of New Hampshire Langseth Sea Floor Mapping - Ship Operations 7/29/15 8/29/15 North America ; New Hampshire
2017 Oceanographic Instrumentation 5/1/17 1/31/19
2018 Ship Operations 7/1/18 6/30/23
2018-2023 Ship Operations -R/V Marcus G. Langseth 7/1/18 6/30/23
3He Measurements During the Southern Ocean Gas Exchange Project 8/1/08 7/31/12 Southern Ocean
3He Measurements for the Project Collab Res: Seasonal Variability in Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Fluxe 6/4/14 6/3/17
A 175m Long Sediment Core from Lake Traimeno 5/1/13 1/1/16 Europe ; Italy
A Combined Experimental and Theoretical investigation of reactive flow in brittle media with applications to solid Earth geodynamics 8/1/15 7/31/19 Global
A Critical Test of the Nd Paleocirculation Proxy 9/1/13 8/31/15 Global
A Day in the Life of the Hudson River 2012 8/15/12 5/15/13 North America ; Hudson River, NY ; New York
A Day in the Life of the Hudson River 2014 8/1/14 12/31/14 North America ; Hudson River, NY ; New York
A Day in the Life of the Hudson River 2015-2020 1/1/15 11/30/20 North America ; Hudson River, NY ; New York
A global survey of long-term organic carbon decomposition in marine sediments: constraints to methanogenesis, gas hydrate formation, and C cycle budget 7/15/13 6/30/16 Global ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
A global survey of marine magnetic anomalies to constrain the Late Cretaceous- Eocene time scale 9/1/15 8/31/19 Global ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
A global view of climate change during and since the last ice age: Insights from the record of Earth 8/1/13 7/31/15 Global
A Lagrangian Approach to Emerging Dynamics in the Marginal Ice Zone 3/1/11 9/30/16 Arctic Ocean
A M-Sequence Geomagnetic Polarity Time Scale that Minimizes Global Spreading Rate Variations and Incorporates Cyclostratigraphic Information 7/1/09 6/30/13 Global ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
A New Picomolar Interface for Compound Specific d13C and dD Measurements
A Novel Calibration of the Alkenone-pCO2 Proxy: Constraining Biological Influences
A preliminary assessment of the influence of ice cove on microbial carbon and energy acquisition during the Antarctic Winter-spring Seasonal Transition 8/1/16 7/31/18 Antarctica ; West Antarctic Peninsula
Management of the U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP) associated with the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) 12/1/14 2/28/25 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
A Southern Hemispheric Perspective on Holocene Climate Variability Based on Mountain Glacial Chronologies 8/1/18 7/31/21 Global ; Southern Hemisphere
A Standard Protocol for Assessing the Habitat Quality of Ecologically Enhanced Urban Shorelines 1/16/14 6/30/14 North America ; New York - New Jersey Harbor ; New York
A Standard Protocol for Assessing the Habitat Quality of Ecologically Enhanced Urban Shorelines 5/15/14 6/30/15 North America ; New York - New Jersey Harbor ; New York
A Study of Atmospheric Dust in the WAIS Divide Ice Core Based on Sr-Nd-Pb-He Isotopes 6/8/11 7/31/17 Antarctica
A Synthesis of Indian and U.S. Geophysical Data to Investigate the structure and Tectonics of the Andaman Sea 9/15/09 8/31/12 Indian Ocean ; Andaman Sea
A Time Series of Sea Surface Nitrate and Nitrate Based New Production in the Global Oceans 5/1/13 4/30/19 Global
Abrupt Climate Change in a Warming World: Modern Instrumental Records - CFCs 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Abrupt Climate Change in a Warming World: Synthesis of Tracer Data 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Absolute Paleointensity from the Cretaceous Long Normal 10/10/10 10/12/13 Global
Accquisition of a Sensitive Qtrap LC/MS/MS System for Biomaker Analyses 3/15/16 3/14/17
Acoustic Logs Reprocessing and Petrophysical Characterization of Shelf Sands, Canterbury Basin, IODP Expedition 317 11/4/10 11/3/12 Oceania
Acquisition of a Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging Microscope at LDEO 3/15/18 2/28/19 North America ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; New York
Acquisition of a State-of-the-Art 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology System for the AGES Lab at Lamont-Doherty 8/1/16 7/31/18 Global ; New York City, NY
ACRE SE Asia towards new weather and climate baselines for accessing weather and climate extremes, Impacts and Risks over SE Asia 6/26/13 12/8/15 Asia
Active lava lakes as a window into magma and volcano dynamics 3/1/14 2/28/18 Global ; Antarctica ; Africa ; Halemaumau crater, HI ; Mount Erebus, Antarctica ; Ertale ; Ethiopia
Active Modular Phytoremediation Systems 12/15/15 12/31/16
Advanced Imaging Techniques Combined with In Situ Analyses used to Assess Diagenesis in Benthic Foraminifera 5/1/17 4/30/19 Global
Advancing Data Access for the Deep Carbon Community 1/1/16 10/31/16 Global
Advancing Predictive understanding of North American Drought: The Role of the North Atlantic SST 8/1/14 7/31/18 North America ; Atlantic Ocean
Advancing the Data Infrastructure for Reservoirs and Fluxes Research in the Deep Carbon Observatory 1/1/14 12/31/14 Global
Advancing Tidal Tomography for Study of Earth's Interior 1/9/17 1/8/21 Global
Air-Flow Mechanisms During Insitu Air-Sparging Operations 1/1/04 12/31/08 North America ; United States
Air-Sea Interaction Response to Sea-Surface Microlayer Processes Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 7/29/16 6/30/17
Alaska Amphibious Community Seismic Experiment 8/15/17 7/31/20 North America ; Alaska
Alkenone-based Records of Miocene pCO2 Revisited
An Investigation of Abyssal Mixing and Interior Transports in the North Atlantic: Tracer Studies 11/1/09 10/31/13 Atlantic Ocean
Analysis of Microseismicty at Parkfield, California, Through Improved Detection and Location 6/1/09 5/31/10 North America ; Asia ; California ; Parkfield
Analysis of Riverine Skin Temperature Response to Surface and Subsurface Processes 4/1/15 3/31/18 North America ; Hudson River, NY
Ancient Ghost Forests Reveal how Alaska’s Glaciers and Cedar Trees Responded to Past Warming Events 4/1/18 4/15/19 North America ; Alaska ; La Perouse glacier
Animals on the move: Remotely based determination of key drivers influencing movements and habitat selection of highly mobile fauna throughout the above study domain 9/1/15 8/31/19
Antarctic Cryospheric Change: Mechanisms and Feedback on Climate 9/15/18 8/31/21 Antarctica ; Southern Ocean
Antarctic Gateway Partnership Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Operational Trials 7/15/18 6/30/19 Antarctica ; Sorsdal ice shelf, East Antarctica
ARCHES - Abrupt Climate Change in a Warming World: Lessons from Holocene Paleo and Modern Instrumental Records and Model Simulations 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Arsenic Testing Outreach to Hunterdon County Families with Pregnancies and Young Children 2/1/18 9/30/18 North America ; Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Asian Monsoon Response to the Changing Climate Role of Anthropogenic Forcing 9/1/15 8/31/18 Asia
Assessing impacts of recent storm activity on sediment transport and storage in the Hudson River 6/1/13 5/31/17 North America ; Hudson River, NY
Assessing the causes for the rise in abundance and seasonal productivity of the green mixotrophic dinoflagellate Noctiluca in the Arabian Sea ecosystem 9/1/13 8/31/16 Indian Ocean ; Arabian Sea
Assessing the Fidelity of Foraminiferal Mg/Ca- d18O to Estimate Seawater d18Or: A Multispecies Calibration-Validation Study 3/1/08 2/29/12 Atlantic Ocean
Assessing the Impact of Clean Heat Policy Intervention in New York City 1/20/14 12/31/15 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Assessing the Impacts of Arctic Sea Ice Melting and Freshwater Flux on Phytoplankton Productivity 9/1/15 8/31/18 Arctic Ocean
Assessing the role of fire in the African Humid Period transitions: a novel biomarker approach to paleo-fire reconstruction Africa
Assessing Transport Pathways into the Arctic and Their Efficiencies 4/15/19 3/31/23 Arctic
Asthenospheric Melting and Melt-induced Evolution of the Lithosphere Beneath the Colorado Plateau and the Basin and Range from a Seismic Characterization of Mantle Layering 5/15/19 4/30/20 North America ; Colorado
AstroDB Phase 1: Establishing the Foundation of the Astromaterials Data System 9/28/18 1/31/19
Atlantic Climate Variability - Dynamics, Prediction and Hurricane Risk 7/1/17 6/30/18 North America ; United States ; Caribbean
Atlantic Multidecadal Variability: Mechanisms, Impact, and Predictability: A Study using Observations and IPCC AR4 Model Simulations 8/1/09 6/30/13 Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean Acidification Test-Bed 7/1/08 6/30/14 Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean Acidification Test-Bed 7/1/13 11/30/16 Atlantic Ocean
Atmospheric Tomography Experiment (ATom) 4/1/15 3/31/21 Global ; Remote Atmosphere
Atmospheric Tomography Mission: The global carbonyl sulfide budget 1/1/19 12/31/19 Global ; NASA DC8 research aircraft
Attributing the Causes of a Century of Wetting in the Eastern United States Using Observations, Mode 9/1/17 8/31/19 North America ; United States
Award of scholarship under "International Research Support Initiative Program" 3/30/18 9/30/18 Asia ; Pakistan
Award of Scholarship under "International Research Support Initiative Program" - Bench Fees 2/1/17 9/30/17 Asia ; Pakistan
AXA Award Research Project: Global Patterns of Extreme Precipitation 11/18/13 12/31/16 Global
Back to the Future: Innovative tree ring suite analysis to reconstruct paleo climate and stream flows for improved urban water planning under climate change 3/22/11 2/28/13 North America ; Utah
Bay of Bengal Intraseasonal Oscillations and the Upper Ocean Mesoscale 4/1/17 3/31/20 Indian Ocean ; Bay of Bengal
Bay of Bengal Surface and Thermocline and the Arabian Sea 1/1/13 12/31/14 Indian Ocean ; Bay of Bengal ; Arabian Sea
Bay of Bengal Surface and Thermocline and the Arabian Sea 10/1/13 12/31/15 Asia ; Arabian Sea ; Bay of Bengal
Bayesian integration of multiple geodetic data types for investigation of the coupled impact of climate 8/13/14 8/12/18
Benchmarking Spatial Patterns of Glacier Change 6/1/19 5/31/22 Arctic ; North America ; Alaska
Big Sky Regional Carbon Sequestration Regional Partnership - Phase III 7/25/11 12/31/15 North America ; Montana
Black Carbon Exposure, DNA Methylation, Airway Inflammation in Pediatric Asthma 11/1/11 10/31/16 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Black Carbon Exposure, DNA Methylation, Airway Inflammation in Pediatric Asthma 11/1/11 10/31/17 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
BOP-STEM-C Curriculm and Community Enterprise for New York Harbor Restoration in New York City 10/1/14 9/30/18 North America ; New York Harbor, New York
Boron Isotope Analyses in Benthic Foraminifera Shells 9/1/18 8/31/19 Arctic Ocean
Boron Isotope Measurements on Arctic Ocean Foraminifera 10/1/13 9/30/14 Arctic Ocean
Boundary Sources and Sink of 230Th, 232Th, and 231Pa n the NW Pacific 9/1/10 8/31/13 Pacific Ocean
Bridging the Scientific and Indigenous Communities to Study Sea Ice Change in Arctic Alaska 11/11/16 6/10/21 North America ; Alaska
Cape Adare Long Term Moorings (CALM): Analysis Phase 6/1/12 5/31/15 Antarctica
Carbon Biosignatures of Early Ecosystems: Picomolar Scale Compound-Specific Isotope Analyses (Pico-CSIA) 3/8/13 2/7/17
Carbon mineralization in peridotite for CO2 removal from air and solid storage: chemo-mechanical feedbacks and kinetics 1/1/20 12/3/22 Global
CAREER: Evolution of Ocean Mesoscale Turbulence in a Changing Climate 2/15/16 1/31/21 Global
CAREER: Investigating the Impact of Temporal and Spatial Variations on Lava Emplacement Through Numerical and Physical Models 4/1/17 3/31/22 Global
CAREER: Understanding Moisture Transport and Its Coupling to the Large-scale Energy and Momentum of the Northern Hemisphere Summer Circulation 9/1/13 8/31/18 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
CAREER: Very Broadband Rheology and the Internal Dynamics of Plate Boundaries on Earth 10/1/11 9/30/16 Global
Center for Environmental Health in Northern Manhattan - Exposure Assessment (LDEO) 7/1/98 3/31/18 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Center for Environmental Health in Northern Manhattan - Exposure Assessment (LDEO) 7/1/98 3/31/18 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Center for Environmental Health in Northern Manhattan (CEHNM) 4/1/18 3/31/21 North America ; New York, NY
Character, Timing and Origins of the Late Neoproterozoic Shuram-Wonoka Carbon Isotope Excursion and Associated Paleocanyons in South Australia Oceania ; Australia
Characterization of Large and Unusual Noctiluca Blooms in the Northern Arabian Sea and Their Role in Carbon Cycling During the Winter Monsoon 1/28/11 4/27/14 Indian Ocean ; Arabian Sea
Child Lung Development Following a Cookstove Intervention 7/1/17 6/30/22 Africa ; Ghana
CICAR: Boundary Layer Experiments of Coral Reef Calcification and Net O2 Production 7/1/08 6/30/14 Atlantic Ocean
Cl Isotope Systematics of the Neogene Izu Bonin Arc Volcanic Rocks 3/1/06 6/1/08 Pacific Ocean ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Austin, TX ; Izu Bonin arc
Climate Change Vulnerability Study – Climate Data 9/1/17 12/31/19 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Climate Change, Weathering and Ocean Chemistry from U-Series Comminution Dating in the Gulf of Aqaba 1/1/12 12/31/16 Asia ; Middle East
Climate-driven impacts on the marine ecology, biogeochemistry, and carbon cycle of the West Antarctic 6/28/14 6/27/18 Antarctica
Climatology and Variability of Tropical Rainfall in the 20th Century Reanalysis 9/1/11 8/31/13 Global
CMG Research: Reconstructing Climate from Tree Ring Data 9/15/09 8/31/13 Global
CNH: Competing demands and future vulnerability of groundwater: Drinking water quality and food security in Arsenic-Impacted South and Southeast Asia 6/1/14 8/31/19
CNH: Pluvials, Droughts, Energetics and the Mongol Empire 6/1/12 2/28/17 Asia ; Central Asia ; Mongolia
Coalition for Publishing Data in the Earth & Space Sciences (COPDEES) workshop 10/15/15 7/14/17 Global
Collaborative Research: Ecosystem dynamics of Western Pacific hydrothermal vent communities associated with polymetallic sulfide deposits 12/1/15 3/31/19 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: US GEOTRACES Arctic Section - Water mass composition, circulation and mean residence times derived from measurements of natural and manmade tracers 1/1/15 12/31/19 Arctic Ocean
Collaborative Proposal: EarthCube Integration: Pangeo: An Open Source Big Data Climate Science Platform 9/1/17 8/31/21
Collaborative Proposal: EarthCube Integration: THROUGHPUT: Standards and Services for Community Curated Repositories 9/1/17 8/31/19
Collaborative Proposal: GP-IMPACT: Ambassadors for STEM Training to Enhance Participation (A-STEP) 7/1/18 6/30/21 Global
Collaborative Resaerch: P2C2--Multi-Site Paleo-Reconstruction of Missouri River Streamflows from Tree Ring Data 7/1/14 6/30/19 North America
Collaborative Research: U.S. Geotraces Arctic Section: 230th, 232th and 231Pa tracers of trace element supply and removal 1/1/15 12/31/19 Arctic Ocean ; Alaska
Collaborative Research and NEON: MSB Category 2: PaIEON - a Paleo Ecological Observatory Network to Assess Terrestrial Ecosystem Models 9/1/13 5/31/15 Global
Collaborative Research Assessing the Simulated Simulated Arctic Freshwater System in CMIP5 Models, the CESM Large Ensemble, and Forced Simulations 8/1/15 7/31/18 Arctic
Collaborative Research in IPY: Abrupt Environmental Change in the Larson Ice Shelf System, A Multidisciplinary Approach - Cryosphere and Oceans 5/1/08 4/30/14 Antarctica
Collaborative Research Reassessing the settlement history of the Faroe Islands using lipid biomarker 9/1/16 8/31/18 Atlantic Ocean ; Faroe Islands
Collaborative Research The North Anatolian Fault system in the Marmara Sea, Turkey Insights from the Quaternary evolution of a multi-stranded transform 2/15/13 1/31/15 Europe
Collaborative Research: Developing a Continous Replicated Reconstruction of Tropical Pacific Climate Over the Last 500-700 Years: Analysis of Massive Porites Corals from American Samoa 8/15/12 7/31/15 Pacific Ocean ; Ta'u, American Samoa ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory ; Stanford University
Collaborative Research: Effects of warming induced increases in shrub abundance and changing seasonality on migratory songbirds in Alaskan arctic tundra 9/1/09 8/31/15 North America
Collaborative Research: P2C2-Reconstructing Tropical Pacific Climate Variability and Monsoon Systems, and Abrupt Changes from Ice Cores on Irain Jaya, Indonesia and Hualcan, Peru 8/1/08 6/30/13 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: 3-D/4-D Seismic Reflection Imaging of the Magmatic-Hydrothermal System at the East Pacific Rise RIDGE 2000 Integrated Study Site at 9 50' N 8/15/03 9/30/11 Pacific Ocean ; East Pacific Rise, 9°50'N -104°W
Collaborative Research: A combined proxy and model investigation of Late Holocene paleoclimate in the Horn of Africa 8/15/12 7/31/15 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa
Collaborative Research: A community seismic experiment targeting the pre-, syn- and post-rift evolution of the Mid-Atlantic US margin 8/15/13 7/31/16 North America
Collaborative Research: A field, laboratory and theoretical study of mixed bedrock-alluvial meandering rivers 9/15/11 8/31/15 Global
Collaborative Research: A High-Sensitivity 10Be and Extraterrestrial 3He Record from an Ice Core at South Pole 5/1/16 10/31/20 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: A MCS Investigation to Study Axial Crustal Structure and Alteration of Upper Crust at the Juan de Fuca Spreading Center 4/1/02 3/31/06 Pacific Ocean ; Juan de Fuca Ridge
Collaborative Research: A Pilot Study for Electromagnetic Surveying of Freshwater Resources Beneath the US Atlantic Continental Shelf 6/6/17 3/31/18 North America
Collaborative Research: A Proposal for the Cosmic-Ray Produced Nuclide Systematics on Earth (Cronus-Earth) Project 3/1/05 9/30/12 Global
Collaborative Research: A Southern Hemispheric Perspective on Holocene Climate Variability Based on Mountain Glacial Chronologies 9/1/09 8/31/13 South America ; Peru ; South America ; Patagonia
Collaborative Research: A Southern Mid-Latitude Perspective on the Last Ice Age Based on Be-10 Moraine Chronologies 7/15/08 6/30/12 Oceania ; South Island, New Zealand
Collaborative Research: A systems approach to understanding linkages between the Ross Ocean and Ice Shelf Environment and Tectonic setting Through Aerogeophysical Surveys and Modeling (ROSETTA-ICE) 6/30/15 8/31/19 Antarctica ; Ross Ice Shelf
Collaborative Research: Adding animals to the equation: assessing herbivore impacts on carbon cycling in northern Alaska 10/1/16 9/30/21 Arctic ; North America ; Alaska
Collaborative Research: Advanced modeling for understanding fluid and magma migration in subduction zones 3/1/14 2/28/18 Global
Collaborative Research: Advanced Models of Magma Migration at Convergent MARGINS 2/1/09 1/31/13 Global
Collaborative Research: Along Strike Variation in Shallow, Offshore Strain Accumulation and Slow Slip at Hikurangi Subduction Margin, New Zealand 4/1/18 3/31/22 Oceania ; New Zealand ; Hikurangi
Collaborative Research: Alteration of mantle peridottie: Geochemical fluxes and dynamics of far from equilibrium transport 6/1/15 6/30/20 Africa ; Oman
Collaborative Research: An Eocene Perspective on Future Recovery Rates of Climate 3/1/17 2/29/20
Collaborative Research: An Experimental Investigation of Reactive Melt channelization in Partially Molten Rocks 8/15/15 7/31/19 Global
Collaborative Research: An Inverse and Forward Global Modeling Synthesis of Noble Gases to Better Quantify Biogeochemical Cycles 9/15/11 8/31/15 Global
Collaborative Research: Arctic GEOTRACES - Nd isotopes and REEs in the Arctic 3/15/15 2/28/19 Arctic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Assessing Climate Model Simulations of Last Glacial Maximum Ocean Circulation with Carbons Isotopes 9/1/12 8/31/16 Atlantic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Assessing the impact of Arctic Sea Ice Variability on the Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass and Energy Balance 2/23/16 7/31/17 Arctic Ocean ; Greenland
Collaborative Research: Assessing the Role of Compound-specific Phosphorus Hydrolase Transformations 9/1/17 8/31/20 Global
Collaborative Research: Atmosphere-Ocean-Ice Interaction in a Coastal Polyna 8/15/08 7/31/12 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: Automated Continuous Measurement of CFC and SF6 Saturations in Surface Waters 10/1/10 9/30/15 Global
Collaborative Research: Bridging between Tabletop Models and the Earth System 9/15/09 6/30/13 Global
Collaborative Research: Calibrating Southeast Asian Proxies Speleothems and Tree Rings 9/1/17 8/31/20 Asia ; Laos
Collaborative research: Calibration of deep-sea coral paleoproxies for nutrients, carbonate ion, and temperature 1/1/19 12/31/21 Global
Collaborative Research: Catching the quake: Investigating samples from the JFAST expedition for evidence of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake 5/1/13 4/30/16 Asia ; Pacific Ocean ; Japan
Collaborative Research: Changes in river aquifer exchange induced by groundwater pumping, and their effect on arsenic contamination in the Red River Delta, Vietnam 7/15/15 6/30/18 Asia ; Vietnam
Collaborative Research: Chemical and biological characterizations of phosphonate and polyphosphonate dynamics in marine phytoplankton 1/1/13 4/30/16 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Atlanta, GA ; Columbia, SC
Collaborative Research: Climate and Glacier change in Bhutan: the last millennia, present and future 9/1/13 8/31/17 Asia ; Bhutan
Collaborative Research: Climate and Glacier change in Bhutan: the last millennia, present and future 7/1/12 8/31/13 Asia ; Bhutan
Collaborative Research: Climate, Human and Ecosystem Interactions in the face of a Rapidly Changing North Asian biome 9/1/17 8/31/22 Asia ; Siberia ; Mongolia
Collaborative Research: Climatological, vegetational, and human-related controls on channelization and shallow landsliding quantified through objective analysis of LiDAR data 8/15/11 1/31/15 Asia ; East Asia ; Japan
Collaborative Research: Closing the Gaps in Climate Models' Surface Albedo Schemes of Processes Award Abstract #1713072 Collaborative Research: Closing the Gaps in Climate Models' Surface Albedo Schemes of Processes 9/15/17 8/31/20 Arctic ; Greenland
Collaborative Research: Cloud-Capable Tools for MG&G-Related Image Analysis of OOI HD Camera Video 11/1/16 10/31/18 North America ; Juan de Fuca Ridge
Collaborative Research: Combined Seismological and Geodetic Constraints on 3-D Mantle Structure 6/30/10 6/30/13 Global
Collaborative Research: Completing a 10-Year Record of Deep Western Boundary Current Observations at Line W; A Contribution to the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Study 3/1/14 2/28/18 Atlantic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Constraining Arc Processes Through Comprehensive Geochemical Study of the Chilean Southern Volcanic Zone 8/1/10 7/31/13 South America ; Chile
Collaborative Research: Constraints on Sediment Physical Properties at the Cape Fear and Currituck landslides from velocity analysis of new, open access seismic reflection data 8/1/18 8/31/20 North America ; Atlantic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Contributions of Prydz Bay Shelf Water to Antarctic Bottom Water Formation 5/15/15 4/30/19 Antarctica ; Prydz Bay ; Amery Ice Shelf
Collaborative Research: Coring the Line Islands Ridge for Paleoceanographic Research 2/15/12 1/31/14 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Crustal Accretion and Mantle Processes Along the Subduction-Influenced Eastern Lau Spreading Center 9/1/08 8/31/14 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Deep Circulation over the Flanks of a Mid-Ocean Ridge 9/1/17 8/31/20 Global ; Brazil Basin ; Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Collaborative Research: Deep Structure of Three Continental Sutures in Eastern North America 5/1/12 10/31/18 North America ; Quebec ; Maine ; New England
Collaborative Research: Defining the biogeochemical drivers of diatom physiological ecology in the North Atlantic 9/1/16 8/31/19 Atlantic Ocean ; Palisades, NY ; North Atlantic Ocean ; Narragansett, RI ; Rhode Island ; Woods Hole, MA ; Massachusetts
Collaborative Research: Deglacial ice dynamics in the Weddell Sea embayment using sediment provenance 9/1/14 8/31/17 Antarctica ; Weddell Sea
Collaborative Research: Deglacial Ice Dynamics in the Weddell Sea Embayment Using Sediment Provenance 9/1/16 8/31/18 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: Determining the Vulnerability and Resilience of Boreal Forests and Shrubs across Northwestern North America 9/1/16 8/31/19 North America ; Alaska
Collaborative Research: Developing Multicentury Drought Reconstructions from Guatemala and the Context for Past and Future Hydroclimatic Change 3/1/09 4/30/13 Central America ; Guatemala
Collaborative Research: Developing New Instrumentation ot Accurately Measure Heat and Mass Flux of Hydrothermal Fluids 9/15/11 6/30/15 Global
Collaborative Research: Development and Support of the MB-System Software Package for Processing and Display of Swath Mapping Sonar Data 8/1/13 7/31/19 Global
Collaborative Research: Dissolved phosphorus processing by Trichodesmium consortia: Quantitative partitioning, role of microbial coordination, and impact on nitrogen fixation 10/1/13 9/30/18 Atlantic Ocean ; Palisades, NY ; North Atlantic Ocean ; Woods Hole, MA
Collaborative Research: Dust Deposition, Paleo-Export Production, and Migration of the (ITCZ) Through the Last Glacial Cycle in the West-Central Pacific (Line Islands) 2/15/15 4/30/19 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Dynamics and Variability of Freshwater Components in the Arctic Ocean 8/15/15 7/31/17 Arctic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Dynamics of Crust-Mantle Coupling through Combined Analysis and Modeling of EarthScope seismic, Geodetic, and geologic data 8/15/11 7/31/14 North America
Collaborative Research: Dynamics of dissolved organic phosphorus production, composition and bioavailability along a natural marine phosphate gradient 3/1/18 2/28/21 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Honolulu, HI
Collaborative Research: EAGER: Evaluating the Larsen Basin S Suitability for Testing the Cretaceous Glaciation Hypothesis 9/1/12 8/31/14 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: EarthCube End-User Workshop: Deep Seafloor Processes and Dynamics 4/15/13 3/31/14 Global
Collaborative Research: EaSM2: Linking near-term future changes in weather and hydroclimate in western North America to adaption for ecosystem and water management 4/1/13 3/31/19 North America
Collaborative Research: East Antarctic Glacial Landscape Evolution (EAGLE): A study using combined thermochronology, geochronology and provenance analysis 9/15/16 8/31/21 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: East Antarctic Outlet Glacier Contributions to the Ross Sea from Chronology of Detrital Grains 12/15/10 11/30/13 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: Ecology and Evolution of Microbial Interactions in a Changing Ocean 3/1/19 2/28/23 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Fairbanks, AK ; Birmingham, AL
Collaborative Research: Enhancing the Sustainability of Groundwater Pumping from Low-Arsenic Aquifers in Southern Asia - A Case-study in Vietnam South of Hanoi 7/1/09 9/30/13 Asia ; Southeast Asia ; Vietnam
Collaborative Research: Evaluating Controls on Holocene Glacier Fluctuations and Climate Variability in the Southern Peruvian Andes 9/15/11 8/31/15 South America ; Peru
Collaborative Research: Evaluating hydrologic and ecologic responses to late-Glacial (9-33ka) abrupt climatic transitions in the coastal southwest United States 9/1/12 8/31/15 North America ; United States ; California ; Lake Elsinore, CA
Collaborative Research: Evaluating the roles of melt migration and mantle flow in lithospheric evolution: the Colorado Plateau as a geodynamic laboratory for Earthscope 5/1/10 7/31/13 North America ; Colorado Plateau
Collaborative Research: Evolution and Hydration of the Juan de Fuca Crust and Uppermost Mantle: A Plate-Scale Seismic Investigation from Ridge to Trench 1/1/12 2/28/16 North America ; Pacific Ocean ; Pacific Ocean ; Juan de Fuca Plate ; Cascadia Subduction Zone
Collaborative Research: Evolution of Arctic Water Column Hydrography during the Holocene Based on a Novel Instrumentation Combination 7/1/15 6/30/19 Arctic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Evolution of Lava Channel Networks: Implication for Lava Flow Hazards and Mitigation 2/1/13 1/31/16 Global
Collaborative Research: Examining Linkages Between the Agulhas Leakage and Ocean Overturning in the Last Glacial Cycle and through the Mid-Pleistocene Transition 9/1/18 8/31/22 Atlantic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Experimental investigation of magmatic processes at Volcan Quizapu 3/1/14 2/28/17 South America ; Chile
Collaborative Research: Extracting multi-century low-latitude sea surface temperatures from coral skeletons using replicated records of annual growth: method refinement & application 9/1/11 8/31/13 Pacific Ocean ; Fiji ; Tonga ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory ; Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Collaborative Research: Fast Spin Up of Ocean General Circulation Models Using Newton-Krylov Methods 9/1/08 8/31/12 Global
Collaborative Research: Faulting Processes During Early-Stage Rifting: Analysis of an Unusual Earthquake Sequence in Northern Malawi 12/15/10 12/31/13 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Malawi ; East Africa Rift System
Collaborative Research: Filling the Triassic geochronologic gap: A continuous cored record of continental environmental change in western North America 9/15/13 8/31/18 North America ; United States
Collaborative Research: Fire, Climate and Forest History in Mongolia 6/1/10 8/31/13 Asia ; East Asia ; Mongolia
Collaborative Research: FIRE: Making Meaning from Geoscience Data: A Challenge at the intersection of Geosciences and Cognitive Sciences 9/1/11 6/30/13 Global
Collaborative Research: Flow, Turbulence and mixing in Mid-Ocean ridge Fracture Zone Canyons 9/1/13 8/31/18 Atlantic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Fluid Transport and Fluid-Rock Interactions Preserved in Two Serpentinite Melanges in Guatemala Suture Zone 7/1/11 6/30/16 South America ; Guatemala
Collaborative Research: Focused Study of Aleutian Plutons and their Host Rocks: Understanding the building blocks of continental crust 4/15/15 3/31/18
Collaborative Research: Fossil Coral Estimates of Central Tropical Pacific SST and Hydrological Variability during the last Millennium 9/1/11 8/31/14 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Framework: Data: Toward Exascale Community Ocean Circulation Modeling 11/1/18 10/31/22 Arctic ; Greenland
Collaborative Research: From the Slab to the Surface: Origin, Storage, Ascent and Eruption of Volatile-Bearing Magmas 4/1/15 5/31/19 North America ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Aleutian Islands ; Alaska
Collaborative Research: Gas Transfer Through Polar Sea Ice (GAPS)-Mechanisms of Turbulence Production in the Seasonal Ice Zone and Its Control of Mixed Layer Ventilation 10/1/10 9/30/13 Global
Collaborative research: Geochemical variation of the Pacific crust subducting beneath the Izu-Bonin 5/1/14 4/30/18 Pacific Ocean ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
Collaborative Research: Geological constraints on the disappearance of the Laurentide Ice Sheet 6/1/20 5/31/23 Arctic ; Baffin Island
Collaborative Research: Geomagnetic Variability, Paleoenvironmental Change, and a Tuned Geologic Timescale from Pacific Eocene-Pleistocene Sediments from IODP Expeditions 320-312 3/1/10 2/28/13 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Geophysical Constraints on Mechanisms of Ocean Plateau Formation from Shatsky Rise, Northwest Pacific 8/1/09 7/31/12 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: GEOTRACES Pacifice Section: Nd isotopes and REEs in the South Pacific 1/1/13 12/31/13 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Global Ocean Repeat Hydrography Carbon & Tracer Measurements, 2015-2020 3/15/15 2/28/22 Global
Collaborative Research: Global Ocean Repeat Hydrography, Carbon and Tracer Measurements, 2009-2014 12/10/08 1/31/18 Global
Collaborative Research: Global Ocean Repeat Hydrography, Carbon, and Tracer Measurements, 2009-2014 2/1/09 1/31/15 Global
Collaborative Research: Hawaiian and Subplinian Basaltic Volcanism: Constrains on Eruption Dynamics from Kilauea 1/1/12 12/31/13 Pacific Ocean ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Kilauea Volcano, HI
Collaborative Research: Holocene Indian summer monsoon variability reconstructed from decadally-resolved Tibetan lake sediments 7/15/14 6/30/19 Asia ; China
Collaborative Research: How is Rifting Exhuming the Youngest HP/UHP Rocks on Earth? 7/15/07 6/30/13 Asia ; Southeast Asia ; Papua New Guinea ; Woodlark Rift
Collaborative Research: How is Rifting Exhuming the Youngest HP/UHP Rocks on Earth? 1/1/08 6/30/14 Asia ; Southeast Asia ; Papua New Guinea
Collaborative Research: Hydrological Variability During the Last Millennium from High Resolution Proxies 10/1/10 9/30/14 South America ; Central America ; Puerto Rico ; Caribbean ; Venezuela
Collaborative Research: Ice sheet sensitivity in a changing Arctic system - using geologic data and modeling to test the stable Greenland Ice Sheet hypothesis 9/1/15 8/31/19 Arctic ; Greenland
Collaborative Research: Illuminating the Cascadia plate boundary zone and accretionary wedge with a regional-scale ultra-long offset multi-channel seismic study 11/1/18 10/31/22 North America ; Pacific Ocean ; British Columbia ; Cascadia Subduction Zone ; Oregon ; Washington
Collaborative Research: Imaging small-scale convection and structure of the mantle in the south Pacific: a US contribution to international collaboration PacificArray 8/15/17 7/31/21 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Imaging the Cascadia Subduction Zone: A Ship-to-Shore Opportunity 4/1/12 4/30/15 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Immersive audio-visualization of seismic wave fields in the Earth (EarthScope education and outreach) 7/1/12 6/30/16 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Collaborative Research: Inferences on Cascadia Deformation Front and Plate Interface Properties from Advanced Studies of Active Source Seismic Data 7/1/17 6/30/20 North America ; Pacific Ocean ; Oregon ; Washington ; Juan de Fuca Plate
Collaborative Research: Influence of Surfactants on Air-Sea Gas Exchange: 3He/SF6 Experiments in the Baltic Sea 3/1/18 2/28/21 Europe ; Baltic Sea
Collaborative Research: Insights into North African climate variability over the last 1.1 million years from dust fluxes and leaf wax isotopes 6/1/15 5/31/19 Africa
Collaborative Research: Integrated Studies of Early Stages of Continental Extension: from Incipient (Okavango) to Young (Malawi) Rifts 5/1/11 4/30/16 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa
Collaborative Research: Investigating Effects of Geologic Complexity on Induced Seismicity, using M0-M5.7 seismicity from Prague, Oklahoma 5/1/17 1/31/20 North America ; Oklahoma ; United States
Collaborative Research: Investigating Temperature, Melting, and Mantle Flow in the North American Upper Mantle with 3-D Models of Shear Velocity, Radial Anisotropy, and Attenuation 3/15/13 2/28/16 North America
Collaborative Research: Investigating the Air-Sea Energy Exchange in the presence of Surface Gravity Waves by Measurements of Turbulence Dissipation, Production and Transport 9/1/18 8/31/21 Global
Collaborative Research: Investigating the Limits of Ray-Based Global Surface-Wave Tomography 10/1/09 9/30/12 Global
Collaborative Research: IPY: GAMBIT: Gamburtsev Aerogeophysical Mapping 10/1/06 9/30/14 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: Landscape Evolution in the McMurdo Dry Valleys: Erosion Rates and Real-time Monitoring of Rock Breakdown in a Hyperarid, Subzero Environment 5/1/18 4/30/22 Antarctica ; McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Collaborative Research: Long-term Carbon Storage Shifts in High-latitude Peatlands with Paleoclimate Change: Linking Peatland Modeling with Paleoecology and Paleohydrology 9/1/10 8/31/15 North America ; Alaska
Collaborative Research: Long-term Observations in the Switchyard Region of the Arctic Ocean as Part of the Arctic Observing Network (AON) 9/1/10 8/31/15 Arctic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Magnetotelluric and Seismic Investigations of Arc Melt Generation, Deliver and Storage Beneath Okmok Volcano 7/1/17 7/31/18 North America ; Aleutian arc ; Okmok Volcano
Collaborative Research: Magnitude and Pathway of Gaseous Atmospheric Mercury 1/1/19 12/31/21 North America ; Central America ; Harvard Forest, MA ; Costa Rica
Collaborative Research: Management and implementation of the U.S. Arctic GEOTRACES Study 7/1/14 7/2/14 Arctic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Management and Implementation of the US GEOTRACES Pacific Meridonal Transect 8/1/17 7/31/20 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Marine EM Survey of Fluids in the Alaskan Megathrust 6/1/18 8/31/21 North America ; Alaska Peninsula
Collaborative Research: Measurements and Modelling of the Indonesian Throughflow International Experiment (MINTIE) 6/15/19 5/31/24 Asia ; Indonesian Seas
Collaborative Research: Measuring Strain along the Aleutian Subduction Zone Trench to better constrain seismic and tsunami hazard 9/1/17 8/31/20 North America ; Alaska
Collaborative Research: Mechanisms of Transient Deformation Following Great 2006-2007 Kuril Earthquakes: Frictional Afterslip or Viscoelastic Relaxation? 8/1/10 7/31/12 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Melting of Carbonate-Bearing Sediments in Subduction Zones 7/1/09 6/30/13 Global
Collaborative Research: Modeling hydrothermal recharge and outflow in oceanic crust analogs with sharp permeability gradients 9/1/15 12/31/17 Global
Collaborative Research: Modeling Ice-ocean Interaction for the Rapidly Evolving Ice Shelf Cavities of Pine Island and Thwaites glaciers, Antarctica 7/15/17 6/30/20 Antarctica ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory ; University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory
Collaborative Research: Monitoring Inflation at Axial Seamount 9/15/07 6/30/13 Pacific Ocean ; Juan de Fuca Ridge
Collaborative Research: Multidisciplinary Analysis of Antarctic Blue Ice Moraine Formation and their Potential as Climate Archives over Multiple Glacial Cycles 9/1/15 8/31/18 Antarctica ; Mt Achernar ; Transantarctic Mountains
Collaborative Research: Multi-nuclide approach to systematically evaluate the scatter in surface exposure ages in Antarctica and to develop consistent alpine glacier chronologies 5/1/11 8/31/15 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: Navigating the New Arctic (NNA): Soundscape ecology to assess environmental and anthropogenic controls on wildlife behavior 9/15/18 8/31/23 North America ; Alaska
Collaborative Research: Ocean Acidification: Impacts of Evolution on the Response of Phytoplankton Populations to Rising CO2 6/1/13 5/31/19 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Birmingham, AL
Collaborative Research: Open Core Data: Transformative Data Infrastructure for Integrating and Accessing Scientific Drilling and Coring Data 7/1/16 6/30/19 Global
Collaborative Research: Optimizing Multibeam Data Acquisition Operations and Quality for the U.S. Academic Research Fleet 9/15/11 8/31/15
Collaborative Research: P2C2 - Locally-constrained Climate Field Reconstructions of the Last Millennium: Methods and Application 8/1/11 7/31/13 Global
Collaborative Research: P2C2 - Reconstructing North Pacific Climate Variability using Multi-Millennial Tree Ring Resources for Glacier Bay, Alaska 9/1/09 8/31/12 Pacific Ocean ; Glacier Bay ; Alaska
Collaborative Research: P2C2 - Reconstructing South American Monsoon Sensitivity to Internal and External focing: Reconciling models and tree-ring proxies in the Central Andes 3/1/18 2/28/21 South America ; Peru ; Bolivia
Collaborative Research: P2C2 Cool and Warm Season Moisture Reconstruction and Modeling over North America 9/1/13 8/31/17 North America
Collaborative Research: P2C2-- Reconstructing changes in Asian monsoon circulation during the last millennium from stable isotopes in tropical tree rings 8/15/12 4/30/13 Asia ; East Asia ; Vietnam ; Laos
Collaborative Research: P2C2--Derivation of Ensemble and Joint-Variable Climate Field Reconstruction 11/1/16 10/31/19 Global
Collaborative Research: P2C2-Inferring Spatio-Temporal Variations in the Risk of Extreme Precipitation in the Western United States from Tree Ring Chronologies 9/1/17 8/31/20 North America ; United States ; Western United States
Collaborative Research: P2C2-Past and Future Drought Variability in the Mediterranean Basin 6/1/11 5/31/13 Europe
Collaborative Research: P2C2-Tree-Ring Reconstructions of Western North Pacific Climate Dynamics 5/1/12 5/31/16 Global ; Trans-North Pacific
Collaborative Research: Past and Future Drought Variability in the Mediterranean Basin 1/1/13 5/31/14
P2C2: Collaborative Research: Past Ocean-Atmosphere Variability from Spatiotemporal Patterns of North Atlantic Climate During the Common Era 7/1/15 6/30/19 Atlantic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Persistent Presence in the Ocean Interior: Developing a Low-power, Autonomous System for Geo-referenced Navigation 1/1/17 12/31/19 Global
Collaborative Research: Plate Tectonic and Geochemical Evolution of Young Walvis Ridge and Implications for African Plate Motion Modeling 9/1/11 8/31/16 Africa ; Walvis Ridge
Collaborative Research: Plestocene East Antarctic Ice Sheet History as Recorded in Sediment Provence and Chronology of High-Elevation TAM Moraines 6/1/10 5/31/14 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: Plutons as Ingredients for Continental Crust: Pilot Study of the Differences between intermediate plutons and lavas in the intra-oceanic Aleutian arc 2/15/12 7/31/14 Pacific Ocean ; Aleutian Islands
Collaborative Research: Polynyas, Ice Production & seasonal Evolution in the Ross Sea (PIPERS) 6/15/16 5/31/19 Antarctica ; Ross Sea
Collaborative Research: Proposal for an NSF-Wide Workshop to Explore the Prospects for a Common Response to the Requirements for Public Access to Research Data 9/15/16 8/31/18 Global
Collaborative Research: Quantifying Past Water Table Depth and Hydroclimate with Dissolved Noble Gas 7/1/17 6/30/20 North America ; United States
Collaborative Research: Quantifying the ocean's response to solar forcing: Multidecadal to century-scale variability of North Atlantic SSTs over recent millennia 9/15/11 8/31/15 Atlantic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Quantitative Importance and Trophic Role of Noctiluca Blooms in the Arabian Sea 10/4/10 10/31/12 Asia ; India ; Arabian Sea
Collaborative Research: Rapid Magma Ascent Recorded in Volatile Diffusion Profiles 9/1/15 8/31/19 Central America ; Europe ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Cerro Negro Volcano, Nicaragua ; Etna Volcano, Italy
Collaborative Research: RAPID Testing High Temperature Subseafloor Tracers and Optical Communication 6/1/14 5/31/15 Global
Collaborative research: Recent northeastern united States temperature records in the Context of the Late Holocene 8/1/13 7/31/16 North America ; United States
Collaborative Research: Reconstructing Changes in Asian Monsoon Circulation During the Last Millennium from Stable Isotopes in Tropical Tree Rings 9/1/12 7/31/15 Asia ; Southeast Asia ; Vietnam
Collaborative Research: Reconstructing Hydroclimatic Asian Monsoon Variability for the past Millennium from Tree Rings: Myanmar and Vicinity 5/15/13 4/30/17 Asia ; Myanmar ; China ; Thailand
Collaborative Research: Reconstructing Spatiotemporal Climatic Patterns for Northeastern Canada 6/15/16 5/31/19 North America ; Newfoundland ; Labrador ; Mealy Mountains Park
Collaborative Research: Refreezing in the firn of the Greenland Ice Sheet: Spatiotemporal variability and implications for ice sheet mass balance 9/1/16 8/31/19 Arctic ; Greenland
Collaborative Research: Resolving centennial-to-millennial-scale trends in glacier extent and lake sedimentation in the Brooks Range, Arctic Alaska 9/1/11 8/31/15 North America ; Alaska
Collaborative Research: Rifting, Magmatism, and Lithospheric Sutures; Crustal Imaging of the South Georgia Basin and Suwanee Suture 7/1/12 6/30/18 North America ; United States
Collaborative Research: Rio Grande Rise: New Questions on Plume Dynamics Atlantic Tectonic Evolution 2/15/17 1/31/20 Atlantic Ocean ; Rio Grande Rise
Collaborative Research: Role of Polyoxotungstates in Enhanced Solubility and Transport of Tungsten in the Environment 9/1/13 5/31/17 Antarctica ; Pine Island Glacier ; Thwaites Glacier
Collaborative Research: Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R): Transforming the Academic Fleet Into an Integrated Global Observing System 9/1/09 8/31/15 Global
Collaborative Research: SAM's Contribution to Increased Ocean Heat Content on the Continental Shelf of the Western Antarctic Peninsula 8/15/10 7/31/13 Southern Ocean ; Antarctica
Collaborative Research - Sediment pathways, sedimentation processes, and structural growth along the Tohoku segment of the Japan subduction margin: Role of megathrust earthquakes 8/1/14 7/31/17 Global
Collaborative Research: Seismic Attenuation and Anelasticity in the Upper Mantle: The Effect of Continuous Far-field Dislocation Creep 5/1/19 4/30/22 Global
Collaborative Research: Seismic imaging of volcano construction, underplating and flexure along the Hawaii-Emperor Seamount Chain 4/1/18 3/31/21 Pacific Ocean ; Hawaii-Emperor Seamount Chain
Collaborative Research: Seismic Study of the Galicia S Detachment 3/15/13 2/28/18 Atlantic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Shifting Seasonality of Northern Forest Response to Arctic Environmental Change 6/15/09 5/31/13 North America
Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Inquiry-Focused Volumetric Data Analysis Across Scientific Domains: Sustaining and Expanding the yt Community 10/1/17 9/30/22
Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: The community-driven BiG CZ software system for integration and analysis of bio- and geoscience data in the critical zone 12/1/13 11/30/17 North America ; Pennsylvania
Collaborative Research: Sinking Rates and Nutritional Quality of Organic Matter Exported from Sea Ice; the Importance of Exopolymeric Substances 12/1/10 12/31/14 Arctic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Spatiotemporal Variability of Northwestern North American Temperatures in Response to Climatic Forcing 5/1/15 4/30/19 North America ; Gulf of Alaska ; Sukakpak, Alaska ; Northwestern Canada
Collaborative Research: Strain Accumulation and release at the Kuril Subduction Zone from Postseismic Observations on the Kuril GPS Array in 2007-2014 2/1/12 5/31/16 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Structure and Composition of Oceanic Lithosphere and the Lithosphere/Asthenosphere Boundary 3/1/10 2/28/15 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Subduction below Extreme Sedimentation – A multidisciplinary transect from the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta to the IndoBurma Backarc 9/1/17 8/31/22 Asia ; India ; Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta ; Bangladesh ; Myanmar
Collaborative Research: Taking the Reliability of Cenozoic Boron Isotope pH and pCO2 reconstructions to the next level 4/1/17 3/31/21 Global
Collaborative Research: Tectonic and Magmatic Processes During Early-Stage Rifting: An Integrated Study of Northern Lake Malawi, Africa 4/15/12 3/31/20 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Lake Malawi
Collaborative Research: Terrestrial Geological Context for Glacier Change in the Northeast Antarctic Peninsula 7/1/12 6/30/17 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: Terrestrial Hydrology during the Last Deglaciation 7/1/19 6/30/22 Global
Collaborative Research: Testing Artic Ice Sheet Sensitivity to Abrupt Climate Change 9/1/14 8/31/19 Arctic ; Greenland
Collaborative Research: Testing Mechanisms of Tropical Climate Change and Variability Using New Cores from the Line Islands 7/15/14 6/30/18 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Testing Source vs. Crustal Processing in High-Mg# Arc Magmas by Os-O-He-Olivine Systematics 8/1/19 7/31/22 Central America ; North America ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Nacional Autónoma de México Centro de Geociencias (UNAM-CGEO) ; Kilbride, Scotland ; Eugene, OR
Collaborative Research: Testing the Orbital Theory of Ice Ages Through Analysis of Glacial Deposits and Numerical Modeling 7/15/13 12/31/18 Global ; South America
Collaborative Research: The 2015 Taan Fiord landslide tsunami: An interdisciplinary study of cause & effect 5/15/16 4/30/17 North America ; Alaska ; Taan Fjord
Collaborative Research: The Aleutian megathrust from trench to base of the seismogenic zone; integration and synthesis of laboratory, geophysical and geological data 2/1/14 1/31/17 North America ; Alaska
Collaborative Research: The Behavior of sulfur during magma mixing and implications for magma degassing and ore formation 1/1/13 12/31/16 Global
Collaborative Research: The impact of stratospheric ozone depletion/recovery on Antarctic climate 1/1/10 4/30/14 Antarctica ; Southern Ocean
Collaborative Research: The impact of time-dependent mantle rheology and 3-D structure on models and observations of Glacial Isostatic 6/15/13 5/31/16 Global
Collaborative Research: The North Anatolian Fault in the Marmara Sea, Turkey: The Growth of Continental Transform 9/1/09 12/31/12 Asia ; Middle East ; Marmara Sea
Collaborative Research: The North Anatolian Fault system in the Marmara Sea, Turkey - Insights from the Plio-Quaternary evolution of a multi-stranded transform 10/1/15 9/30/19 Europe ; Mediterranean ; Turkey
Collaborative Research: The Pulse of the Holocene Glaciations in New Zealand's Southern Alps 10/1/08 9/30/14 Oceania
Collaborative Research: the role of fluids in intermediate-depth seismicity and wedge anisotropy: Case studies for Cascadia and Alaska, with a comparison to Japan 4/1/13 9/30/14 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: The Upper Branch of the Southern Ocean Overturning in the Southern Ocean State Estimate: Water Mass Transformation and the 3-D Residual Circulation 2/1/14 1/31/19 Southern Ocean
Collaborative Research: Timing and Structure of the Last Glacial Maximum and Termination in Southern Peru: Implications for the Role of the Tropics in Climate Change 10/1/10 9/30/14 South America ; Peru
Collaborative Research: Totten Glacier System and the Marine Record of Cryosphere - Ocean Dynamics 9/1/12 8/31/17 Antarctica ; Totten Glacier
Collaborative Research: Tropical Cyclone Tracks in Present and Future Climates 9/1/11 8/31/16 Global
Collaborative Research: Tropical Cyclones in a Warming Climate: Lessons from Model Simulations of the Last Glacial Maximum and Holocene 3/1/11 3/31/14 North America
Collaborative Research: U.S. GEOTRACES North Atlantic Section - Nd Isotope Distribution: Sources, Sinks, and Internal Cycling 3/1/10 2/28/13 Atlantic Ocean
Collaborative Research: U.S. GEOTRACES North Atlantic Section: Analysis of 230Th, 232Th and 231Pa 4/1/10 3/31/15 Atlantic Ocean
Collaborative Research: U.S. GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional Transect: Thorium-232, Thorium-231 and Protactinium-231 as tracers of trace element supply and removal 11/1/17 10/31/20 Global
Collaborative Research: Uncertainty in Predictions of 21st Century Ocean Biogeochemical Change 12/1/17 3/31/20 Global ; Boulder, CO ; New York City, NY
Collaborative Research: Understanding the Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Earthquakes at Axial Seamount Late in an Eruptive Cycle 9/1/15 8/31/18 Pacific Ocean ; Axial Seamount ; Northeast Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Unlocking the Seismic Signature of Rivers 7/1/12 6/30/14 Global
Collaborative Research: Uplift and Faulting at the Transition from Subduction to Collision - A Field and Modeling Study of the Calabrian Arc 8/1/06 9/30/14 ; Mediterranean
Collaborative Research: US GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional Transect: Sources and Sinks of Neodymium Isotopes and Rare Earth Elements 11/1/17 10/31/20 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: US GEOTRACES Pacific Section: Analysis of 230Th, 232Th and 231Pa 1/1/13 12/31/17 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: Using Opportunistic Radon Measurements to Estimate the Gas Transfer Velocity in Partial Sea Ice Cover 11/1/12 10/31/14 Arctic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Variations and Trends in Fall Precipitation over the Central United States: Issues of Physical Mechanisms, Circulation Anomalies and Boundary Forcing 6/15/08 5/31/13 Atlantic Ocean ; Pacific Ocean ; United States
Collaborative Research: Variations in Upper-mantle Temperature, Deformation, and Melting Inferred from the Seismic Structure of the Atlantic Basin 4/1/09 3/31/13 Atlantic Ocean
Collaborative Research: Volatile Loss During Magma Ascent and Cooling 8/1/10 7/31/14 Central America ; North America ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Fuego Volcano, Guatelama ; Seguam Volcano, AK
Collaborative Research: West Antarctic Ice Sheet stability, Alpine Glaciation, and Climate Variability: a Terrestrial Perspective from Cosmogenic-nuclide Dating in McMurdo Sound 9/15/13 8/31/17 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: Western Equatorial Pacific Rainfall During the Holocene: New Inter-annual Records from High Resolution Borneo Stalagmites 9/1/11 8/31/14 Global ; Borneo
Collision of the Burma Arc Accretionary Prism and Foldbelt with the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta in Bangladesh 2/1/07 3/31/13 Asia ; Burma Plate
Combining Altimetry with Electromagnetic and Regional-climate Models to Improve Radar and Lidar Altimetry Estimates over the Greenland Ice Sheet 3/1/17 2/28/22 Arctic ; Greenland
Combining Data and Models of the Centralian Superbasin to Investigate Cratonic Basin Formation 9/1/18 8/31/19 Oceania ; Centralian Superbasin ; Australia
Communicating about NOAA NOS Educational Resources and Programs through NESTA's Online and Conference Presentations, and Earth2Class Workshops 8/1/15 7/31/16 North America ; United States ; New York City, NY ; New York
Comparing data and model estimates of hydroclimate variability and change over the Common Era 2/15/16 9/15/16 Global
Comprehensive High-Precision Relocation of Global Seismicity 2/1/12 1/31/16 Global
Comprehensive high-precision relocation of global seismicty 2/15/16 1/31/20 Global
Informational Database and Schlanger Felllowship Support for the U.S. Science Support Program of IODP 8/1/16 1/31/17 Global
Connecting lava rheology and flow dynamics using novel field and modeling techniques 1/1/12 12/31/13 Global
Connecting the Polar Regions to local Climate Change 6/1/17 8/31/17 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Consortium for Ocean Leadership IODP-USIO Support of 2014 Summer Intern at LDEO 5/29/14 12/31/14
Consortium for Verification Technology 9/1/14 8/31/19
Constraining the climatic interpretation of soil δDleafwax and δ13Cleafwax recorded along a rainfall gradient in Israel Asia ; Israel
Constraining the Past and Future Ocean Sink of Anthropogenic Carbon with Observations 2/15/11 1/31/16 Global
Constraining the Relationship Between Vegetation Change and Net Carbon Sequestration in Arctic and Boreal Peatlands 5/1/16 4/30/19
Constraints on the Composition of Subducting Oceanic Crust in the Northwest Pacific Ocean Basin 7/1/10 6/30/16 Pacific Ocean ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Scripps Institute of Oceanography, CA
Continental Scale Droughts in North America: Their Frequency, Character and Causes Over the Past Millennium and Near Term Future 7/1/14 6/30/18 North America
Continental Shelf Embayments of the Eastern Margin of the Philippines: Lamon Bay stratification 1/1/10 12/31/13 Asia ; Philippines
Continental Shelf Embayments of the Eastern Margin of the Philippines: Lamon Bay Stratification and Circulation 5/1/13 4/30/15 Pacific Ocean ; Lamon Bay
Continuation of AMASR-E Earth Science Data Records with JAXA AMSR2 1/1/16 7/22/18
Continuity of the AMSR Earth Science Data Records 3/7/19 3/6/23 Global
Cooperative Institute for Climate Application and Research (CICAR) 7/1/08 6/30/14 North America
Coral-based Reconstruction of salinity and temperature variability in the Southern Makassar Strait and its influence on the Indonesian Throughflow 9/1/11 9/30/13 Asia ; Southeast Asia ; University of Albany ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
Core-log-seismic Integration at IODP Sites U1394, U1395, U1397, and U1399: An Approach to Velocity Modeling based on Synthetic Seismograms 2/3/12 2/16/15 Atlantic Ocean ; Caribbean ; Lesser Antilles ; Offshore, Lesser Antilles Island Arc
Coring and Logging through Newark Basin formations at Lamont-Doherty 7/1/11 9/30/14 North America ; Newark Basin
Correlation of borehole and seismic data in the Gulf of Alaska at Sites U1417, U1418, U1420 and U142 9/29/13 1/31/15 Pacific Ocean ; Gulf of Alaska ; Offshore, Alaska
CRPA: Shrinking Glaciers: Achronology of Climate Change 1/15/11 5/31/13 Global
Crustal Magma Plumbing of the Santorini Volcanic System in the Aegean Sea 1/1/15 12/31/15 Europe ; Santorini ; Aegean Sea
CSEDI Collaborative Research: Integrating Seismological, Rheological and Petrological Studies of Melt Production and Transport in Subduction Zones 9/15/11 8/31/14 Global ; Marianas Trench ; Nicaragua-Costa Rice subduction zone
Curriculum and Community Enterprise for Restoration of Keystone Species in New York Harbor 3/1/18 2/28/22 North America ; New York Harbor, New York
Data Services for E/V Nautilus 7/1/18 6/30/19
Day in the Life of the Hudson River 2013 8/26/13 4/30/14 North America ; Hudson River, NY
Deciphering Antarctic Intermediate Water Variability During the Pliocene 12/22/15 6/21/16 Global ; Antarctica ; Atlantic Ocean ; North Atlantic Ocean
Decision and Information System for the Coastal Waters of Oman (DISCO) - an Integrative tool for managing coastal resources under changing climate 5/1/17 4/30/22 Asia ; Arabian Sea ; Oman ; India
Deep Sea-Water Sampler for Improved Co2 Measurements 11/1/14 10/30/18 Antarctica ; Research Vessels ; RVIB N. Palmer
Defining the Future of IGSN as a Global Persistent Identifier for Material Samples 8/1/18 7/31/20 Global
Deglacial Lake-level History of the Mono Basin, California 9/1/12 8/31/13 North America
Dense Water Formation and Overturning in the Red Sea: A Proposal to Collect Anthropogenic Tracer Observations 9/15/11 10/31/12 Asia ; Middle East
Determination of Magnitudes for Underground Nuclear Tests in and around Korean Peninsula and Reliabl 3/1/18 12/31/18 Asia ; Korea ; Korean Peninsula
Determining the Frictional Temperature Rise During the 2011 Tohoku EarthQuake 6/1/13 5/31/14 Pacific Ocean
Developing a Mechanistic Understanding of Variability in the Atmospheric CO2 Growth Rate owing to Interannual Climate Oscillations 6/1/17 5/31/20 Global ; Ann Arbor, MI ; New York City, NY
Developing earthquake simulators for use in seismic hazard estimates 2/1/12 1/31/16 Global
Developing long-term climate records from high-altitude ecosystems of the Colombian Central Cordillera South America ; Colombia
Developing Your Voice in Our Hudson River Story 2/1/19 1/31/21 North America ; Hudson River, NY ; New York
Development of a Prototype Land Cover Monitoring System to map Vegetation Change in the Dhofar mountains 12/1/15 3/31/17 Asia ; Dhofar Mountains
Development of a Self-Consistent Model for Spatial and Temporal Variation of Sea Level Integrating Data on Cryospheric Mass Change, Ocean Dynamics, and Solid-Earth Loading 1/28/11 1/27/15 Global
Development of Enabling Scientific Tools to Characterize the Geologic Subsurface at Hanford 4/15/10 7/14/13 North America
Development of Freeze Shoe Sampler to Recover Aquifer Sands with in situ Groundwater from up to 1000 7/1/13 7/31/15
Development of low Nitrogen: Phosphorus Ratios in the Euphotic Zone - The Phosphorus Side of the Sto 1/1/18 12/31/20 Central America ; Atlantic Ocean ; Gulf of Mexico
Digitalization of Nuclear Explosion Seismograms from the Former Soviet Union 7/25/12 12/31/14 Asia ; Kazakhstan
Distribution, Persistence, and Resuspension of Sediment-Associated Pathogenic Bacteria in the Hudson River 7/1/11 3/15/14 North America ; Hudson River Estuary ; Hudson River, NY
Do Creeping Faults Ever Host Large Earthquakes? An investigation of Thermal Alteration in the SAFOD 5/1/14 5/31/19 North America ; California ; San Andreas Fault
Do Creeping Faults Ever Host Large Earthquakes?: An investigation of Thermal Alteration in the SAFOD 1/1/18 12/31/19 North America ; San Andreas Fault
Does Alkenone δD Record Seawater δD? Analysis of sediment, water and particulate samples from the Central Equatorial Pacific Pacific Ocean
Downstate Regional Energy Technology Accelerator (DRETA) 4/1/16 12/31/18 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Drought Onset and Termination across North America: Mechanisms and Predictability 7/1/17 6/30/21 North America
Dynamic and Geochemical Evolution of the Lithospheric Mantle Beneath the Western Ross Sea, Antarctica 12/15/10 11/30/15 Southern Ocean ; Antarctica
Dynamical coupling of deformation and melt transport in the Earth: A combined theoretical and experimental study 7/15/12 6/30/16 Global
Dynamics and Prediction of the Boreal Summer Intraseasonal Oscillation in the Maritime Continent 8/15/16 12/31/20 Asia ; South China Sea
Dynamics of Arctic-Midlatitude Teleconnections - mechanisms, robustness and tropical modulation 5/27/16 3/31/20 Arctic
EAGER: Catastrophic Landslide Dynamics from Seismic Wave Inversion and Satellite Remote Sensing 9/1/11 8/31/12 Global
Eager: Collaborative Research: EarthCube Building Blocks, Leveraging Semantics and Linked Data for Geoscience Data Sharing and Discovery 9/15/13 8/31/15 North America ; United States
EAGER: Collaborative Research: Supporting Public Access to Supplemental Scholarly products Generated from Grant Funded Research 9/1/16 8/31/19 North America
EAGER: Collaborative Research: Using Available Sentry AUV aboard R/V Atlantis to Measure Hydrothermal Heat Flux at Axial and Main Endeavor Fields 4/15/13 3/31/15 Global
EAGER: Investigating the Thermal Maturity of Organic Matter in Fault Zones with Laboratory Experiments 3/1/12 4/30/14 Global
EAGER: Proof of concept: U-Th Dating of Lake-level History at Mono Basin, CA 9/1/13 8/31/15 North America ; California
EAGER: The 170-excess of dissolved O2 in the deep sea: A possible tracer of Little Ice Age oceanography 8/1/11 7/31/13 Global
Earth Microbiology Initiative at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 1/1/12 12/31/12 Global
Earth Microbiology Laboratory at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 1/1/13 12/31/13 Global
EarthCube Building Blocks: Collaborative Proposal: A Geo-Semantic Framework for Integrating Long-Tail Data and Models 9/1/14 8/31/17 Global
EarthCube Building Blocks: Collaborative Proposal: GeoLink - Leveraging Semantics and Linked Data for Data Sharing and Discovery in the Geosciences 9/1/14 8/31/17
EarthCube Building Blocks: Community Inventory of EarthCube Resources for Geoscience Interoperability 9/15/13 8/31/17 North America
EarthCube Building Blocks: Deploying Web Services Across Multiple Geoscience Domains 10/1/13 8/31/16 Global ; Global Ocean
EarthCube Domain End-User Workshop: Community-Based Cyberinfrastructure for Petrology and Geochemistry 2/15/13 1/31/16 Global
Earthcube IA: Collaborative Proposal: Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance as a Model for Integrati 9/1/15 8/31/19 Global
EarthCube RCN: C4P: Collaboration and cyberinfrastructure for Paleogeosciences 9/15/13 8/31/18 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
EarthCube RCN: iSAmpLEs: The internet of Samples in the Earth Sciences 9/1/14 8/31/19
EarthCube Science Support Office (ESSO) 7/28/17 4/30/18
EarthCube Test Enterprise Governance: An Agile Approach 9/30/13 9/29/14
Earth-Life Transitions Collaborative Research: Evolutionary and ecological responses of small mammal communities to habitat and climate change over the last 5 million years 8/15/13 7/31/17 Atlantic Ocean
Earthquake Surface-Wave Phase Velocity Automated Measuring System 7/1/13 6/30/14
Earth's Climate History, Ice Sheets, and Sea Level Over Last Four Million Years 8/15/11 8/31/12 Global
EaSM-3 Collaborative Research: Local and Remote Regional Climate Responses to Regional Forcings from Short-Lived Climate Forcers 10/1/14 9/30/20 Global
ECOHAB: Linking biogeochemistry to harmful algal bloom nutritional physiology with gene expression analyses: A case study with Aureococcus anophagefferens 1/1/13 8/31/14 North America ; Palisades, NY ; Woods Hole, MA ; Long Island Sound ; Stony Brook, NY ; New York
Ecological and Sociodemographic Determinants and Impacts of Urbanization and Restoration on Intertwined Urban-Wetland-Estuarine Systems 7/20/17 7/19/21 Global
Ecosystem Impacts of Oil and Gas Inputs to the Gulf (ECOGIG) 9/1/11 12/31/15 Atlantic Ocean ; Central America ; Gulf of Mexico
Ecosystem Impacts of Oil and Gas Inputs to the Gulf (ECOGIG) 1/1/15 12/31/18 Atlantic Ocean ; Gulf of Mexico
Educating Young Researchers in Environment Ethics 8/15/16 7/31/19
Efficient measurements of the 170-excess of dissolved O2 in the high seas 7/1/13 6/30/14
Electromagnetic Methods Research Consortium: Chevron Sponsorship 1/1/18 12/31/20 North America
Electromagnetic Methods Research Consortium: Electromagnetic Geoservices Sponsorship 1/1/18 12/31/19 North America
Electromagnetic Methods Research Consortium: Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. Sponsorship 1/1/18 12/31/20 North America
Electromagnetic Methods Research Consortium: Petromarker Sponsorship 1/1/18 12/31/19 North America
Electromagnetic Methods Research Consortium: Total Exploration & Production 1/1/18 12/31/21 North America
Electromagnetic Methods Research Consortium: Woodside Energy Ltd. Sponsorship 1/1/18 12/31/19 North America
ELT Collaborative Research: Evolutionary and ecological responses of small mammal communities to habitat and climate change over the last 5 million years 8/15/13 7/31/17 Global
Enhancing Understanding of Ocean Drilling Discoveries through the Synergy of Earth2Class and Deep Earth Academy 9/1/12 10/31/13 Global
Environmental Impacts of RAP 7/14/14 4/30/17 North America ; New Jersey
Erosion and Sedimentation in Existing Overdeepenings 8/1/18 11/15/18
Error and Variability in Satellite SST Data and Global High-Resolution Analyses 3/1/09 2/28/14 Global
Error Models for Remotely-Sensed Sea Surface Heights and Temperatures in Ocean Data Assimilation 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Establishing a Long-Term Geodetic Network at the East Pacific Rise Ridge 2000 Integrated Studies Site 4/1/07 9/30/13 Pacific Ocean ; East Pacific Rise
Europa STI - Exploring Communication Techniques and Strategies for Sending Signals Through the ICE (STI) for an Ice-Ocean Probe 4/30/19 2/28/22 ; Europa
Evaluating How Dry Deposition Influences Eastern U.S. Ozone. Aerosols, and Precursors: Mean Contribu 8/1/14 7/31/19 North America ; United States
Evaluating Mechanisms for the Formation, Propagation and Evolution of Volcanic Rifts and Margins 5/1/17 4/30/19 Global
Evaluating the role of fluid injection in triggering the 2011 Oklahoma earthquake sequence: Collaborative Research with the University of Oklahoma, and Columbia University 4/1/13 3/31/14 North America
Evaluation of Finestructure Mixing Parameterization Based on LADCP Shear 7/1/10 8/31/13 Global
Evaluation of Methods and Platforms for the Acquisition of Multi-Channel Seismic Reflection Data in the Arctic Ocean 9/1/09 8/31/12 Arctic Ocean
Evolution of the Galapagos Mantle Plume 8/31/11 8/31/14 South America ; Panama ; Costa Rica
Experimental Studies of Glacial and Planetary Ice 1/1/13 12/31/13 Global
Experimental Studies of Glacial and Planetary Ice 1/1/14 12/31/14 Global
Exploring Field Science with New Jersey Students 11/21/18 11/20/20 North America ; New Jersey
Exploring STEM Impact and Engagement in Student-Led and Purpose-Driven Projects 9/1/18 6/30/21 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Extreme Physics and Chemistry of Carbon: Forms, Transformations and Movements in Planetary Interiors 11/1/15 10/31/17
Eye Tracking Study of Environmental Science Students 9/15/12 11/30/13 Global
Facility Support: The Global CMT Project 1/1/13 5/31/17 Global
Facility Support: The Global CMT Project 8/1/16 7/31/20 Global
Faculty for the Future 9/1/15 8/31/17 Global
Fault Zone Widths as a Parameter in Seismic Hazard Estimates 2/1/12 1/31/14 Global
FESD Type 1: Pliocene Maximum Sea Level (PLIOMAX): Dynamic Ice Sheet-Earth Response in a Warmer World 9/1/11 8/31/18 Global ; Antarctica
FESD Type I: Earthquake Fault System Dynamics 9/1/12 8/31/17 Global
FESD Type: VOICE: Volcano, Ocean, Ice, and Carbon Experiments 10/1/13 8/30/20 Global ; Pacific Ocean ; Juan de Fuca Ridge
Fibrous diamonds through time-insights into mantle fluids and metasomatism 1/1/15 12/31/17 Global
Field testing of RTI Enhanced child Monitor in Ghana 5/1/16 5/31/17
Final stages of breakup and early spreading history of the Eastern North America passive margin from multichannel seismic data 3/15/16 2/28/19 Atlantic Ocean
Fine Structure of Active Faults and their Role in Earthquake Rupture 1/1/17 12/31/17 North America ; California
Fine-Scale Organic Thermal Maturity Along the Punchbowl Fault 2/1/12 1/31/14 North America ; Punchbowl Fault ; California
Fluxes of Heat, Carbon, and Oxygen at SWOT Scales 4/27/16 4/26/20 Southern Ocean ; Arabian Sea
Follow-up Survey of Users of High Arsenic Private Wells Identified through PWTA Testing 12/15/16 9/30/17 North America ; New Jersey
Formation and evolution of upper oceanic crust from seismic data acquired over mature oceanic crust 9/1/16 8/31/18 Pacific Ocean
Formation Micro-Scanner (FMS) images from carbonate drift sequences in the Maldives Inner Sea, IODP Expedition 359: Electrofacies analysis and astrochronology 5/1/16 4/30/18 Indian Ocean ; Maldives Inner Sea ; Offshore, Maldives archipelago
Forward and Inverse Modeling the Neogene Evolution of the NJ Continental Margin Based on Results from IODP EXP 313 4/23/10 10/3/12 Atlantic Ocean ; New Jersey ; United States
From the Ice Sheet to the Sea: An Interdisciplinary Study of the Impact of Extreme Melt on Ocean Stratification and Productivity near West Greenland 2/4/16 2/2/18 Arctic ; Greenland ; West Greenland Ice Sheet
Future Changes in the Seasonal Cycle: Mechanisms and Implications 1/1/10 2/28/15 Global
GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project Year 1 Regional Center 2/1/18 7/31/19
Generation and Evaluation of Long-Term Retrospective Forecasts with NCEP Climate Forecast System: Predictability of ENSO and Drought 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Geochemical Calibration of Modern Isopora and Acropora Corals from the Great Barrier Reef and Applications 5/1/14 4/30/17 Oceania ; Great Barrier Reef, Australia ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
Geo-Chemo-Mechanical Studies for Permanent CO2 Storage in Geologic Reservoirs 12/1/09 9/30/13 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Geochronologic Tests of Scottish Caledonide Tectonics Europe ; Scotland
Geoinformatics Facilities Support: Integrated Data Collections for the Earth & Ocean Sciences: The Marine Geoscience Data System and the Geoinformatics for Geochemistry Program 10/1/10 9/30/17 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
GeoMapApp Mini-lessons and the K-12 Classroom: Transformative Resources for the 21st Century Educator 9/15/10 8/31/13 North America ; New York
GEOTRACES Arctic Section: Improving understanding of controls on the distributions of selected anthropogenic radionuclides in the Amerasian Basin 1/1/15 12/31/19 Arctic
GEOTRACES Pacific section: Dissolved and particulate concentrations of selected anthropogenic radionuclides along the U.S. GEOTRACES Peru-Tahiti zonal section 1/1/13 9/30/18 Pacific Ocean
Glacier changes in high mountain Asia since 1970 - combining declassified spy satellite imagery 9/1/16 8/31/19 Asia ; Himalayas
Global Decadal Hydroclimate Variability, Predictability and Change: A Data-Enriched Modeling Study (GloDecH) 8/1/10 7/31/15 Global
Global Oceanic 3He Data Set: Calibration Tools for Models of the Upward Branch of the Deep Ocean Global Conveyor 7/1/08 6/30/14 Global
Global Paleohydrology 1/1/12 6/30/13 Global
GNS Science Hikurangi 3D Cruise Support for R/V Langseth 1/1/18 6/30/18 Oceania ; Hikurangi Margin
GNS Science SHIRE Project Cruise Support for R/V Langseth - SHIP 10/1/17 1/31/18 Oceania ; Hikurangi Margin
GP-IMPACT: Science Technology Engineering and Math Student Experiences Aboard Ships (STEMSEAS) 7/1/17 6/30/20 Global
GP-IMPACT: The Community College Compass - Mapping a Guided Pathway into Geosciences 8/1/19 7/31/22 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Gravity for Ice Pod 5/21/15 4/30/19 Antarctica
Gravity recovery and Interior Laboratory 8/1/13 9/30/16 Global ; Moon
Gravity Science Working Group (GSWG) 11/20/15 9/25/16 Global ; Europa, Jupiter System
Harnessing the Big Data and Machine Learning Revolution to Model Wildfire Across the Western United States 9/1/20 8/31/21 North America ; Western United States
Hazards SEES Type 1: Predicting Landslide Runout and Granular Flow Hazard: Enhanced-g Centrifuge Experiments, Contact Dynamics Model Development and Theoretical Study 8/1/13 8/31/15 Global
Health Effects and Geochemistry of Arsenic - Project 3 5/16/17 3/31/20 Asia ; China
Health Effects and Geochemistry of Arsenic and Manganese 4/1/19 3/31/20
Health Effects and Geochemistry of Arsenic and Manganese - Administrative Core 6/1/00 3/31/17 Asia ; North America ; Bangladesh ; United States
Health Effects and Geochemistry of Arsenic and Manganese - Project No 4 6/1/00 8/14/17
Heat flow and synthetic seismograms from downhole measurements in the South China Sea, IODP Expedition 1/28/14 1/31/16 Asia ; South China Sea ; China
Heavy Noble Gas Isotopes in the Ocean as a Tracer of Air-Sea Disequilibrium 5/1/18 4/30/19
Heinrich event iceberg flux, melting, and ocean circulation in the North Atlantic 9/1/16 8/31/19 Atlantic Ocean
Helheim Glacier / Sermilik Fjord Research Collaboration 4/1/19 3/31/23 Arctic ; Greenland
Hierarchical scaling of carbon fluxes from terrestrial-aquatic interfaces in the Arctic 9/1/19 8/31/21 Arctic ; South-west Alaska
High and Low-Latitude Controls on the Mean Position of the Atlantic ITCZ (0-150 ka BP) 10/1/09 9/30/13 Atlantic Ocean
High precision robotic weighing system in support of new exposure health studies 7/10/13 7/9/15
High Resolution Gravity and Measurements for Operation IceBridge Antarctica Campaigns 2016-2019 3/1/16 12/31/21 Antarctica
High-resolution shipboard measurements of phytoplankton functional types and photosynthetic competency - a way forward for enhancing the utility of satellite Chlorophyll and SST for mapping coastal micro-scale features and frontal zones 1/8/16 1/7/19 Atlantic Ocean ; Arabian Sea
High-resolution Shipboard Measurements of Phytoplankton Functional Types, Size Classes and Photosynthetic Competency in support of SUOMI-VIIRS Ocean Color Observations 7/1/17 5/31/21
High-resolution Shipboard Measurements of Phytoplankton Functional Types, Size Classes and Photosynthetic Competency in support of SUOMI-VIIRS Ocean Color Observations 6/21/18 5/31/19
High-Resolution Tropical Temperature Records Inferred from Tree-Ring Isotopes 7/1/18 6/30/20 South America ; Central Andes ; Bolivia ; Chile
Hikurangi Trench Regional Electromagnetic Survey to Image the Subduction Thrust 3/1/18 5/31/22 Oceania ; Offshore of east coast North Island, New Zealand ; New Zealand
History of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet Since the Mid-Miocene: New Evidence from Provenance of Ice-rafted Debris 7/15/10 6/30/14 Antarctica
Hofstra University Center for Climate Study (HUCCS) 1/14/11 8/31/14 North America ; Long Island
Holocene changes in Antarctic Ice Sheet extent
Holocene Snowline Changes in the Bhutanese Himalaya 6/1/12 5/31/13 Asia ; India
Holocene Variability of Atlantic Surface Properties and West African Aridity 7/1/08 6/30/13 Atlantic Ocean
Holocene Variability of the Deep Limb of Meridional Overturning Circulation 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Household responses in 26 Bihar villages one year after tubewells were tested for arsenic for a fee 1/17/14 9/30/15 Asia ; India
Hudson Marsh Sediment Accumulation Rates 5/14/14 2/15/16 North America ; Hudson Marsh
Hudson River Water Quality Monitoring Program 7/1/11 6/30/21 North America ; Hudson River Estuary ; Hudson River, NY
Human Impact on Ramshorn-Livingstone, A Hudson River Tidal Marsh 2/28/18 8/31/18 North America ; Ramshorn Swamp, NY
Hurricane Interactive Track Simulator with Wind and Precipitation Scenarios 3/30/18 3/29/21 North America ; Atlantic Ocean ; United States ; Gulf of Mexico
Hydrographic and Sediment-Trap Monitoring of Anoxic Soledad Basin off Baja California for Enhanced Climate Reconstructions: An Interdisciplinary Planning Workshop 7/1/09 7/31/12 Pacific Ocean ; Baja California
Ice sheet Dynamics and Processes along the West Antarctic Continental Shelf 6/1/09 5/31/13 Antarctica ; Southern Ocean ; Amundsen Sea
Ice Shelf-Ocean Interactions in Antarctica, Enhancing French-US Collaboration to Reduce Uncertainty in Global Sea Level Rise Predictions 9/1/18 8/31/20 Antarctica ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory ; Institut des Géosciences de l'Environnement ; France
IceBridge 2012-2015: Gravity and Magnetics 12/13/12 2/29/16 Antarctica
Iced sheet Sliding Constrained by Assimilation of Stratigraphic Data 9/1/13 8/31/18 Arctic ; Greenland
Idealized models for tropical climate dynamics 8/1/10 7/31/15 Global
IEDA 2016-2021: Operation of a Multi-Disciplinary Data Facility for the Earth Science Community - MG/EarthChem/SESAR 2/15/17 4/30/22 Global ; Global Ocean
Imaging the Fine Structure of Earthquakes and Faults with High-Precision Aftershocks 11/1/15 10/31/19 North America ; California
Impact of Green Housing Practices on Indoor Exposure to PM2.5 Among Low-income Families in the United States 6/19/12 12/31/12 North America
Impact of rising greenhouse gases on mid-latitude storm tracks and associated hydroclimate variability and change 9/15/10 9/14/14 Global
Implications of changing sea ice on phytoplankton and zooplankton biomass and community structure 7/16/14 7/15/16
Improved locations for global seismic events using surface waves 7/1/15 6/30/19 Global
Improved Surface Mass Balance Mapping of Antartica by Quantifying Wind-blown and Sublimated Snow 4/23/14 4/22/18 Antarctica
Improving Magnitude Detection Thresholds Using Multi-Station, Multi-Event, and Multi-Phase Methods 6/29/05 6/30/08 North America ; Asia ; California ; China
Improving Methods of Measuring Surface Water Flow Patterns and Velocities 8/19/08 8/31/13 North America
Improving Sea Level Models for the New York Bight with Submerged Peats 6/10/19 6/9/20 North America ; offshore buried peats
In Situ 10Be Production-Rate Calibration for North America from the Early Holocene Marquette Moraine, Upper Peninsula of Michigan 6/1/12 5/31/15 North America
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology 10/1/18 9/30/19
Innovative Imaging of Changing Ice Sheets in Antarctica 6/18/12 3/31/15 Antarctica
Insolation Control of Ice Sheet Mass Balance in the 41-kyr World: a test of Multiple Hypotheses 8/15/11 7/31/13 Global
InTeGrate: Interdisciplinary Teaching of Geoscience for Sustainable Future 12/1/14 11/30/18 North America
Integrated Data Management System for Critical Zone Observatories 12/1/12 3/31/16 North America ; Pennsylvania
Integrating models, paleoclimate, and recent observations to develop process-level 9/1/19 8/31/21
Integration of Ocean and Earth Dynamics of Measurement and Prediction of Sea-Level Change 7/20/11 7/19/12 Global
Integrative Field Studies for the Deep Carbon Observatory 4/1/14 3/31/19 Africa ; Oman
Interannual and Orbital-Scale Climate Variability in the Early Miocene: Physical, Chemical and Biological Investigations of the Foulden Maar Diatomite 4/1/14 3/31/16 Global ; New Zealand
Inter-Disciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA) 1/1/16 6/30/17
Interdisciplinary Study of the Ocean-Ice Shelf Interface Utilizing IceBridge Data 11/22/11 11/21/14 Global
International Drilling to Recover Aquifer sands (IDRAs) and Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater in Asia 4/3/14 4/2/17 Asia
Interpolation of Subsurface Ocean Properties and Indices of Climate Variability 9/1/17 8/31/20
Inter-Rater Reliability Study of Student Assessment Data 10/15/12 11/30/13 Global
Intraseasonal Variability and Tropical Cyclones in the NASA GISS General Circulation Model 6/15/09 6/14/14 Global
Intraseasonal variability and tropical cyclones in the NASA GISS General Circulation Model 7/1/13 6/30/17 Global
Inverse Theory Studies 1/1/86 12/31/22
Investigating Holocene shifts in the Intertropical Convergence Zone 5/1/15 11/30/15 Global ; Intertropical Convergence Zone
Investigating host-symbiont interactions in a mixotrophic dinoflagellate Noctiluca 9/26/16 2/15/21
Investigating the influence of subglacial hydrologic conditions on seasonal velocity in Northwest Gr 9/1/15 8/31/18 Arctic ; Greenland
Investigating the Presence of Preseismic Velocity Changes 9/15/09 8/31/12 North America ; North America ; California ; South Korea
Investigating the Role of Radiative Forcing in Northern Hemisphere Glacial Cycles on the Basis of Mo 4/1/14 6/1/15 Global
Investigation of Data-Intensive Discovery Methods for Improved Seismic Monitoring 5/1/11 8/31/18 Global
Investigations of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Ocean and Ice Conditions In and Near the Marginal Ice Zone 9/1/11 8/31/14 Global
IPA between Columbia University and USGS 9/1/14 8/30/16
IPA between Columbia University and USGS - Ekstrom 8/15/12 8/14/15
IPA between Columbia University and USGS - Lentrichia 9/1/15 8/30/16
IPA between Columbia University and USGS - Nettles 8/15/12 8/14/15
IPY/ASEP Collaborative International Research: Amundsen Sea Influence on West Antarctic Ice Sheet Stability And Sea Level Rise 7/1/07 8/31/12 Antarctica ; West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Keck CISM Project: Developing Earthquake Simulators for UCERF4 4/1/17 1/31/22
Laboratory study of glacier-bedrock dynamics using centrifuge-enhanced gravity 3/3/16
Laboratory study of ice deformation under tidal loading conditions with application to Antarctic glaciers 2/1/13 1/31/17 Antarctica
Laboratory Study of Shear Heating on Faults and Ridges of Icy Satellites using Transient Friction Experiments 6/12/13 6/11/17 Global
Laboratory Study of Substrate Control and Cryoseismicity of Glacier Basal Motion 7/15/19 6/30/22 Global
LADCP Measurments on Global Ocean Repeat Hydrography Cruises 3/15/15 2/28/20 Global
Lamont Center for Biogeochemistry: Renovation of the Biology and Paleo Environment Laboratories 10/1/10 9/30/14 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Lamont Center for Biogeochemistry: Renovation of the Biology and Paleo Environment Laboratories 10/1/10 9/30/14 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Lamont Doherty Core Repository: Curation, Service Professional Development, Outreach 6/15/16 5/31/21 Global
Lamont, Doherty Core Repository: Curation, Service Professional Development and Outreach 3/15/13 11/30/16 North America ; New York
Landsberger Foundation: Environmental Science Student Research Program 1/1/14 12/31/20 North America ; New Jersey ; Great Swamp Watershed Association
Landslide dynamics from seismic wave inversion, satellite remote sensing, and numerical modeling 9/1/12 8/31/16 Global
Late Miocene Cycle Stratigraphy from Downhole Logs from IODP Sites U1359 and U 1361, Wilkes Land 1/4/10 1/7/13 Antarctica
Late Quaternary Variability of the Agulhas Thermohaline Valve from Nd Isotopes in Planktonic Foraminifera 9/1/10 8/31/14 Atlantic Ocean
LDEO UAV Enhancements and the Development of Real-Time Mission Control for Falkor 2019 (FK191120) 4/1/19 6/30/20 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
LDEO/Lowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Oceanographic Instrumentation 6/1/15 12/31/17
LDEO/OBS Laboratory Participation in GNS Hikurangi Experiment 7/1/18 6/30/21 Oceania ; New Zealand ; Hikurangi
LIDAR, Passive Spectral, and Ecophysiological Approaches to link Forest Tundra Ecotone Structure and Function 8/1/15 8/17/19 North America ; Alaska ; Canada
Life on a Tectonically Active Delta: Convergence of Earth Science and Geohazard Research in Bangladesh with Education and Capacity Building 6/1/10 8/31/18 Asia ; India ; Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna Delta
Line W; A Sustained Measurement Program Sampling in the North Atlantic Deep Western Boundary Current and Gulf Stream at 39N 3/1/08 2/28/15 Atlantic Ocean
Linking Holocene Vegetation and Carbon Accumulation with Hydrological Change using Macrofossils, C/N, Stable Isotopes and Biomarkers from Sutherland Pond/Fen and Tamarack Pond 10/1/10 3/31/14 North America ; Hudson Highlands, NY
Lithological Characterization and Structural Analyses of Sediments Lava Flows from Shatsky Rise Using Downhole Measurements 4/29/10 9/3/12 Pacific Ocean ; Shatsky Rise
Lithostratigraphic Characterization of the Sediment Section from IODP Expedition 324, Shatsky Rise Using Downhole Logging Data 11/4/09 9/3/12 Asia ; Pacific Ocean
Local Processes and Global Constraints in the Indian Monsoon 12/3/18 12/20/21
Long Island Sound Mapping - Phase 2 8/1/17 12/31/21 North America ; Long Island Sound ; New York
Long Island Sound Mapping - Pilot 6/1/12 9/30/14 North America ; Long Island Sound ; New York
Long Term Monitoring, Research and Analysis of Bangladesh Coastal Zone (Sustainable Polders Adapted to Coastal Dynamics) Under Coastal Embankment Improvement Project 11/1/18 5/1/21 Asia ; Bangladesh
Long-Term Monitoring of Methane within New York State Phase II: Assessing Trends in Sources and Characterizing Hot Spots 11/1/19 11/30/21 North America ; New York ; New England
Love-wave propragation in oceanic upper mantle: constraints on radial anisotropy and implications for dynamics of the asthenosphere 9/1/15 8/31/19 Pacific Ocean
Low Latitude Indian to Western Pacific, From 40E to 160E 5/1/16 4/30/19 Pacific Ocean ; Indian Ocean
LTER Palmer, Antarctica (PAL) Land-Shelf-Ocean Connections, Ecosystem Resilience and Transformation in a Sea-Ice Influenced Pelagic Ecosystem 9/1/14 8/31/20 Antarctica ; Western Antarctic Peninsula
LTER: Palmer Antarctic Long Term Ecological Research: Looking Back in Time Through Marine Ecosystem Space: Physical Oceanography and Sea Ice Component 9/1/08 3/31/13 Global
LTER: Palmer Antarctica LTER: Climate Change, Ecosystem Migration and Telecommunication in an Ice-Dominated Environment 4/1/13 8/31/15 Antarctica
Lunar Impact Melt Flows: Geological Mapping, Experimental Simulation, and Numerical Modeling 10/1/15 9/30/19
Madden Julian Oscillation - the Maritime Continent barrier and seamless verification 7/1/16 6/30/19 Asia ; Southeast Asia
Magma ascent and eruption in the Aleutian arc 6/1/16 11/30/18 North America ; Alaska
Magnitude Scale and Regional Moment Tensor Inversion for Earthquakes in Offshore Norway 10/1/15 10/31/16 Europe ; Norway
Maintenance and refinement of the NASA SWE product through AMSR-E historical observations 12/24/15 4/13/20
Maintenance of the Hudson River Environmental Conditions Observing System (HRECOS) station at Piermont 1/1/15 12/31/20 North America ; United States ; Piermont, NY ; Hudson River, NY ; New York
Mantle signals in arcs: Transport models from geochemistry and seismicity 2/1/15 1/31/18 Global
Mapping Antarctic Subglacial Water in Three Dimensions with Novel Electromagnetic Techniques 12/1/17 11/30/20 Antarctica
Mapping Saharan Dust Fluxes through the Onset and Termination of the African Humid Period in a Transect of African Margin Cores 9/1/10 8/31/14 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Sahel
Mapping Variability in the Thermo-mechanical Structure of the North American Plate and Upper Mantle 9/1/17 8/31/19 North America ; United States
MARGINS: Collaborative Research: Illuminating the Architecture of the Greater Mount St. Helens Magmatic Systems from Slab to Surface 6/1/12 5/31/14 North America ; Mount St. Helens
Marine Data Repository Services for SOI Falkor 1/30/15 2/28/21 Global ; Global Ocean
Marine Data Repository Services for the SOI Falkcor 1/12/15 12/31/15
Measurement of Tritium, Helium, Neon, 3He/4He and Noble Gases in Ground Water Samples 2/8/16 2/7/21
Measurement of Tritium, Helium, Neon, 3He/4He and Noble Gases in Groundwater Samples 11/1/11 10/31/16 North America
Measurements of global ocean CO2 and acidification Global ; Atlantic Ocean
Measuring and Modeling the Response of the Solid Earth to Changes in the Cryosphere and the Earthquake 5/31/16 5/30/19
Measuring Turbulence Mixing in Indonesian Seas using Microstructure EM-APEX Floats 4/9/15 4/30/16 Asia ; Indonesia ; Banda Sea
Mechanisms and Predictability of the Global Climate Impacts of Atlantic Multidecadal Variability 8/1/09 6/30/13 Atlantic Ocean
Mechanisms for methane transport and hydrate accumulation in coarse-grained reservoirs 10/1/13 3/31/18 ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
Mechanisms of change in global ocean heat uptake 9/1/14 8/31/19 Global
Mechanisms of Mediterranean Region Hydroclimate Variability and Change 9/1/17 8/31/21 Asia ; Africa ; Mediterranean
Mega Urban Changes and Impacts in the Decade of the 2000s 11/14/12 7/31/17 Global
Megathrust Seismic Hazard by Reflection Mapping 1/1/10 3/31/14 Pacific Ocean ; Alaska
Meridional Hydrology Variability and Synthesis of Ocean Circulation 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Model analysis of the factors regulating the trends and variability of methane, CO2 and OH 7/3/14 7/2/18 Global
Modeling of reactive fluid-solid systems for H2O and carbon transport in subduction zones 9/1/14 12/31/14 Global
Modification of the Stratification and Velocity Profile with in the Straits and Seas of the Indonesian Archipelago 11/1/09 10/31/12 Pacific Ocean
Molecular Records of Cenozoic Terrestrial Climate Change on Antarctica Antarctica
Monitoring particulate, PAH, allergen and microbial exposures in asthmatic kids 9/30/15 9/29/19
Monitoring the Indonesian Throughflow and Weddell Sea Deep and Bottom Water Outflow 12/1/13 9/30/14 Southern Ocean ; Weddell Sea
Monitoring the Indonesian Throughflow and Weddell Sea Deep and Bottom Water Outflow 11/4/14 8/31/17 Southern Ocean ; Weddell Sea
Monitoring the Indonesian Throughflow and Weddell Sea Deep and Bottom Water Outflow 9/12/17 9/30/20 Southern Ocean ; Weddell Sea
Monitoring the Indonesian Throughflow in Makassar Strait 7/1/08 6/30/14 Asia ; Southeast Asia
Monitoring the Indonesian Throughflow in Makassar Strait 10/23/17 9/30/18 Asia ; Indonesia ; Makassar Strait
MoonDB Phase 2: Restoration of Lunar Geochronological and Lunar Meteorite Data 3/1/18 2/28/20
MRI: Acquisition of an CRF Core Scanner for the Lamont-Doherty Core Respository 8/15/15 7/31/17 North America ; New York
MRI-R2: Acquisition of Stable Isotope Instrumentation for High Precision Paleoclimatic and Environmental Research at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory 5/1/10 4/30/12 Global
Mult-source imaging of infrastructure and urban growth using Landsat, Sentinel and SRTM 7/7/15 7/6/19
National Endowment of the Arts North America ; New Jersey
Nature-Based Tourism in Urbanizing Economies: The Case of India's Protected Areas 9/15/10 2/28/15 Asia ; Himalayas
Near-Real Time Monitoring and Analysis of Repeating Earthquakes in Northern California 1/1/16 12/31/16 North America ; California ; Northern California
Near-Real-Time Monitoring, Analysis and Forecast of Repeating Earthquake in Northern California 1/1/11 12/31/12 North America ; California ; Northern California
New constraints on and models of global and plate-scale anisotropic mantle structure 7/1/13 6/30/17 Global
Next Generation of Advanced Laser Fluorescence Technology for Characterization of Natural Aquatic Environments 1/1/10 9/30/13 North America
Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project Year 4 Regional Center Agreement: Atlantic and Indian Oceans Regional Data Assembly and Coordination Center 8/1/20 7/31/21 Atlantic Ocean ; Indian Ocean
Nitrogen Fixation in the Equatorial Atlantic Upwelling System 6/18/15 9/30/17 Atlantic Ocean
NNA Track 1: Predicting coastal responses to a changing Greenland ice sheet 9/1/19 8/31/23 Arctic ; Greenland ; Nuuk ; Tasiilaq ; Aasiaat ; Kullorsuaq
North Atlantic Bottom Water Temperature and Ice Volume Records from the Mid-Pleistocene Transition 10/1/14 9/30/16
NRA/Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences-2009 8/1/10 8/24/13 Antarctica
NSF INCLUDES Early Engagement in Research: key to long-term STEM retention 10/1/16 9/30/21 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York ; Hudson Valley, NY
NSF/GEO-NERC: Collaborative Research: Multi-scale investigation of rheology and emplacement of multi-phase lava 10/1/19 9/30/22 North America ; Kilauea Volcano, HI
NSFGEO-NERC: Collaborative Research: The Central Apennines earthquake Cascade under a New Microscope 4/15/18 3/31/21 Europe ; Italy
NSFGEO-NERC: Ice-Shelf Instability Caused by Active Surface Meltwater Production, Movement, Ponding and Hydrofracture 6/1/19 5/31/23 Antarctica ; George VI Ice Shelf
NSFGEO-NERC: Sulfur Cycling at Subduction Zones 9/1/19 8/31/22 Central America ; Asia ; Pacific Ocean ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Marianas Islands
NSF-NERC: Stability and Instability of Records of External Drivers and Resulting Behavior of Thwaites Glacier 4/1/18 3/31/23 Antarctica ; Southern Ocean ; Amundsen Sea ; Thwaites Glacier
NSFPLR-NERC The Future of the Thwaites Glacier and its Contribution to Sea-Level 4/1/18 3/31/23 Antarctica ; Thwaites Glacier
NSFPLR-NERC: Ground Geophysics Survey of Thwaites Glacier 4/1/18 2/28/23 Antarctica ; Thwaites Glacier
NSFPLR-NERC: Processes, Drivers, Predictions: Modeling the Response of Thwaites Glacier Over the Next Century Using Ice/Ocean Coupled Models 4/1/18 3/31/23 Antarctica
NYC DOE Hudson River STEM Teacher Professional Development Opportunities 10/1/17 5/30/18 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
NYC Previous Surface Mapping Project Phase 3 6/1/09 9/30/15 North America
NYC: Sustainable Urban Water Quality: the Earthwatch Institute Freshwater Program 1/1/13 12/31/16 North America
Ocean Acidification - Category 1: Calibration and Application of the Boron Isotope Seawater-pH Indicator in Deep-water Corals 9/15/10 8/31/16 Global ; Atlantic Ocean ; Pacific Ocean
Ocean Acidification - Category 1: Climatological Mean Distribution of pH in Surface Waters in the Unified pH Scale and Mean Rate of Changes in Selected Areas 1/1/11 12/31/13 Global ; Research Vessels ; RVIB N. Palmer
Ocean Acidification: Collaborative Research: Establishing the Magnitude of Sea-Surface Acidification During The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum 9/1/12 8/31/16 Global ; Pacific Ocean ; Atlantic Ocean ; equatorial Pacific ; South Atlantic
Ocean Acidification: Collaborative Research: Quantifying the potential for the biogeochemical feedbacks to create 'refugia' from ocean acidification on tropical coral reefs 7/1/13 6/30/17 Pacific Ocean ; Palmyra Atoll
Ocean ecosystem resiliency-knowledge for a sustainable future 1/1/17 12/31/21 North America ; Palisades, NY
Ocean Sciences for Rural Communities via Informal Science Education: Pop-Up/Drill Down Science 7/1/16 8/31/21 North America
Ocean Surface Temperature Response to Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction of the MJO 8/1/11 12/31/14 Indian Ocean
Ocean Surface Wave Optical Roughness: Analysis of Innovative Measurements 2/1/11 9/30/13 Global
Ocean Video Lab 12/1/16 12/31/17 Global ; Global Ocean
Oceanic freshwater flux within the upper limit limb of the shallow overturning cell 9/1/14 8/31/17
Oceanic Response to a Coastal Polynya, Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica 9/1/14 8/31/18 Antarctica
Oceanographic Instrumentation 2014 4/1/14 3/31/16
Oceanographic Technical Services, LDEO, 2018 - 2023 12/27/17 4/30/23
Oceanographic Technical Services, R/V Marcus G. Langseth, 2012-2016 1/1/12 8/31/18
Offshore 3D High Energy Seismic Survey 11/1/11 3/31/13 Pacific Ocean ; Costa Rica ; Aleutian islands
Operation and Management of the LDEO Instrument Center of the National Ocean Seismometer Pool 4/1/06 3/31/14 Global
Operation Densification and Upgrade of Continuous GPS Stations in Russia 10/1/13 9/30/18 Europe ; Russia
Operation of the Lamont Cooperative Seismographic Network and the Northeastern United States Earthquake 2/1/15 1/31/19
Operation of the LDEO Ocean-bottom Seismometer Institutional Instrument Center: Wiens Recovery Costs 10/1/12 1/31/19
Operation, Densification and Upgrade of Continuous GPS Stations in Russia 7/1/11 9/30/13 Europe ; Russia
Operation, Densification, and Upgrade of Continuous GNSS Stations in Russia in the Framework of MOU 5/11/12 1/30/24 Europe ; Russia
OPUS: Synthesis of Three Decades of Research on Tree Growth in Northern Forests in Relation to Global Climate Change 6/1/10 5/31/14 Global
Organic Thermal Maturity of SAFOD Fault Rocks 2/1/12 1/31/16 Global ; California ; United States
P2C2: Decomposition and Reconstruction of Drought Variability Across the Continental United States and Northern Mexico 8/1/17 7/31/20 North America ; United States ; Mexico
P2C2: Diagnosing the Dynamics of Past and Future North American Megadroughts 3/1/19 3/31/22 Global ; Pacific Ocean ; Atlantic Ocean ; North America
P2C2: North American Megadrought: Atmosphere-Ocean Forcing and Landscape Response from the Medieval Period to the Near-term Greenhouse Future 7/1/09 6/30/13 North America
Paleo-Climate and -Hydrology Change in Central China 8/1/11 7/31/15 Asia ; China
Paleoclimate shocks: environmental variability, human vulnerability, and societal adaptation during the last millennium in the Greater Mekong Basin 7/30/09 9/30/14 Asia ; Southeast Asia ; Mekong
Paleoenvironmental Perspectives on Prehistoric Human Settlement of Arctic Norway: Implications for climate, sea-level, and land-use changes during the Iron Age 9/1/16 8/31/19 Europe ; Norway
PaleopCO2 - A Scientifically Rigorous and Accessible CO2 Keeling Curve For Geologic Time 1/1/19 12/31/21 Global
PaleopH reconstruction across the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum (MECO) using boron isotopes (d11B) 4/1/15 3/31/16 Global ; South Atlantic ; Southern Ocean
Past Behaviour of the Southern Ocean's Atmosphere and Cryosphere (SOUTHSPHERE) 8/1/17 5/31/20 Global ; Southern Hemisphere
Patagonia Glaciation, Geochemical Tracers of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, and Iron Fertilization of the Glacial South Atlantic Ocean 9/1/08 8/31/13 Southern Ocean ; Patagonia
Payloads for investigations of Satial and Temporal Variability of Ocean and Ice Conditions in and Near the Marginal Ice Zone 10/10/13 8/15/15 Arctic Ocean
Permeability and temperature in ODP/IODP Hole 1256 6/28/11 4/1/14 Pacific Ocean
Petrologic Study of Peridotite Carbonation in Oman: Temperature, Timing and Fluid Composition 3/1/11 2/28/15 Asia ; Middle East
Photoheterotrophy in unicellular cyanobacteria: ecological drivers and signigicance for marine biogeochemistry 9/1/14 8/31/18 Global
Physics and Chemistry of Carbon at Extreme Conditions 11/1/13 11/1/15
PIER: International Collaboration for Education, Training, and Research in Ice Core Science (ICE-ICS) 9/1/10 8/31/17 Global
Piermont Hydrological and Meteorological Station and Data Management 10/1/13 12/31/14 North America ; United States ; Piermont, NY
Piermont Pier Blockhouse 1/1/18 12/31/18 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Piloting a Novel Delivery Mechanism of a Critical Public Health Service in India: Arsenic Testing of Tubewell Water in the Field for a Fee 7/15/12 2/28/13 Asia ; India
PIRE: Climate Research Education in the Americas using Tree-Ring and Cave Sediment Examples (PIRE-CREATE) 9/1/17 8/31/21 North America ; South America ; Argentina ; Brazil ; Bolivia ; Peru
PIRE: Dust simulated drawdown of atmospheric CO2 as a trigger for Northern Hemisphere Glaciation 10/1/15 9/30/21 Global ; Northern Hemisphere
Planning Workshop, Oman Drilling Project 6/1/12 11/1/12 Asia ; Middle East
Populus Euphratica and Tamarix Ramosissima o13C Tree-ring Chronologies from the Taklamakan Desert, Xingjiang China 6/1/13 5/15/15 Asia ; East Asia ; Tarim Basin ; Xinjiang ; China
Postdoc and Student Summit on Microbial Eukaryotes 12/1/15 6/30/16 North America ; Palisades, NY
Potential inhaled dose of particulates, biking and cardiovascular indicators 3/6/15 2/28/17 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Potential Inhaled Dose of Particulates, Biking and Cardiovascular Indicators 3/15/17 2/28/20 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Predicting Extreme US Air Pollution Events 6/1/12 5/31/16 North America
Predicting North American Hydroclimate Change and Variability on Interannual to Multidecadal Timescale 8/1/09 6/30/13 North America
Predicting Volcanic Eruptions Using Real-time 4D+ Microscopy of Bubble Interactions in a Solid-Liquid Mush 5/1/17 4/30/19 Global
PREEVENTS Track 1: Meteorology and Impacts of Correlated Climate Extremes: New York, NY: May 28-31, 2019 4/1/19 3/31/21 Global
Pregnancy and Prenatal PAHs and other Environmental Exposures and Breast Cancer 7/1/16 6/30/19 North America
Present and Future Models of Low Frequency Climate Variability 9/15/10 9/14/13 Global
Present horizontal stress orientation in the Costa Rica subduction margin from borehole breakout analysis 10/23/12 1/30/16 Central America ; Costa Rica
Probing the Roots of Active Volcanic Systems with Spectral Ambient Noise Tomography and Receiver Functions 8/15/10 7/31/14 North America
Process Oriented Diagnostics of Tropical Cyclones in Climate Models 8/1/15 7/31/19 Global
Processing and QC of 2012 IOPAS LADCP Data set 8/1/15 7/31/16 Arctic Ocean
Process-Oriented Diagnosis of Tropical Cyclone Genesis and Intensification 8/1/18 7/31/21 Global
Professional Development to Improve the Spatial Thinking of Earth Science Teachers and Students 9/15/10 8/31/13 Global
Promotion of risk-sharing while testing wells for arsenic to reduce exposure in Myanmar 3/1/14 2/28/15 Asia ; Myanmar
Proposed Workshop: "African Climate Change and Human Evolution" 4/1/12 8/31/13 Africa
Provenance of the Marlboro Clay, a unique formation deposited during the PETM in eastern North America 6/1/16 5/31/17 North America
Quantification of Trichodesmium spp. vertical and horizontal abundance patterns and nitrogen fixation in the western North Atlantic 1/1/13 9/30/13 Global ; Palisades, NY ; Woods Hole, MA
Quantifying borehole shapes in IODP Holes U1378A and U1379A from Density and Ultrasonic LWD Measurements 5/14/11 2/12/14 Central America ; Costa Rica
Quantifying Greenland Ice Sheet Dimensions During Past Warm Periods: A Novel Approach Using Cosmogenic Isotopes 9/1/12 8/31/15 Global ; Greenland
Quantifying Process-based Variability and Uncertainties in Ocean, Land, and Atmosphere Forcing 7/20/17 7/31/22 Global
Quantifying Risks From Changing U.S. PM2.5 Distributions Due to Climate Variability and Warming with Large Multi-Model Ensembles and High-Resolution Downscaling 1/1/16 12/31/20 North America ; United States
Quantifying Subglacial Erosion Rates and Exploring Pro-glacial Bedrock as Climate Archive by in-situ Cosmogenic ^14C-610Be Techniques 10/1/09 9/30/13 Global
Quantifying Surface Diapycnal Mixing by Mesoscale Eddies Using Satellite Observations 5/6/14 5/5/18 Global
Quantifying the Carbon Budget in Marine Sediments 4/1/17 12/31/18 Global ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
Quantifying the Carbon Budget in Marine Sediments 1/1/19 12/31/19 Global ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
Quantifying Thresholds in Arctic Tundra Vegetation Structure & Ecosystem Function using LIDAR & Multispectral Remote Sensing 11/1/12 10/31/16 North America ; Alaska
R/V Marcus G. Langseth - Oceanographic Instrumentation 2016 3/1/16 3/31/17
R/V Marcus G. Langseth-Oceanographic Instrumentation 2015 6/1/15 5/31/16
Radiocarbon as a Reactive Tracer for Tracking Geologic CO2 Storage at the CarbFix Pilot Injection Site, Iceland 9/1/12 8/31/15
Radiocarbon as a Reactive Tracer for Tracking Permanent CO2 Storage in Basaltic Rocks 10/1/10 9/30/15 Global ; Iceland
RAPID - Collaborative Research - Offshore impacts of the Tohoku-Oki earthquake on seafloor deformati 8/1/11 7/31/13 Asia ; Japan
RAPID: Anthropogenic Radionuclides in the Atlantic Ocean 4 Decades after GEOSECS 12/1/09 8/31/13 Atlantic Ocean
RAPID: Collaborative Research: Seismic Response to the 2016 M5.8 Pawnee Earthquake 9/1/16 10/31/17 North America ; Oklahoma
RAPID: Continuation of U.S. GEOTRACES North Atlantic Section: CFC and SF6 Measurements 7/1/11 6/30/13 Atlantic Ocean
RAPID: High-Resolution Gravity for Thwaites Glacier 8/15/18 7/31/19 Antarctica ; West Antarctica ; Thwaites Glacier
RAPID: Rapid Assessment of Extent and Photophysiological Effects of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill 6/21/10 7/31/12 Atlantic Ocean ; Gulf of Mexico
RCN: Improving reconstructions of Cenozoic pCO2 and temperature change 10/1/16 9/30/20 Global
Real-Time Power: A Thermoelectric System for Powering Seafloor Instrumentation 12/1/17 1/31/20
Reconciling substrate specific difference in the carbon isotope Excursion marking the Paleocene-Eocene transition 7/1/15 7/31/17 Pacific Ocean
Reconstructing Ice Ages in New Zealand, N. America and Greenland Using Cosmogenic Be-10 Dating 11/1/06 10/31/17 Oceania ; New Zealand
Reconstructing lake evaporation extent from simultaneous measurement of D/H ratios on aquatic and terrestrial lipids: a proof of concept
Reconstructing Last Interglacial Sea Level Based on Models and Observation from the Bahamas 4/15/19 3/31/22 ; Bahamas
Reconstructing Slab and Mantle Fluxes during the Eocene-Oligocene Evolution of the Izu-Bonin Volcanic Arc (NW Pacific) 6/1/05 6/30/08 Pacific Ocean ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Izu Bonin arc
Reconstructing the Paleo-Budget of 231Protactinium in the North Pacific 9/1/18 8/31/21 Pacific Ocean
Reconstructing the role of CO2 in climate change throughout the Cenozoic Step 1: The mid-Pleistocene transition 9/1/06 8/30/10 Global ; Eastern Equatorial Atlantic
Reconstruction and Dynamics of Interhemispheric Hydroclimate Variability Between the Americas 6/15/16 5/31/19 South America ; North America
Re-evaluation of the Late Glacial and the Little Ice Age Problem in the Alps by High-precision Surface Exposure Dating 6/1/12 5/31/17 Europe ; Alps
Regional Indicators of Daily-to-Yearly Variability in Background Ozone to Inform Air Quality Standard Setting and Decision-Making 2/1/12 7/31/16 North America
Remote Monitoring of Subsurface Flow Conditions in Rivers 7/1/11 12/31/13 North America
Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Modeling: Research Technology Development and Applications 7/1/13 7/31/15
MRI-R2: Development of an ice Imaging System for Monitoring Changing Ice Sheets Mounted on the NYANG LC-130 4/1/14 6/30/15 Antarctica ; Greenland
Research on Evaluation of Mean State and Climate Extremes in the Long Meteorological Records in Mongolia 6/1/15 9/30/16 Asia ; Japan ; Mongolia
Research Opportunities In Space And Earth Sciences 2010 (ROSES-2010) 2/7/12 2/28/17 Asia ; India
Reservoirs and Fluxes Community - The Deep Carbon Observatory 1/1/19 12/31/19 Global
Reservoirs and Fluxes Community-The Deep Carbon Observatory 4/1/17 3/31/19 Global
Resolving CO2 system seasonality in the West Antarctic Peninsula with Autonomous 3/1/17 2/28/18 Antarctica ; Western Antarctic Peninsula
Resolving CO2 System Seasonality in the West Antarctic Peninsula with Autonomous Observations 7/1/18 6/30/19 Antarctica ; Southern ocean
Resolving the effects of resource availability, predation and competition on brown tide dynamics using metatranscriptomics 9/1/15 8/31/19 Long Island Sound ; Palisades, NY ; Stony Brook, NY
Response of high-latitude forests to a warmer and CO2-enriched atmosphere: tree rings in a process-based model 6/15/15 12/31/20 Arctic ; North America
Response of the Indian Ocean to Indonesian Throughflow Variability 9/1/17 8/31/20 Indian Ocean
REU Site: Interdisciplinary Cutting-Edge Research though the Analysis of Global Data 4/1/18 3/31/21 North America ; Palisades, NY ; New York
REU SITE: Research Experience for Undergraduates: Analyzing Global Databases 6/1/10 11/30/14 Global
REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates: Analyzing Global Databases 9/1/14 2/28/18 North America ; Palisades, NY
Rigorous Combination of GRACE and Other Data Types for Simultaneous Estimation of Temporally and Spatially Variable Melting and Glacial Isostatic Adjustment 2/7/12 2/6/17 Global
Robotic Network for Exploration Under Ice Shelf 12/16/16 12/31/18 Antarctica ; Dotson ice shelf, West Antarctica
Rock Varnish Record of a Younger Dryas-Age Wet Event in Northern Tian Shan, Western China 3/1/11 3/1/14 Asia ; East Asia ; China
Rock varnish record of Holocene millennial-scale wetness variations in the Lake Turkana basin of Kenya 1/1/15 12/31/17 Africa ; Kenya
Role of variable picoplankton cellular phosphorus turnover and allocation in marine phosphorus cycli 9/1/14 8/31/17 Atlantic Ocean
Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R) 2014-2019 9/1/14 8/31/20 Global ; Global Ocean
Salamander-Algal Endosymbiosis Research 9/11/17 9/30/20
Satellite Observations and Modelling of Surface Meltwater Flow and its Impact on Ice 8/1/18 7/31/22 Antarctica
SCEC5 Research Collaboration at Columbia University 5/1/17 4/30/22
SCEC5 Year 2 Research Collaboration at Columbia University 2/1/18 1/31/19
School-based Ecology and Environmental Discoveries (SEEDS) 9/15/10 8/31/15 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Scientific Leadership of the U.S. Ocean Drilling Community 5/1/10 1/10/13 Global
Scoping for Interdisciplinary Coordinated Experiment of the Southern Ocean Carbon Cycle (ICESOCC) 2/1/14 7/31/16 Antarctica ; Southern Ocean
Sea Surface Temperature-Forced Monsoon Evolution and Variability in West Africa 11/1/16 10/31/19 Africa ; North America ; West Africa ; Sahel
Seaside Forests: Tree-Ring Sampling, coastal NY/NJ 1/1/19 North America ; Sandy Hook, NJ ; Fire Island, NY ; New York ; Montauk, NY
Seasonal COSEE: Environmental Stress and Human Migration in Two Developing Coastal Nations: A Comparison of Co-evolving Natural and Human Landscapes in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka 6/1/11 9/30/17 Asia ; India
Secondary School Field Research Program 7/6/15 8/18/17 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Secondary School Field Research Program 7/1/16 6/30/23 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Secondary School Field research Program: Engaging NYC children in local field research 5/27/14 6/30/21 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Secondary School Field Research Program: Engaging NYC Students in Local Field 7/1/16 9/1/17 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Secondary School Field Research Program: Engaging NYC Students in Local Field 7/1/17 6/30/18 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Secondary School Field Research Program: Engaging NYC Students in Local Field Research 7/1/18 6/30/19 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Seismic imaging of the interplate boundary and deformation within the overriding Aegean lithosphere 1/1/16 12/31/16 Europe ; Mediterranean
Seismic/Well Integration Bering Sea, IODP Expedition 323 9/4/09 7/3/12 Pacific Ocean
Ship Operations 2012-2017 1/1/12 10/31/18 Global
Shipboard Scientific Support Equipment 2013 9/1/13 8/31/14
Shipboard Scientific Support Equipment 2015 6/15/15 8/31/16
Shipboard Scientific Support Equipment 2016 3/15/16 2/28/17
SI2-SSI: Collaborative Research: ENKI: Software infrastructure that Enables Knowledge integration for Modeling Coupled Geochemical and Geodynamical Processes 7/1/16 8/31/19 Global
Sloan Fellowship in Ocean Sciences 9/15/16 9/14/20 North America
Source attribution using satelite products and models to inform air quality planning and health accountability 8/11/16 8/10/20 North America ; United States
South China Sea-Indonesia Seas Transportation/Exchange (Site) 3/15/08 2/28/13 Pacific Ocean ; South China Sea ; Indonesian Seas
Southern Ocean - Ice Sheet Interactions 7/1/08 6/30/13 Southern Ocean
Spatial and temporal Characteristics of Sea surface Salinity Fluctuations and Links to the Marine Hydrological Cycle 5/1/14 8/31/17
Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Sea Surface Salinity Fluctuations and Links to the Marine Hydrological Cycle 11/15/09 11/14/13 Global
Spatial and temporal variability in chlorophyll, primary production and carbon export in the Bering Sea linked to climate change 8/26/11 8/25/12 Pacific Ocean ; Bering Sea
Spatial-latitudinal shifts of the East Asian Summer Monsoon recorded by paleo-shorelines and dDleafwax from Dali Nou-er Lake, Inner Mongolia, China 7/1/14 12/30/16 Asia
Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of the Ganges Brahmaputra Delta: Field-Validated, Multi-Sensor Analysis of Interannual Flooding and Channel Movement 7/18/12 6/16/18 Asia ; India ; Bangladesh
STEAMSEAS: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Student Experiences Aboard Ships 9/1/15 8/31/18 Global
STEP Center; InTeGrate: Interdisciplinary Teaching of Geoscience for a Sustainable Future 12/1/11 11/30/16 North America
Stories from the Deep Biosphere: An Interactive Science Experience 4/1/17 3/31/18 North America
Storms, Forms, and Complexity of the Urban Canopy: How Land Use, Settlement Patterns, and the Shapes of Cities Influence Severe Weather 7/23/12 11/30/16 Global
Stratigraphic Response to Deformation and Sea-Level Change in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt Africa ; Gulf of Suez, Egypt
Stratospheric and Tropical Influences on the Mid-Latitude Circulation Response to Rising Greenhouse Gases 8/15/13 6/30/18 Global
Stratospheric Ozone Depletion and Recovery and Antarctic Climate Change 4/1/14 3/31/17 Antarctica ; Southern Ocean
Studies of Turbulence and Mixing in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, A Continuation of DIMES 9/1/12 8/31/16 Southern Ocean
Studies of Unusual Earthquakes: Volcanos and Landslides 7/1/10 6/30/13 Global
Sub-award for Geo-informatics Project WF-2175 8/1/12 7/31/15 North America ; Utah
Subcontract: A Peek at the Past of Greenland Ice Sheet using Radar Layers and Modeling 2/22/17 9/30/19 Arctic ; Greenland
Subcontract: Joint Radar and Model Investigations of Greenland Basal Water Conditions 7/1/16 6/30/19 Arctic ; Greenland
Subduction and Eduction of Continental Crust Europe ; Norway ; Liverpool Land, Greenland ; Sweden
Subglacial drainage and slip modeling in Antarctica: relating lakes to ice discharge 3/1/11 2/29/16 Antarctica
Subglacial Lakes and the Onset of Ice Streaming: Recovery Lakes 11/1/08 10/31/12 Antarctica
Sulfur Isotopic Evidence on the Age of Recycled Surface Material in the Tristan-Gough Plume Source 6/15/18 5/31/20 Global
Summer STEM Institute - Teaching Climate Change: Linking Local to Polar 7/25/18 8/31/18 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Supertech sampling support on the US GEOTRACES Arctic Cruise 6/2/15 12/31/16 Arctic
Supplemental Support for Processing of SEGMeNT Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data from Central and Northern Lake Malawi 6/1/17 12/31/18 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa
Supply and removal of trace elements in the subtropical South Pacific (UltraPac) 10/1/15 9/30/16 Pacific Ocean
Support for the U.S. GEOTRACES Project Office 10/1/11 9/30/16 Global
Support for the U.S. GEOTRACES Project Office 10/1/15 9/30/19 Global
Support for the U.S. GEOTRACES Project Office 10/1/18 9/30/21 Global
Support of the Messenger Principal Investigator 9/1/13 9/30/17 Global ; Mercury
Support of two IODP Summer Interns 5/29/13 8/7/13
Supporting Regional Implementation of Integrated Climate Resilience: Consortium for Climate Risk in the Urban Northeast (CCRUN) 9/1/15 8/31/21 North America ; Northeast United States
Supporting the Multibeam Sonar Systems of the U.S. Academic Research Fleet: Coordinating Operations to Optimize Data Quality 4/15/15 3/31/19 North America ; United States
Surface Water pCO2 Measurements from ships 9/1/13 8/31/20 Antarctica ; RVIB N. Palmer
Surface Water pCO2 measurements from Ships 10/1/15 8/31/19 Antarctica ; Research Vessels ; RVIB N. Palmer
Surface-Wave Data Profucts from USArray 4/1/15 3/31/17 North America
Surface-wave Propagation Across North America: New Methods, Observations and Models 5/1/10 4/30/14 North America
Sustainable Energy in Haiti: Hydrology and Meterology Program 5/30/13 12/31/16 Central America ; Haiti
Synthesis of Internal Wave and Turbulence Observations Across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current 9/1/17 8/31/19 Global
Synthetic Seismographs for Lithostratigraphy-Seismic Integration in the Golf of Cadiz, IODP Expedition 339 10/30/11 11/16/14 Atlantic Ocean
T Waves from Earthquakes along Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridges 7/6/17 6/30/18 North America
Targeted Mailing Pilot Intervention to Promote Arsenic Testing of High Risk Wells 10/1/16 1/31/17 North America ; New Jersey
Targeted Mailing Pilot Intervention to Promote Arsenic Testing of High Risk Wells (Phase 2) 4/1/18 9/30/18 North America ; New Jersey
Technical Services 12/27/17 4/30/23
Tectonics in the Western Anatolian Extensional Province from sequence stratigraphic modeling of multichannel seismic data in the Gulf of Kusadasi 3/15/16 2/28/22 Europe ; Mediterranean ; Gulf of Kusadasi
Testing alkenone δD values as a paleosalinity proxy with particulate and sediment samples from the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Pacific Ocean
Testing geochemical proxy relationships under variable paleo-seawater chemical compositions 9/1/12 8/31/17 Global ; Catalina Island, CA ; Isla Magueyes, Puerto Rico
Testing Milankovitch - Glacier Fluctuations during the LGM and the Mystery Interval in the Western US 8/16/09 8/15/17 North America
Testing Predictions from the Cascade and Pre-Seismic Slip Models for Foreshock Occurrence with the High Precision Catalog for Northern California 4/1/10 3/31/14 North America ; California
Testing the Extensional Detachment Paradigm: A Borehole Observatory in the Sevier Desert Basin North America ; Sevier Desert Basin, UT ; Death Valley, CA ; Nevada ; Arizona ; Utah ; Idaho
Testing the Fidelity of Neodymium Isotopes as a Paleocirculation Tracer in the Southeast Indian-Sout 9/1/17 12/31/17 Asia ; Southeast Indian-Southern Ocean
Testing the Observation of Annual Seismic Velocity Variations at Axial Volcano 6/1/18 5/31/19 Pacific Ocean ; Axial Seamount
Testing the potential for U-Th Dating of Clean calcite tufa the Last High-stands of Owens Lake (Searles and other downstream basins), Lake Lahontan and Lake Chewaucan 1/1/14 6/30/16 North America
Testing the Processes of Melt Differentiation in the Mexican Volcanic Belt 1/15/08 7/1/13 Central America ; North America ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Nacional Autónoma de México Centro de Geociencias (UNAM-CGEO) ; Kilbride, Scotland ; Eugene, OR
Testing the Slab Connection: A 10Be and 10Be/9Be Tracer Study in the Transmexican Volcanic Belt 4/1/19 3/31/21 Central America ; North America ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Nacional Autónoma de México Centro de Geociencias (UNAM-CGEO)
The American midsummer Drought: Casual Mechanisms and Seasonal-to-Interannual Predictability 8/1/10 7/31/13 Global
The Carbon Budget in Marine Sediments 6/1/15 12/31/16 Global ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
The Climate Change Signal in Hurricanes Today 10/1/18 9/30/20 Global ; Atlantic Ocean
The Cooperative Institute for Climate Applications and Research (CICAR Continuation) Shadow Award 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
The Dead Sea deep drill core as the longest paleo-environmental archive of the late Quaternary Levant 10/1/11 9/30/16 Asia ; Middle East ; Dead Sea
The Dynamical Machanisms and Potential Predictability of Indian and Pacific Ocean Influences on Seas 8/1/14 7/31/18 North America ; Pacific Ocean ; Indian Ocean
The Essential Dynamics of Tropical Rain Belts: Monsoons and Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) in a Multi-model Ensemble of Idealized Simulations 11/1/16 10/31/19 Global
The Extreme Physics and Chemistry Community of the Deep Carbon Observatory 11/1/17 10/31/19
The Impact of Downward Wave Coupling on the Tropospheric Circulation 9/1/11 8/31/16 Global
The Impact of Solar Wind Ions on the Surface and Exosphere of Mercury 2/14/18 2/13/21 Mercury
The Impact of the Stratosphere on Arctic Climate 7/15/16 6/30/19 Arctic
The Jamacia Bay Observing system: Process studies and Groundwork for Long-Term Ecosystem Research and Resilience 10/1/14 6/30/17 North America ; New York ; Jamaica Bay
The Lamont Cooperative Seismographic Network and the Advanced National Seismic System 2/1/10 1/31/15
The Madden Julian Oscillation and the Maritime Continent 4/1/16 3/31/19 Asia ; Southeast Asia
The Madden-Julian Oscillation: Model Development and Diagnosis of Mechanisms 6/1/09 6/30/13 North America
The Mechanisms and Predictability of Multi-Basin Influences on North American Drought 7/1/08 6/30/13 North America
The Mystery of the Expanding Tropics: From Past to Future (THEMES) 9/1/17 12/31/20 Global
The Paleoclimate Reconstruction (PR) Challenge: A Community Program to Benchmark Methods Used to Reconstruct the Climate of the Last 1-2,000 Years 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
The Potential for Decoupling Explosions in Fractured Hard Rock: Examples from Kazakhstan Historical Data and a New Field Study 5/18/11 7/31/16 North America
The relationship of tropical cyclones to MJO and ENSO in the S2S Database 7/1/16 6/30/20 Global
The Role of Fault Strands and Roughness in Fault and Earthquake Mechanics 9/1/10 8/31/12 Global
The role of greenhouse gases in the forcing of 20th century precipitation changes in the African Sahel 8/1/11 6/1/13 Africa
The Role of Ice Sheet Feedbacks in Northern Hemisphere Ice Ages 7/1/13 7/1/15 Global
The Seasonal Cycle of Export Production in an Antarctic Coastal Marine Ecosystem 4/1/12 5/31/15 Antarctica
The seismic wave bacground Earthquake and volcanic triggering from ocean tides and waves 1/1/15 12/31/15 Global
The Seismic Wave Background: Monitoring Earthquakes, Volcanic Tremors and Atmospheric Phenomena 1/1/16 12/31/16
The Seismology Student Workshop at Lamont 10/1/17 9/30/20 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
The Smallest among the Small: Exploring the Diversity and Ecology of Marine UltraMicroBacteria (MarUMBa) 1/1/19 3/31/21 Antarctica
The Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf Isotope Evolution of the Mariana Island Arc 4/15/09 9/30/13 Pacific Ocean ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Mariana Arc
The Svalbard-Barents Sea Ice Sheet and Abrupt Climate Change: Implications for ice-age climate cycle 6/1/14 12/31/17 Arctic Ocean
The Systematics of Helium in Diamond-forming Metasomatic Mantle Fluids 7/15/17 6/30/19 Global
The Tropics Rule: A Symposium honoring Mark Cane's contribution to Climate Science 6/1/14 12/31/15
The Ultraclean Geochemistry Laboratory at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 2/1/10 9/30/12 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
The Ultraclean Geochemistry Laboratory at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 2/1/10 12/31/11 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
The Unlikely Journey of Anjouan's Quartzite - From Its Continental Origin 6/1/18 10/1/19
Thermal and melt structure of the Juan de Fuca plate from ridge to trench to arc, inferred from seismic attenuation across the Amphibious Array 7/1/15 7/31/16 North America ; Juan de Fuca Plate ; Cascadia Margin
Thermal Structure, hydration and dehydration of the entire Juan de Fuca Plate 8/1/13 7/31/17 North America ; Juan de Fuca Plate ; Cascadia
Thermohaline Circulation and Deep Ocean Carbonate Chemistry across the Mid-Pieistocene Transition 9/1/14 8/31/17
To Develop DiamondDB, A Community Data Infrastructure for Diamond Research within the Deep Carbon Observatory 12/1/12 12/1/13 Global
Towards a Better Understanding of the Relationship Between Climate Change and Tropical Cyclone 7/1/08 6/30/13 Global
Towards an improved age resolution of lake records Protactinum-231 dating of the Lisan Formation, the Dead Sea Basin 8/1/10 7/31/12 Asia ; Middle East
Towards Early Detection and Forecasting of Noctiluca Blooms in the Sea of Oman 5/1/17 4/30/19 ; Sea of Oman
Towards mass balancing arc magmatic fluxes-insights from the central Mexican Volcanic Belt 7/15/12 6/30/15 Central America ; North America ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Nacional Autónoma de México Centro de Geociencias (UNAM-CGEO) ; Kilbride, Scotland ; Eugene, OR
Towards near-global reconstruction and understanding of hydroclimate variability and change over the past several centuries 8/1/10 7/31/14 Global
Trace elements in autopsy tissues in WTC decedents 7/1/13 6/30/16 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Trace Gas Transport through Fractured Rock using Sulfur Hexafluoride Injections 6/26/17 8/15/17
Travel Support for an International Meeting on Monsoons and Tropical Rain Belts: Trieste, Italy 4/1/18 3/31/19 Europe ; Trieste, Italy
Travel Support for the EMBO/EMBL Microeukaryote Symposium 12/1/15 6/30/16 North America ; Palisades, NY
Tree-Rings & Climate 6/1/11 10/31/13 Global
Tropical Cyclone Hazard Model Intercomparison Workshop 7/1/17 10/7/17 North America
Tropical Cyclones and Climate - A Model Intercomparison Project 1/1/12 12/31/16 Global
Tropical Cyclones in the GISS model at High Resolution 7/10/17 7/9/22 Global
Tropical Forests and Climate in a Warming World 1/1/17 6/30/21
Type 1-L02170337: Collaborative Research: Use of Climate Information in International Negotiation for Adaptation Resources 11/29/10 3/31/15 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; African Sahel
U.Pb-40Ar/39r Coupling Approach for the Reconstruction of Paleo-River Systems: A Case Study of the Siluro-Devonian Old Red Sandstone 7/1/15 8/31/18 Global
U.S. GEOTRACES North Atlantic Section: CFC and SF6 Measurements 12/1/09 11/30/12 Atlantic Ocean
ULTRA-Ex: Exploring Linkages among Ecosystem Services, Public Health, and the Green Area Factor in New York City 8/1/10 1/31/14 North America ; Harlem ; New York City, NY ; New York
Understanding Adoption of Clean Cookstoves 9/17/14 6/30/19
Understanding and Attributing Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Frequency Changes in the 20th and 21st Centuries 8/1/10 7/31/14 Global
Understanding and Forecasting Changes in High Mountain Asia Snow Hydrology via a Novel Bayesian Reanalysis 8/15/16 8/14/19 Asia ; High Mountain Asia
Understanding and Quantifying the Links between Ice Sheet and Glacial Albedo, Surface Mass Balance 8/3/17 8/2/21
Understanding Forced Asian Monsoon Changes in Observations and Coupled Model Intercomparison Project 11/1/16 10/31/21 Asia ; India ; Southeast Asia ; China
Understanding how the mantle transition-zone "value" controls slab fate 1/1/15 1/31/16 Global
Understanding recent global hydroclimate change using multivariate detection & attribution techniques and GCM Experiments 8/1/15 7/31/19 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Understanding the fundamental processes controlling the surface mass balance of the Greenland ice sheet and improving estimates 4/1/16 3/31/18 Arctic ; Greenland
Understanding the Integrity of Deep Ice in Antarctica from Geophysical Data Sets and Physical Models 3/1/17 2/27/22 Antarctica
Understanding the mechanism of arsenic and fluoride and reducing exposure by targeting low arsenic and Fluoride Aquifers in Rural Punjab, Pakistan 9/15/15 9/14/18 Asia ; Pakistan
Underway CO2 Measurements Aboard the RVIB Palmer and Data Management of the Global VOS Program 9/1/08 6/30/14 Global ; Research Vessels ; RVIB N. Palmer
Unearthing Aftershocks: Physical Simulations Statistical Models, and New Observations 2/1/15 1/31/17
Uranium-lead dating and correlation of lacustrine carbonates of the Green River Formation: Context for Paleo-Environmental Architecture of Lake Types 1/1/15 8/31/17 North America
Use of Long Term Experimental Forrest Provenance Trials for Selection of Future Forests: Tools to Predict Forest Adaptation to Climate Change 9/27/10 9/26/15 North America
U-Series Disequilibrium in Weddell Sea Sediments: Rates of Iceberg Discharge and Impact on Global Oceans 12/1/10 11/30/13 Antarctica
USGS Charter contract for R/V Langseth (Ship OPS) 8/1/14 6/30/16
USGS -IEDA Partnership to Support a Data Lifecycle Framework and Tools 10/1/13 9/30/17
Using Numerical Models of Poroelastic Fluid Flow to Constrain the Permeability Structure of Young Ocean Crust 9/1/09 8/31/12 Pacific Ocean
Using tree rings to develop critical scientific and mathematical thinking skills in undergraduate students 1/1/14 4/30/20 North America
USSSP-Participation in IODP Expedition 322 Nantroseize Stage 2 Subduction Input on the D/V Chikyu. Correlation Between Core, Log, and Seismic Data in Lower Shikoku Basin Sediments at IODP Site C0011 9/1/09 11/9/12 Pacific Ocean ; Shikoku Basin ; Nankai Trough, Offshore Japan ; Japan
Utilization of Environmental Isotopes in Water Resources Management in Egypt 3/1/88 2/28/13 Africa ; North Africa ; Egypt
Validating particulate matter monitors for multiple parameters 9/7/11 8/31/15
Validation of Biogeochemical Measurements in the Arctic Ocean from Virginia and Sea Wolf Class Submarines 3/1/11 12/31/15 Arctic Ocean
Validation of the B/Ca Proxy for Surface Seawater pH and Application to Measure Anthropogenic Ocean Acidification 3/15/08 2/28/14 Global ; Catalina Island, CA ; Isla Magueyes, Puerto Rico
Variability and Trends in Tropospheric Oxidation: Interactions with Regional Air Quality, Global Atmospheric composition, and Climate Trends 2/15/17 2/14/21 Global
Ventilation History of the Sulu Sea: Record of Abrupt Changes in the Tropical Western Pacific Thermocline 8/15/17 7/31/19 Pacific Ocean ; Sulu Sea Basin ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
Vertical Upwelling and Bottom-Boundary Layer Dispersal at a Natural Seep site 1/1/16 12/31/18 Global
Vulnerability of East Antarctic ice streams to warm ocean water incursions 7/1/13 6/30/17 Antarctica ; Southern Ocean ; East Antarctica
Vulnerability of the Arctic Marginal Ice Zone to Changes in Drifting Ice 7/15/06 12/31/10 Arctic
Vulnerability of the U.S. Atlantic coast to hazards associated with extreme weather storms 1/16/14 1/15/18 North America ; United States ; Atlantic Coast
Water diffusion in olivine: Experiments and application to phenocrysts 1/1/15 2/28/17 Global
Water in the Lithosphere: The Fidelity of Mantle Xenoliths 9/1/17 8/31/19 North America ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) ; Grand Canyon, AZ ; Arizona ; Mojave Desert, CA ; California
Wave Breaking in High Winds and its Effects on the Air-Sea Exchange of Gasses of Varying Solubility 9/1/15 1/31/18 Arctic Ocean ; Greenland
Weddell Sea Moorings 7/1/08 6/30/14 Southern Ocean ; Weddell Gyre
Weddell Sea Moorings 10/1/18 8/31/21 Southern Ocean ; Weddell Sea
West Antarctic Ice Shelf- Ocean Bathymetry Interactions 7/15/18 6/30/20 Antarctica ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
West Antartctic Ice Shelf - Ocean Interactions 4/1/18 3/31/20 Antarctica ; West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Wireline Log-Based Stratigraphy along a Shelf-Slope Transect in the Canterbury Basin, New Zealand 1/4/10 11/3/12 Pacific Ocean ; Canterbury Basin ; Offshore, South Island of New Zealand
Workshop Monsoons & ITCZ: the annual cycle in the Holocene and the future 5/1/15 4/30/16 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Workshop on Antarctic Surface Hydrology and Future Ice-shelf Stability 7/15/17 12/31/18 Antarctica
Workshop on Paleo-Ocean Acidification and Carbon Cycle Perturbation Events August 26-28, 2010 6/1/10 5/31/13 Global ; Catalina Island, CA ; California
WSL PURE Ocean Science Research 2/1/16 12/31/18 Global ; Palisades, NY
WWF: Changing sea ice conditions in the Canadian Arctic 1/1/12 12/31/13 Arctic
Collaborative Research: Informal risk-sharing and private initiative to mitigate local environmental risks 5/15/19 4/30/22
LDEO Cruise Operations for Falkor 2019 7/15/19 6/30/20
High Wavenumber Ocean Gravity-Capillary Wave Measurements Using Polarimetry for Doppler Scatterometer Measurement Physics 7/24/19 7/23/20
Integration of Satellite and In-Situ Observations to Investigate the Evolution of High Salinity Shelf Water in the Terra Nova Bay polynya, Antarctica 9/1/19 8/31/21 Antarctica ; Terra Nova Bay Polynya
Ocean Gravity-Capillary Waves: Dependence on Sea-Surface Processes and Microlayer Properties 9/1/19 8/31/21
PAHs and Puberty in Girls at Increased Breast Cancer Risk 10/1/18 9/30/20 North America ; California
Distribution, Transport, and Fate of Microplastics and Associated Pollutants in the Lower Hudson River and Waterways around New York City 7/1/19 6/30/22 North America ; Hudson River, NY ; New York City, NY
Novel extracellular vesicle and molecular biomarkers of environmental exposure and disease in ALS progression 9/30/19 9/29/21 North America ; New York City, NY
ARC-NAV: Arctic Robust Communities-Navigating Adaptation to Variability 9/15/19 8/31/24 Arctic ; Beringia
CAREER: Monsoon and the Upper Troposphere Lower Stratosphere 9/2/17 4/30/23 North America
Collaborative Research: Thermodynamics and thermoelasticity of iron-bearing phases 7/1/19 6/30/22
Three Compliance Instruments for Axial Volcano to Observe Long Term Evolution of the Magma Chamber and in Support of OOI Observations 10/1/19 9/30/21 North America ; Axial Volcano
Validating Pressure Gauges for Seafloor Seismology and Geodesy 12/1/19 11/30/21 North America ; Oceania ; Alaska, New Zealand
Health Effects and Geochemistry of Arsenic and Manganese 9/13/19 3/31/20
NNA Track 1: Collaborative Research: ARC-NAV: Arctic Robust Communities-Navigating Adaptation to Variability 9/15/19 8/31/24 Arctic
Collaborative Research: Earth Venture Suborbital -2 Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) 4/10/15 3/27/20 Arctic ; Greenland
Collaborative Research: Linking Sea Ice and Snow Cover Changes to Greenland Mass Balance through Stratospheric and Tropospheric Pathways 8/1/19 8/31/22 Arctic ; Greenland Ice Sheet
Collaborative Research: P2C2--Quantifying Holocene Climate Variations through Data Assimilation using Proxies and General Circulation Models (GCMs) Output 9/1/19 8/31/22 North America ; Africa
Anticipating Earthquakes Initiative: Application of Machine Learning to Study the Causes of Earthquakes 1/1/20 12/31/20 North America ; Mid-Atlantic Region
Europe and Global Challenges - Research Proposal, Impact of intensified weather extremes on Europe's economy 10/1/18 9/30/22 Europe
EAGER: Measurement of Sulfur Hexafluoride and Argon-39 on Archived Samples from the Atlantic Ocean Collected in the 1980s 9/1/19 8/31/20 Atlantic Ocean
Collaborative Research: A Seismic Study of Oceanic-Arc Crustal Construction Processes at the Archetypal Andreanof Segment of the Aleutian Arc 9/1/19 8/31/22 North America ; Aleutian Arc
SCEC5 USGS Year 3 Research Collaboration at the Columbia University 2/1/19 1/31/20 North America ; United States
Earthquake Simulators and Next Generation Hazard Models (UCERF4): Collaborative Research with Columbia University and USGS Golden 7/1/19 6/30/21 North America
GCR: Collaborative Research: Disentangling Environmental Change and Social Factors as Drivers of Migration 10/1/19 9/30/23 Global
EAGER: Exploring a Community Driven Data-model Framework for Testing the Stability of the Greenland Ice Sheet 9/1/18 8/31/20 Arctic ; Greenland Ice Sheet
A Geospatial Analysis of Glacier Volume Change 5/15/19 10/14/21 Global
Collaborative Research: P2C2: Reconstructing Holocene Climate Change in the Southern Hemisphere from Southern Alps Mountain Glaciers and Tree Rings 9/1/19 8/31/22 Atlantic Ocean ; Oceania ; North Atlantic ; Southern Alps, New Zealand
Aleutian - Alaska Workshop at Lamont for GeoPrisms Synthesis 8/1/19 2/29/20 Pacific Ocean ; Aleutian-Alaska Subduction Zone
Anticipating Volcanic Eruptions in Real-Time (AVERT) 11/4/19 9/30/21 North America ; Alaska
P2C2: New Zealand Climate in Three Warm Periods 7/15/19 6/30/21 Oceania ; South Island of New Zealand
Establishing Extraterrestrial 3He as a Plio-Pleistocene Constant Flux Proxy 8/15/19 7/31/22 Global
Collaborative Research: Estuarine Metabolism and Gas Exchange Determined from Dissolved Oxygen Time Series: Method Development, Field Evaluation, and Application to Historical Data 1/1/20 12/31/22
Climate Change and Portfolio Risk: Curriculum Development and Workshop Presentations 7/15/19 2/15/20 Global
Assessment and Calibration of Extreme Precipitation Probabilities in S2S Forecast Models 9/1/19 8/31/22 North America
EarthCube Data Capabilities: Collaborative Proposal: Reducing Time-To-Science in the Earth Sciences: Annotations to Foster Convergence, Inclusion, and Credit 9/15/19 8/31/22 Global
Operation of Continuous GNSS Stations in Russia 10/1/19 9/30/21 Asia ; Russia
Determination of Body Wave Magnitudes of the North Korean Underground Nuclear Tests 9/24/19 9/22/20 Asia ; North Korea
Electromagnetic Methods Research Consortium: Shell International Exploration and Production Inc. Sponsorship 1/1/19 12/31/20
Collaborative Research: Exploring the Linkages between Sea-Level Change, Sediment Transport and Geomorphology on Coastal Freshwater Water Sequestration 7/15/19 6/30/21 North America ; New Jersey
Electromagnetic Methods Research Consortium: Anglo American Exploration (Canada) Ltd. Sponsorship 2/1/20 1/31/22
Sampling Peculiarity of Sea Surface Temperature Data Sets from Drifting Buoys due to the Lagrangian Nature of Observing Platforms 9/1/19 8/31/22 Global
Modeling Fecal Indicator Bacteria Persistence in Turbid Rivers Using Satellite Data 9/1/19 8/31/21
The Law and Science of Climate Change Attribution 12/1/19 11/30/22 North America ; United States
Climate Information Needs Assessment 1/1/20 5/31/20 North America
Collaborative Research: Vertical Gradients in Southern Ocean Radiocarbon Across the Major Climate Transitions of the Last 30,000 Years 9/1/19 8/31/22 Southern Ocean
Bio-Optical Monitoring and Evaluation System (BIOMES) for Improving Satellite Estimates of Ocean Net Primary Production for Carbon Cycling and Climate Change Studies 12/1/19 11/30/22 Global
Using Multi-Satellite Observations to Analyze Ground-Level Ozone Sensitivity to NOx and VOC Precursor Emissions, from Urban to Global Scales 9/1/18 8/31/20 Global
Investigating Drivers of Particulate Matter Pollution over India and the Implications for Climate 1/1/19 6/30/21 Asia ; India
Collaborative Research: Optimization of the Multibeam Sonar Systems of the U.S. Academic Fleet through Coordinated System Testing, Tool Development, and Community Outreach 7/1/19 6/30/24 North America ; United States
Marine Geoscience Data System 2020: Optimizing Established Data Infrastructure for the Future 11/1/19 10/31/22 Global
GeoPRISMS Data Legacy Workshop: New York, NY - Spring 2020 12/1/19 11/30/20 North America ; United States
Collaborative Research: P2C2 - Hydroclimatic Response of El Nino-Southern Oscillation to Natural and Anthropogenic Radiative Forcing 8/15/19 7/31/21 Asia ; Muna, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Three-Dimensional Observational Estimates of Mesoscale Eddy Kinetic Energy in the Global Ocean: Understanding the Energetics of the Climate System 8/1/19 7/31/21 Global
Collaborative Research: Ocean Transport and Eddy Energy 9/1/19 8/31/22 Global
PANGEO Climate Data Science Lab 9/12/19 9/1/21
Collaborative Research: P2C2 - Reconstructing Atmospheric 14C across the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone Using Tropical Tree Rings from South America and Central Africa 7/15/19 6/30/22 South America ; Africa ; Ecuador ; Peru ; Bolivia ; Brazil ; Cameroon
Quantifying Socioecological Consequences of Changing Snow and Icescapes: A Data-model Fusion Approach 9/1/19 8/31/21 Arctic
R2R Data Management Services for the Academic Fleet: 2020-2024 12/1/19 11/30/24 Global
Supporting Antarctic Research with Ongoing Operations and Development of the USAP-DC Project Catalog and Data Repository 12/1/19 11/30/22 Antarctica
Crowd-Sourced Traffic Data: Predicting Air Pollution & Acute Ischemic Stroke 7/1/19 6/30/22
Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board (OOIFB) Administrative Support Office 8/1/19 9/30/23 Global
P2C2: Towards a Precipitation History of Easter Island Since the Last Glacial Period 9/1/19 8/31/21 Oceania ; Pacific Ocean ; Easter Island
Solid Carbon: A Climate Mitigation Partnership Advancing Stable Negative Emissions 10/1/19 10/1/23 North America ; British Columbia
EAGER: Spatio-temporal Variability of Microplastics in Ocean and River Cores using Fluorescence Microscopy 4/15/20 3/31/21 North America ; Hudson River ; Long Island Sound
Laboratory Study of Frictional Stability and Tidal Triggering in Ice Mixtures 12/31/19 12/30/22
Collaborative Research: A Flexible Framework for Radiation Parameterizations Traceable to Benchmarks 3/1/20 2/28/23 Global
Testing an Arc Volcanism - Climate Link in a High-Latitude Plio-Pleistocene Marine Tephra Archive at ODP Site 882 (Northwest Pacific) 3/15/20 2/28/23 Pacific Ocean ; Northwest Pacific
Collaborative Research: Defining the Role of the Pan Genome in Emiliania Huxleyi Ecology and Biogeography 3/15/20 2/28/23 Global
Understanding Firn Rheology Through Laboratory Compaction Experiments and Radar Data 4/1/20 3/31/23 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: Incoming Plate and Forearc Structure of the Semidi and SW Kodiak Segments offshore Alaska Peninsula from 3-D Active-source and Local Earthquake Tomography 4/1/20 3/31/23 North America ; Arctic ; Alaskan Peninsula
Collaborative Research: Dynamic and Thermodynamic Mechanisms of Heat Extremes in the Northern Hemisphere 4/1/20 3/31/23 Global
Collaborative Research: P2C2 - Multi-Century Perspectives on Current and Future Flow in the Lower Missouri River Basin 7/1/20 6/30/23 North America ; Lower Missouri River Basin, US
Community Facility Support: The Global CMT Project 3/1/20 2/28/23 Global
Consortium for Monitoring, Technology, and Verification (MTV) 5/1/19 9/19/21 North America ; Ann Arbor, MI
Collaborative Research: P2C2 - Insights Into Tropical Pacific Climate From Paleoproxy Data Assimilation Into an Intermediate Complexity Dynamical Model 6/1/20 5/31/23 Pacific Ocean
Forced Precipitation Response in a Single Column Model with Parameterized Dynamics 3/1/20 2/28/23 Global
Collaborative Research: Interhemispheric and Zonal Asymmetries of the ITCZ 2/1/20 1/31/23 Global
Precision Seismic Monitoring in Northern California: Updating and Improving the Real-time Double-difference (RTDD) System 1/1/20 12/31/20 North America ; Northern California, US
CAREER: Developing Novel Biomarker Proxies to Constrain Neogene Changes in African Woody Cover and Paleoecological Contexts of Hominin Evolution 4/1/20 6/30/21 Africa
Collaborative Research: Forced Drivers of Trends in Ocean Biogeochemistry: Volcanos and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide 3/1/20 2/28/23 Global
RAPID - Assessing the Response of the Seychelles-Chagos Thermocline Ridge Ecosystem to an Indian Ocean Dipole Event 3/1/20 2/28/23 Indian Ocean
Exploring Ocean Worlds: Ocean System Science to Support the Search for Life 8/2/19 8/1/24 Global ; Icy moons in our solar system
Enhancing the impact of well testing for fluoride with skits and songs in rural India 1/1/20 12/31/21 Asia ; Jobat Tehsil, Alirajpur District, Madhya Pradesh, India
Zinc Isotope Constraints on Zinc Availability in Soil-Crop System combating Zinc Deficieny 1/1/20 12/31/21 Asia ; India
Integrating air pollution prediction models: Uncertainty quantification and propagation in health studies 3/16/20 12/31/21 Global
Ab Initio Geochemistry of Hydrous Phases 1/1/19 3/31/21 Global
Collaborative Research: P2C2 - Synthesizing Asian Monsoon Hydroclimate and Indo-Pacific Variability on Seasonal to Multi-Decadal Timescales Using Tree-Rings and Coupled Climate Models 5/1/20 4/30/23 Global
Collaborative Research: Reconstructing River Discharge and Hydrologic Variability in Panamá via Coral Geochemistry: Implications for Management of the Panamá Canal 6/1/20 5/31/22 Central America ; Panama Canal
Using a Correlation Detector to Reduce the Magnitude Threshold of a Foreshock and Aftershock Catalog of the 2004 Parkfield Earthquake to Test Models of Foreshock and Aftershock Occurrence 4/1/20 3/31/21 North America
Ocean Temperatures Through Early Cenozoic Climate Maxima Across a Latitudinal Transect from the North to the South Pacific - A Multi-Proxy In Situ Approach 6/1/20 5/31/23 Pacific Ocean
Collaborative Research: EarthChem & SESAR - Data Infrastructure for Geochemistry and Earth Science Samples Communities 5/15/20 4/30/24 Global
GreenDrill: The response of the northern Greenland Ice Sheet to Arctic Warmth - Direct constraints from sub-ice bedrock 10/1/20 9/30/24 North America ; Greenland Ice Sheet
Flexible Energy Technical Analysis 5/1/20 4/30/21
Quantifying the Impact of Biogenic and Anthropogenic Fluxes on the Atmospheric Composition of the New York City Metro Area 9/1/20 8/31/22 North America ; New York City
Improving Detection and Location of Small Seismic Events Using Data from A Rare Deployment 5/1/20 4/30/21
Earthquakes and Tsunamis 9/1/19 6/30/22
EAGER: Collaborative Research: Rapid Production of Geospatial Network Inputs for Spatially Explicit Epidemiologic Modeling of COVID-19 in the USA 6/1/20 5/31/21 North America ; United States ; New York ; Los Angeles, CA
IPA: Transition of the Lamont-Doherty Cooperative Seismographic Network and Integration of Selected Stations into USGS - Gold 6/1/20 10/31/20
IPA: Updating and Extending Scaling Analysis for the Next US National Seismic Hazard Map 6/1/20 5/31/21 North America ; United States
IPA: Transition of the Lamont-Doherty Cooperative Seismographic Network and Integration of Selected Stations into USGS - Contino 6/1/20 9/20/20
NSFGEO-NERC: Adjoint Tomography of Mantle Viscosity using Deglacial Sea Level Observations 6/15/20 5/31/22 Global
Worthington Deployment 4/1/20 7/31/23
Combining Data and Models for Robust Estimates of Global Air-Sea CO2 Fluxes 9/1/20 8/31/23 Global
What Controls the CO2/SO2 Ratio in Arc Volcanic Gas? 9/1/20 8/31/22 Global
Collaborative Research: Caldera Dynamics and Eruption Cycles at Axial Seamount 7/15/20 6/30/23 Global
COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Early Career Coring Principal Investigator Training Cruise 7/15/20 6/30/22
Collaborative Research: Network Hub: Enabling, Supporting, and Communicating Critical Zone Research 9/1/20 8/31/25
19-MAP19-0011; Assessing the Impact of Glacial Melt on the Coupled Climate 6/10/20 6/9/21 Global
CSEDI Collaborative Research: Understanding what we see in the lower mantle - mineral physics interpretation of seismic tomographic images 7/15/20 6/30/23 Global
The Northern Embayments of the Indian Ocean and the Indonesian Throughflow [BoB-AS-ITF] 6/1/20 7/19/22 Indian Ocean ; Bay of Bengal
SCOPE-ALOHA 7/1/20 7/30/21
Collaborative Research: AccelNet: Clean Air Monitoring and Solutions Network (CAMS-Net) 1/1/21 12/31/25 Global
Black Carbon Exposure, DNA Methylation, Airway Inflammation in Pediatric Asthma 11/1/11 10/31/16 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Supporting Marine Geoscience Research with Ongoing Growth of the Global Multi-Resolution Topography Synthesis and Maintenance of GeoMapApp 9/1/19 8/31/22 Global ; Global ocean
Evaluating and Constraining Models’ Stratocumulus and Cumulus Cloud Feedbacks in the Tropics using Satellite Observations to Reduce Uncertainties in Future Climate Projections 9/1/20 8/31/21 Pacific Ocean ; Atlantic Ocean ; Indian Ocean
A Multi-Spectral Thermal Infrared Imaging System for Air-Sea Interaction Research 9/1/20 8/31/22
Anticipatory Assessment: Future US Droughts Under the Influence of Evolving Modes of Variability and Long-Term Change 9/1/20 8/31/22 North America
Assessing the Role of the Atmosphere in Extreme Arctic Sea Ice Melting Events from Daily to Centennial Time Scales 6/29/20 6/28/23 Arctic
SLICE: Spectral Signs of Life in Ice 4/20/18 4/19/22 Antarctica ; Arctic
Building Resilience to Wildfires in the Western United States: Predictive Modeling in a Coupled Climate and Human System 9/1/20 8/31/22 North America ; United States
Collaborative Research: Building Geologically Informed Bed Classes to Improve Projections of Ice Sheet Change 8/15/20 7/31/23 Antarctica ; Amundsen Sea ; Thwaites Glacier
Collaborative Research: EAGER: Development of a Method for Paired Potassium/Argon Geochronology and Strontium-Neodymium-Lead Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry of Dust in Ice Cores 8/15/20 7/31/22 Antarctica ; Southern Ocean
Collaborative Research: Examining Pyrotechnology and Ecosystem Change in the Archaeological Record 8/1/20 7/31/24 Africa ; Lake Turkana
Collaborative Research: Frameworks: Internet of Samples: Toward an Interdisciplinary Cyberinfrastructure for Material Samples 8/15/20 7/31/24
Collaborative Research: Management and Implementation of US GEOTRACES GP17 Section: Amundsen Sea Sector of the Antarctic Continental Margin (GP17-ANT) 1/1/21 12/31/23 Antarctica ; Amundsen Sea
Management and Implementation of US GEOTRACES GP17 Section: South Pacific and Southern Ocean (GP17-OCE) 10/1/20 9/30/23 Pacific Ocean ; Southern Ocean ; Tahiti ; Chile
Collaborative Research: Quantifying Incoming Plate Hydration and Role of Fluids on Megathrust Properties In and Around the Guerrero Gap, Offshore Mexico 12/1/20 11/30/21 North America ; Guerrero Gap ; Mexico
Collaborative Research: Reconstructing Temperatures During the Mid-Pliocene Warm Period in the McMurdo Dry Valleys with Cosmogenic Noble Gases 8/15/20 7/31/23 Antarctica ; McMurdo Dry Valleys
Developing Novel Methods to Measure Historic Wetland Accretion 9/1/20 8/31/22
EAGER: Collaborative Research: Alliance-Building Offshore to Achieve Resilience and Diversity (All-ABOARD) 10/1/20 9/30/22
Process-Based Understanding of Extreme Asian Monsoon Rainfall Response to Anthropogenic Forcings 9/1/20 8/31/21 Asia
Support the Regional Framework Agreements (RFA) on Air Pollution in Africa with a focus on East Africa 9/30/20 9/30/23 Africa
Regional Influences of Vegetation on Complex Droughts in North America 9/1/20 8/31/22 North America
EarthCube Data Capabilities: A Cloud-Native Data Repository for the Geoscience Community 9/1/20 8/31/23
R/V Marcus G. Langseth - Oceanographic Instrumentation 2020 9/1/20 8/31/21
Greenland Ice Sheet Dynamic Response to Inland Expansion of a Hydrologically-Active Ice-Sheet Bed 10/1/20 9/30/23 North America ; Greenland Ice Sheet ; New York City, NY
Improving the Capabilities and Computational Efficiency of the RTE+RRTMGP Radiation Code 9/1/20 8/31/21
Inferring Ocean Transport from SWOT 6/1/20 5/31/21 Global
Health impacts of herbicides and pesticides: bridging the gap from correlation to causation with more low‐cost environmental data 1/1/21 12/31/22 South America
Assessing and Informing Health System Resilience to Climate Change 11/1/19 Africa ; Mozambique
Collaborative Research: Uncovering the Ross Ocean and Ice Shelf Environment and Tectonic setting Through Aerogeophysical Surveys and Modeling (ROSETTA-ICE) 9/9/16 8/31/19 Antarctica ; Ross Ice Shelf
Reconstructing ocean carbon storage changes from the Eocene to the Oligocene, 38-28 Ma" 1/1/21 12/31/22
Evaluating and Constraining Models’ Stratocumulus and Cumulus Cloud Feedbacks in the Tropics using Satellite Observations to Reduce Uncertainties in Future Climate Projections
Along-strike Variations in Synrift Magmatism on the Eastern North American Margin 4/15/17 3/31/21 Global ; North America
Collaborative Research: EarthCube Data Capabilities: A Data-Driven Modeling Infrastructure to Support Research and Education in Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology 8/15/20 7/31/23 Global
2020-2024 Provision of Log Data Reduction and Database Services for Scientific Ocean Drilling 10/1/20 9/30/24 Global ; North America
Collaborative Research: The Influence of Climate and Tectonics on Miocene Ecosystems and Faunal Evolution in the East African Rift, Kenya 1/1/21 1/31/23
Observations in Support of Methane Source Characterization within New York State 12/1/20 5/31/22 North America
Data Services for E/V Nautilus 10/1/20 9/30/21
Advancing Carbonyl Sulfide (OCS) as an Independent Atmospheric Tracer for Global Photosynthesis through Quantification of Microbial-Mediated Sources and Sinks in Soils 1/15/21 12/31/21
Refined Integration of Remote Sensing with Biological Parameters for Improved Management of LIS Water Quality/Long Island Sound Study 2018-2022 10/1/20 9/30/21 North America
Southern Pacific Cruise 10/1/20 9/30/21 Pacific Ocean
Continued Arsenic Testing for Hunterdon Healthcare Patients 1/13/21 8/31/21 North America
Collaborative Research: Understanding Glacial-Geomorphic-Climatic Changes in the Arid Andes: Cordillera Oriental as a Case Study 2/1/21 1/31/22 South America
Correlation Detection and Location of Small Seismic Events in a Broad Region of Interest using data from a Rare Deployment 9/30/20 9/29/21
Multisensor Observation of Drivers of Phytoplankton Community Structure and Productivity in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean 2/1/21 1/31/24 Atlantic Ocean
Identifying the Characteristics of Ice Shelf Basal Melt and Crevasses, using Airborne Radar and Satellite Measurements, to Assess Feedbacks between Ocean Variability and Basal Roughness 2/1/21 3/14/24
Broadening Our Reach Through the Next Generation of Hudson River Educators 2/1/20 1/31/22 North America ; Hudson River
The Influence of Fault Geometry on Shallow Frictional Sliding in Subduction Zones 2/1/21 1/31/24 Global
Investigating Spatiotemporal Patterns at the Nexus of Air Pollution, Climate and Public Health over the Northeast U.S.A. 1/25/21 1/24/25 North America
Collaborative Research: Investigating the Relationship Between Ocean Surface Gravity- Capillary Waves, Surface-Layer Hydrodynamics, and Air-Sea Momentum Flux 3/1/21 2/28/23 Global
Investigating Near-Surface Ocean Heating and Mixing Processes in the Presence of Surface Material 6/1/21 5/31/23 Global
Center for Learning the Earth with Artificial Intelligence and Physics (LEAP) 10/1/21 9/30/26 Global
Collaborative Research: The Relationship between El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Diversity and Tropical Cyclones in a Hierarchy of Models 3/15/21 2/29/24
Collaborative Research: OpenDendro - Advanced Open-source Tools for Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction 6/1/21 5/31/23 Global
Accounting for the Health Benefits of Air Pollution Regulations in China, 2008-2020 6/1/20 5/31/21 Asia
Mobile Laboratory Measurements of Methane, Ethane, and Co-pollutants from Landfills, Oil and Gas Systems and Other Sources in New York State 1/21/21 7/1/24 North America
RCN: Sampling Nature: A Network to Enhance the Natural History Value Chain for Sustainability Science 4/15/21 3/31/24 Global ; North America
Oxidizing Oases in the Paleoarchean Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa 1/7/21 1/25/25 Africa
REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates: Interdisciplinary Cutting-Edge Research though the Analysis of Global Data 5/1/21 4/30/22 Global ; North America
Assistance in the Organization of the 2021 Salinity Science Conference 3/22/21 6/30/22 North America
Last Interglacial Sea-level Evolution from U-series Chronology of Ooids, Corals, and Caves Deposits from Crooked Island, Bahamas 5/15/21 4/30/23 Atlantic Ocean ; Central America
Collaborative Research: US GEOTRACES GP17-OCE: Understanding Neodymium Isotopes and Rare Element Systematics in the South Pacific 10/1/21 9/30/24 Pacific Ocean
R/V Marcus G. Langseth - Oceanographic Instrumentation 2021 3/15/21 2/28/22 Atlantic Ocean ; Pacific Ocean
Quantification of Climate Change Scenario Risk using Catastrophe Models 11/1/20 10/31/21
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory – Anticipating Earthquakes Initiative 1/1/21 12/31/21
Scaling Technologies for Carbon Removal Using High-Resolution Imaging to Optimize Enhanced Weathering 1/1/21 12/31/22 Global
Evaluation of Injection Strategies to Optimize Long-Term CO2 Mineralization in Basalt Reservoirs 9/1/21 8/31/23
M2LInES - Multiscale Machine Learning in Coupled Earth System Modeling (VESRI) 12/18/20 12/31/21 Global
Global Tropical Loss Model 2/1/21 1/31/22
Marine Data Repository Services for the SOI Falkor - 2021 5/13/21 1/31/22
Leveraging the Geologic Record to Constrain Solar System Evolution, Earth-Moon Dynamics, Paleoclimate Change, and Geological Time 6/1/21 5/31/22 Global
Secondary School Field Research Program: Engaging NYC Students in Local Field Research 7/1/17 6/30/23 North America
Impact of the Amazon River Plume on nitrogen availability and planktonic food web dynamics in the Western Tropical North Atlantic 1/1/18 12/31/21
Collaborative Research: U.S. GEOTRACES GP17-OCE and GP17-ANT: Thorium-230, Thorium-232 and Protactinium-231 as Tracers of Trace Element Supply and Removal 7/1/21 6/30/24 Global
Collaborative Research: Laboratory and Theoretical Studies of Geyser Dynamics 7/1/21 6/30/24 North America ; South America ; Asia ; Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming ; El Tatio, Chile ; Geyser Valley ; Kamchatka
Decadal Regime Shifts in the Pacific Ocean: Mechanisms, Hydroclimatic Imprints, and Predictability 9/1/21 8/31/24 Pacific Ocean ; North America ; South America
Collaborative Research: NSFGEO-NERC: P2C2 -- Understanding Trans-Hemispheric Modes of Climate Variability: A Novel Tree-Ring Data Transect Spanning the Himalaya to Southern Ocean 7/15/21 6/30/24 Asia ; Indian Ocean ; Southern Ocean
Understanding Methane Changes in Cities Affected by COVID-19 Shutdowns 9/9/21 8/31/22
BIOSCape-Mapping of phytoplankton functional types from space in support of coastal resource management and decision support activities 6/1/22 5/1/25 Indian Ocean ; Atlantic Ocean
GLIMR: A hyperspectral geostationary sensor for measurement of dynamic coastal ecosystem and carbon cycle processes 5/1/21 1/1/27 Atlantic Ocean
RAPID: Assessing the Response of the Seychelles-Chagos Thermocline Ridge Ecosystem to an Indian Ocean Dipole Event 3/1/20 2/1/23 Indian Ocean ; North America
Bio-Optical Monitoring and Evaluation System (BIOMES) for improving satellite estimates of Ocean Net Primary Production for Carbon Cycling and Climate Change studies 12/1/19 11/1/22 Global
Decision and Information System for the Coastal waters of Oman (DISCO) - An integrative tool for managing coastal resources under changing climate 5/1/17 4/1/23 Asia ; North America ; Indian Ocean
Collaborative Research: NNA Research: Rapid Arctic change and its implications for fisheries and fishing communities of the western North Atlantic 1/1/23 12/1/23 North America
Ecological and sociodemographic determinants and impacts of urbanization and restoration on intertwined urban-wetland-estuarine systems 7/1/17 7/1/22 North America ; Atlantic Ocean
Development of a Prototype Kenya Ocean Monitoring and Decision Support System for Sustainable Coastal Resource Management under Climate Change 6/1/22 8/1/24 Africa ; Columbia Global Centers, Nairobi
Mixotrophy in the Oceans – Novel Experimental designs and Tools for a new trophic paradigm (MixONET) (SCOR Working Group 165) 1/1/21 8/1/24 Global
Qiñiġniaḷak qiñiġnaqsiḷugu: A Community Based Microbial Observatory, Narrative and Framework for Co-Production of Knowledge Practice 7/7/21 12/1/23 North America ; Alaska ; Kotzebue
Refining the Meaning of K/Ar Ages of Glaucony at the Single Pellet Level in the Austin Chalk Formation of Texas 7/1/21 8/31/22 North America ; United States ; Texas
Collaborative Research: EAGER: Scaling Necessary Change, Coalitions and Community (SNC):Brave Leadership for Better Geoscience 10/1/21 9/30/23 Global
Collaborative Research: Probing the Ventilation Efficiency of the Deep Ocean with Conservative Dissolved Gas Tracers in Archived Samples 9/1/21 8/31/24 Global
Collaborative Research: Socio-economic Patterns, Public Perceptions, and ClimateVulnerabilities of Water Resources and Quality 12/1/21 11/30/24 Global
Collaborative Proposal: CO2PIP — A Community Project to Advance and Standardize Approaches to Paleo-CO2 Reconstruction and Build the Next-Generation Phanerozoic Record 8/1/21 7/31/24 Global
Collaborative Research: EarthCube Data Capabilities: Volcanology Hub for Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Tools and Resources (VICTOR) 9/1/21 8/31/24 Global
NSFGEO-NERC: Collaborative Research: Environmental Change and Impacts on Ancient Human Colonization of Peary Land, Northernmost Greenland 10/1/21 9/30/23 Arctic ; Greenland
Collaborative Research: EarthCube Capabilities: Open Polar Radar (OPoRa) Software and Service 9/1/21 8/31/24 Global
Development of a High-Throughput/High-Sensitivity, in situ 14C Extraction Line for US Earth Sciences 8/15/21 7/31/23 Global
Pan-Antarctic Assessment of Sedimentary Basins and the Onset of Streaming Ice Flow from Machine Learning and Aerogravity Regression Analyses 9/1/21 8/31/23 Antarctica
CAREER: Long-term Controls on Short-term Patterns of Magmatism: Towards a Unified Framework for Crustal Magma Transport 7/1/21 5/31/22 North America ; United States ; Oregon
Collaborative Research: Sedimentary Signature of Shallow and Tsunamigenic MegathrustRuptures: Observations and Physical Models from Recent Catastrophic Events 8/1/21 7/31/24 Asia ; Japan
Experimental Refinement of the Boron Isotope Proxy in Planktic Foraminifera – Temperature,Asymbiotic Sensitivity, and Seawater Elemental Composition 8/15/21 7/31/24 Global
Collaborative Research: Developing Argon Techniques to Elucidate Earthquake Chronologies (DATEEQ) 9/1/21 8/31/24 Global ; Japan ; New Zealand
Scalable Enrichment of 48Ca at the Solid/liquid Interface by Chemical and Electrochemical Methods 8/1/21 6/30/23 Global
Collaborative Research: EAGER: Generation of High Resolution Surface Melting Maps overAntarctica using Regional Climate Models, Remote Sensing and Machine Learning 1/1/22 12/31/23 North America ; Antarctica ; Greenland
Next Generation Mass Spectrometer for Noble Gas Geochronology 8/16/21 8/15/22 North America
Tracking the Movement and Strength of the Northern Hemisphere Westerlies over the Last Glacial Cycle 7/15/21 6/30/23 Pacific Ocean
Continuing Operations Proposal: The United States Polar Rock Repository as a Research Tool forUnderstanding Antarctica's Geological Evolution 5/1/21 3/31/22 Antarctica
OPP-PRF Investigating the Influence of Ocean Temperature on Antarctic Ice Sheet Evolution during the Early to Middle Pleistocene 10/1/21 9/30/23 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: Frameworks: Seismic Computational Platform for Empowering Discovery (SCOPED) 9/1/21 8/31/25 Global
Collaborative Research: Understanding the Impacts of Extreme Events on the Peoples of the Arctic 10/1/21 9/30/24 North America
Collaborative Research: Sensitivity of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to 2º Celsius (SWAIS 2C) 9/15/21 8/31/25 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: Linking Marine and Terrestrial Sedimentary Evidence for Plio-PleistoceneVariability of Weddell Embayment and Antarctic Peninsula Glaciation 9/1/21 8/31/24 Antarctica
Collaborative Research: Snow Transport in Katabatic Winds and Implications for the Antarctic Surface Mass Balance: Observations, Theory, and Numerical Modeling 9/1/21 8/31/24 Antarctica
MRI: Acquisition of Continuous Flow Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS) for Climate Change and Environmental Research at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 9/1/21 8/31/23 Global
Collaborative Research: RAPID: Submarine Record of Disastrous Earthquakes at a Strain Partitioned Transpressional Boundary: Haiti 2010 and 2021 11/1/21 11/30/22 North America ; Haiti
Changes in Impacts-relevant Climate in the the World’s Mediterranean Climate Regions: A Mechanisms-based Investigation of Atmosphere-Ocean-Land Processes across Seasons 12/15/21 11/30/24 Global
NSF Convergence Accelerator Workshop: Integrated Research on Societal Infrastructure Resilience to Stressing Events through Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Convergence 4/15/21 3/31/22 Global
Varnish Microlamination Dating of an Early Human Presence in North America 1/1/22 12/31/23 North America
Terrestrial Organics since The Oligocene (TOTO): The Rains Down in Africa 1/15/22 12/31/24 Africa ; Sahel
Collaborative Research: Vertical Seafloor Geodesy to Accurately Image Slow Slip Events in a NoisyOcean Environment 2/1/22 1/31/23 Asia ; Oceania ; New Zealand
Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board (OOIFB) Administrative Support Office 10/1/21 9/30/23 Global
COMBINED: Channelized Ocean Melting Beneath Ice shelves: Nonhydrostatic Ice and Estimating shelf Densities 1/1/22 12/31/24 Antarctica
Improving the Suitability of the Polar to Subpolar Planktic Foraminifera N. Pachyderma as a Climate Archive: New Approaches to Deduce 'Near Surface' Temperatures 6/1/22 5/31/24 Arctic ; Arctic Ocean
Quantifying the temperature responses of symbiotic nitrogen fixation and its carbon cost 9/1/21 8/31/22 Global
Collaborative Research: Imaging the 3D Viscosity Structure of the Antarctic Mantle with ExistingObservations from GPS and Relative Sea Level 2/15/22 1/31/25 Antarctica
Hudson River Education: A Voice of Unity 12/1/21 11/30/23 North America ; New York ; Hudson River
Travel: Symposium on Advances in Ocean Observation 3/1/22 2/28/23 Global
R/V Marcus G. Langseth - Oceanographic Instrumentation 2022 3/1/22 2/28/23 Global
Collaborative Research: Tracking Divergent Warming and Tree Growth at Arctic Treeline 3/1/22 2/28/25 Arctic Ocean ; North America ; Alaska ; Canada
LTER: The Role of Biogeochemical and Community Openness in Governing Ecological Change in Arctic Ecosystems 10/1/21 2/28/23 Arctic Ocean ; Alaska
Collaborative Research: Rift Dynamics during the Formation of the Carolina Trough and Blake Plateau 5/1/22 4/30/23 North America
Cycles of Drought and Floods during Past Interglacials in the East Mediterranean-Levant 10/1/21 9/30/22 Asia ; Europe
Collaborative Research: EAR-Climate: Linkages Between Glacio-climatic, Hydrothermal, and Volcanic Processes in the Central Andes 5/1/22 4/30/25 South America ; Central America ; Andes
An Idealized Global Modeling Framework for Understanding Relationships between Cloud Albedo and Atmospheric Composition 9/1/21 8/31/23 Global
GRate: Collaborative Research - Response of the Greenland Ice Sheet to ocean and atmosphere forcing in a changing Arctic system - integrating data and modeling to quantify rates of change 9/1/21 8/31/25 Arctic ; Greenland
Implementing Novel Solutions for Promoting Cultural Change In Geoscience Research & Education (INSPIRE) 11/1/22 10/31/27 Global ; North America ; New York City
Carbon fixation in future oceans: experimental adaptation of algal and cyanobacterial CO2-concentrating mechanisms to a changing climate 1/1/23 12/31/25