Mid-Atlantic Offshore Carbon Storage Resource Assessment Project

Lead PI: Dr. David S. Goldberg , Dr. Angela L. Slagle

Unit Affiliation: Division of Marine & Large Programs

October 2015 - December 2018
North America ; Atlantic Ocean ; Atlantic Ocean ; New England ; Canada
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: Attention to offshore prospects for geologic storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the U.S. is required to address numerous large point sources located along the U.S. Atlantic Coast. Research is underway to develop a reliable method for screening candidate storage formations with the greatest potential for effective, permanent storage of CO2, and producing data-driven regional-scale estimates of the prospective CO2 storage resource that exists offshore of the Mid-Atlantic U.S. This paper introduces the Mid-Atlantic U.S. Offshore Carbon Storage Resource Assessment project, describes the technical approach to achieve project goals, and presents preliminary results. The existing data set and challenges for data collection and analysis also are discussed.

OUTCOMES: This work primarily consists of the seismic reprocessing and interpretation associated with the project, focusing on the re-evaluation of 1970’s vintage legacy data using modern techniques. These methods achieve marked improvements in seismic imaging that allowed project team members to better estimate storage potential and make new geological interpretations along the U.S. Mid-Atlantic margin.


Battelle Memorial Institute


Department of Energy




basalt resources carbon sequestration offshore storage potential resource assessment geologic carbon dioxide


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