Millennium Villages-Project Community Health Worker Program-Renewal - MDG West; Community Health Worker Training in the Millennium Villages: Phase 2

Lead PI: Sonia Ehrlich Sachs

Unit Affiliation: Center for Sustainable Development (CSD)

January 2011 - June 2014
Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Millennium Villages
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: The second phase of the community health worker (CHW) training project will demonstrate the efficacy of a paid cadre of professional CHWs in improving child and maternal health outcomes via a robust management and quality assurance system, and will facilitate the governmental development of CHW programs.

OUTCOMES: 2011-2013: Researchers will ensure local management capacity for the CHW program; improve service delivery quality at the household level and continuum of care through informed decision-making processes and information feedback loops among the community, clinic, and management systems; and evaluate and disseminate program outcomes to be included in policy recommendations and site case studies for each Millennium Villages country.