Arsenic Exposure in US Drinking Water: Spatial Patterns, Temporal Trends, and Related Mortalities

Lead PI: Ana Navas-Acien , Anne Nigra

Unit Affiliation: Mailman School of Public Health

September 2018 - August 2021
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: This proposed study will contribute to our understanding of how national drinking water regulations impact exposure to drinking water As and subsequent As-related disease. We will identify subgroups not adequately protected by the current As MCL and further explore the contribution of As exposure to the ongoing cardiovascular disease epidemic as well as the potential positive impact of As regulation in drinking water in preventing cardiovascular disease. This study combines two national water As databases for surveillance of water As exposure and uses a novel residual-based biomarker to isolate urine water As resulting from drinking water. This study responds directly to NIEHS Strategic Plan goals, including Goal 2 (Understand individual susceptibility to chronic, complex diseases resulting from environmental factors), Goal 6 (Establish an environmental health disparities research agenda to understand the disproportionate risks of disease, and to define and support public health and prevention solutions in affected populations), and Goal 10 (Evaluate the economic impact of policies that reduce exposure to environmental toxicants, through prevention of disease and disabilities).