Assessment of Climate Induced Hazards in Ubekistan

Lead PI: Manishka Jeevani De Mel

Unit Affiliation: Center for Climate Systems Research (CCSR)

Unknown start date - Ongoing
Asia ; Central Asia ; Uzbekistan
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: The objective of the project is to provide climate risk information to support UNDP’s design of risk reduction activities related to early warning systems for climate change-induced hazards and landslides in Uzbekistan. Climate risk information and the description of Uzbekistan landslide hazard implications developed by CCSR are significant components in a feasibility study to identify the potential for climate change to exacerbate (in terms of intensity, frequency and spatial coverage) current hazards and risk. The analysis uses meteorological observations and global climate model outputs to provide an assessment of the impact of changing climate on landslide risk. The feasibility study is carried out to access funding from the Green Climate Fund for Uzbekistan.

1. Climate projections to support UNDP’s feasibility study for climate-related risks in Uzbekistan.

2. Summary report on projected changes in climate and implications on climate-induced hazards.

3. Guidance on interpreting and using climate risk information.