Research and Development for Sustainability Education in China

Lead PI: Dr. Steven Cohen , Dr. Dong Guo , Satyajit Bose

Unit Affiliation: Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management (SPM)

November 2018 - October 2023
Asia ; China
Project Type: Research Facilities & Operations

DESCRIPTION: The goal of this project is to understand the optimal pedagogical experiences and/or training methods that can induce people to understand, adopt, and apply sustainability principles and change their behaviors in China. It is our belief that society’s fundamental long-term problems can only be solved by instilling deep motivation and purposeful thinking in the next generation of learners. We believe that through appropriate education, we can begin to understand and tackle the global challenge of attaining environmental sustainability. Overall, the research is aimed to understand 1) What are the existing models of environmental education, 2) what are the relevant contents within each model, and 2) what are the available delivery methods most appropriate and conducive to learning, for both the youth and adult population.

OUTCOMES: Based on the findings from the research phase, and in consultation with Tencent Foundation, the Earth Institute in the second phase will design systematic learning modules for middle school students, and explore more diverse ways to accelerate the development of sustainability education in China, such as through providing teacher training on sustainability curriculum.

2019 Project Report

2020 Project Report


Tencent Foundation




Kelsie DeFrancia, Anyi Wang, Hayley Martinez, Cassie Xu, Alison Miller


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