Capacitating African Stakeholders with Climate Advisories and Insurance Development (CASCAID) II

Lead PI: Helen Greatrex

Unit Affiliation: International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI)

Unknown start date - Ongoing
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: CASCAID-II aims to reduce agricultural investment risk from smallholder farm to whole value chains to improve agricultural productivity and food security together with the profitability of agricultural enterprises, in a context of increasing smallholder integration in urban-driven markets. It builds upon experience acquired during the CASCAID-I project, by rooting the development of climate advisories and agricultural insurance in a value chain approach, hence the expanded focus on actors along the value chain (‘next users’) in addition to smallholders (‘end users’).

OUTCOMES: The expected outcomes are:
- 8 million farm households with improved access to capital, with increased benefits for women (millions)
- 40 institutions or major initiatives that use CCAFS research outputs for services that support farm households' management of climatic risks
- New investments by state, national, regional and global agencies, informed by CCAFS science and engagement
- Policy decisions taken (in part) based on engagement and information dissemination by CCAFS