Inclusive Climate Journalism Project

Lead PI: Andrew Revkin , Carolyn Harris

Unit Affiliation:

August 2019 - Ongoing
Project Type: Outreach

DESCRIPTION: Across the world, people lack access to ethical, accurate stories about our changing climate. Too often, local journalists are disconnected from the latest climate science that would enable them to tell life-changing stories. Similarly, scientists can lack access to human stories about lived climate change experiences to inform their research and to provide context for public use. The Inclusive Climate Journalism (ICJ) Project combines the power of the latest climate research and data from NASA and university scientists at Columbia University’s Center for Climate Systems Research (CCSR) and across the Earth Institute (EI) with the unprecedented access to human stories that the Global Press Institute reporters enjoy – a network of locally based women journalists reporting from over 100 countries. A CCSR team of scientists and education outreach staff will guide the ICJ collaboration with Global Press to around two main goals. The first is to develop an instructional module that will be delivered in a training to Global Press journalists. The second is scientist-journalist collaboration on a series of human-centered climate stories that both inform climate science and puts the best available climate information in the hands of local decision-makers in most impacted communities, available in English and the local language of the reporter(s) reaching millions of Global Press Journal readers.


Global Press Institute


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