Solid Carbon: A Climate Mitigation Partnership Advancing Stable Negative Emissions

Lead PI: Dr. David S. Goldberg

Unit Affiliation: Office of Marine Operations, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)

October 2019 - October 2023
North America ; British Columbia
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: Solid Carbon is an ambitious project to permanently and safely sequester carbon dioxide (CO2) as rock. The vision is to extract CO2 directly from the air or ocean. Then, using deep ocean technology powered by ocean-based wind and solar energy, inject the CO2 into the subseafloor basalt, where it mineralizes into solid carbonate rock.

Globally, over 90% of basalt resides in the ocean. Initially, researchers from this project will focus on ocean basalts that lie beneath the Cascadia Basin site off British Columbia's west coast.