Development of a Strategy for Transforming Education in Paraguay 2030

Lead PI: Alejandro Adler Braun

Unit Affiliation: Center for Sustainable Development (CSD)

February 2020 - December 2021
South America ; Paraguay
Project Type: Research Education

DESCRIPTION: The Center for Sustainable Development at Earth Institute within Columbia University will enter into a 14-month contractual agreement with the Organization for Ibero-American States (OE!, due to its name in Spanish) to work directly with the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Paraguay to conduct research that will be used to inform education policies in Paraguay. The scope of work for the collaboration will include: 1) data collection and analyses to produce an education sector analysis on Paraguay; 2) based on the research and sector analyses, assist in the design and implementation of a series of national summits at which diverse stakeholders across Paraguay will meet to come to consensus on a vision and purpose for the reform,, and 3) co-design a roadmap for implementation reform based on the findings of the summits and research-based sector analysis.