Enhancing National Climate Services Initiative (ENACTS) in Malawi and Tanzania

Lead PI: Dr Tufa Dinku

Unit Affiliation: International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI)

May 2020 - December 2020
Africa ; Malawi ; Tanzania
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: Enhancing National Climate Services (ENACTS) is a unique initiative developed by National Meteorological Agencies (NMAs), the IRI and partners to provide reliable and readily accessible climate data at high resolution to decision-makers in Africa. Engagement with NMAs is critical to this approach as they are the nationally mandated organization for the creation, management and dissemination of meteorological and climate information and are the custodians of the historical observational records.

Even though proper ENACTS has not been implemented in Malawi, the IRI Data Library has been installed and some maproom products created using global datasets. On the other hand, ENACTS has been implemented in Tanzania with some basic maprooms. This project is thus to implement proper ENACTS in Malawi, including new local data and maproom products, and update data and some maproom products for Tanzania.

II. Objectives
1. Implement ENACTS in Malawi
• Improving historical climate data
• Generate online climate information products
• Improve seasonal rainfall prediction

2. Strengthen ENACTS in Tanzania
• Update merged climate data
• Update climate information products (maprooms)
• Improve seasonal rainfall prediction.