Social-environmental Energy Systems in Catamarca, Argentina

Lead PI: Joshua D. Fisher

Unit Affiliation: Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict, and Complexity (AC4)

January 2018 - August 2019
South America ; Catamarca, Argentina
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: This interdisciplinary project aimed to characterize the linkages between hydrology, wetland ecosystems, and human livelihoods in a social-ecological system that depends on wetlands facing growing pressures from global drivers like climate change, tourism, and industrial scale mining. All about lithium and --- Categorizing the hydrogeochemistry and socio-economic drivers of habitat degradation in the face of increasing pressures of lithium mining in the Altiplano.

OUTCOMES: Characterization of the hydrogeochemistry of the Puna region


Dr. Felicity Arengo; Dr. David Boutt; Brendan Moran


University of Massachusetts Amherst; American Museum of Natural History Center for Biodiversity and Conservation


wetland industrial mining mining hydrology


Stewardship of the planet