Index Insurance for Risk Transfer - Madagascar, Antananarivo

Lead PI: Dr. Daniel Osgood , Rahel Legesse Diro

Unit Affiliation: International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI)

October 2020 - June 2021
Africa ; Antananarivo, Madagascar
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: IRI will develop a FbF system using seasonal forecasting based on an ENACTS database. It will deliver one forecast system producing a seasonal forecast for the upcoming agricultural campaign so that different thresholds and associated interventions can be designed at different lead times. IRI will:
• Develop a seasonal forecast for the JFM 2021 optimizing forecast skill, as well as relevance to forecasting drought in the Southern Region of Madagascar, by comparing against independent drought vulnerability indicators (e.g. field surveys, IPC data, crop production data).
• Conduct a workshop to introduce the science and tools developed for the stakeholders, and design triggers for the upcoming (2021) season. Stakeholders will come to elect triggers reflecting different degrees of drought severity, different degrees of certainty of the forecast, and how they relate to vulnerability indicators.
• Train and transfer knowledge and skills to Meteo Madagascar whose staff will be trained on the use and maintenance of this system. Training materials and reference documents will be provided to ensure knowledge is transferred even in case of turnover.
• Establish a technical roadmap for activities in upcoming years to improve the FbF system (e.g. via improved forecasts, improved vulnerability indicators) and continue to build up the capacity of Meteo Madagascar to use, maintain, and develop the whole set of tools. IRI, with WFPs facilitation, with liase with different actors in Madagascar in the development of technical roadmap.