Community Partnerships and Philanthropy

Lead PI: David Maurrasse
March 2021 - March 2022
Global ; North America
Project Type: Outreach Education

DESCRIPTION: Topics to be investigated will address innovations in community development and philanthropy. The latest book project entitled, Strategic Community Partnerships, Philanthropy, and
Nongovernmental Organizations addresses the role of foundations and various types of nongovernmental organizations in community-based collaborative initiatives designed to improve conditions in localities. This publication will feature a variety of community partnerships involving multiple stakeholders working in localities and regions throughout the U.S. and world. The next grant would support the completion of this book project. It would also support research on the role of universities and other anchor institutions in rebuilding and reimagining communities beyond the COVID-19 pandemic based on the experiences of how universities responded in communities during the pandemic. This line of research would inform an additional book project, entitled, Higher Education, Place, and Social Responsibility, which will discuss the role of institutions of higher education in community partnerships designed to strengthen localities and regions.