Support the development of a consolidated data portal and analytics dashboard for the ATA horticulture ACCs

Lead PI: Dr. Vijay Modi

Unit Affiliation: The Columbia Electrochemical Energy Center (CEEC)

Unit Affiliation: Quadracci Sustainable Engineering Lab

April 2020 - September 2021
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: QSEL Columbia University will support ATA with the following processes and deliverables:

Phase 1:
Assist ATA with an analytical framework to estimate stakeholder parameters for supporting and expanding horticulture in ACCs. Providing guidance on key technical specifications, functions, and overall structure. A common open-source GIS platform will be used and hosted by ATA under Columbia guidance.

Assist ATA with identifying data sources for biophysical, geographic, meteorological and cropping parameters relevant to horticulture ACCs. Currently data sources reside with different ministries and agencies. Columbia assistance will allow ATA to assemble standardized key datasets and analytic outputs under one platform where shared data layers will reside.

Assist with combining different sources, formats, spatial and temporal resolution of data. Where appropriate show digitization possibilities to the ATA staff.

Assist with standardization of key relevant datasets into the portal that can allow integration with market data in Phase 2. These datasets will rely on geo-located ACC areas, current and anticipated horticulture cropping areas, cropping calendars and anticipated market arrival windows, existing crop water requirements, water lift requirements, associated irrigation power.

Together with ATA prioritize key indicators based on user needs, beyond ATA and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Together with ATA, develop key analytics that can permit visualization and interpretation of these key indicators in the GIS platform to facilitate decision making by non-technical staff. ATA would bring sectoral domain knowledge of what crops, where, associated land areas, cropping calendars, their crop-water requirements, local water availability/depths/yields, and precipitation time series.

QSEL to assist with analytics for converting these data into: irrigation water demand per unit land; energy requirements per unit land area; minimum pump power requirements; aggregation of above to administrative or ACC level.

QSEL to assist ATA to standardize and incorporate market-related indicators into data portal and analytics dashboard to support development of typology ranking

Phase 2:
Train, and provide technical support to ATA analytics team QSEL to hold four online training sessions (using Zoom or Microsoft Teams) in the use of the

GIS platform for the specific purpose of supporting horticulture analytics. In addition to ATA staff, ATA will also identify other agency staff for this training.

ATA will make sample data available to trainees.

Final Phase:
Assist ATA to troubleshoot analytics, indicators, appropriate physical units, assumptions underlying analytics and how they are represented in the GIS platform.

Provide quality checks on analytics of phase 1 as platform is populated.




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