Executing Strategies to Rapidly Rehabilitate Damaged Housing COURSE FOR FEMA REGION X PERSONNEL

Lead PI: Thomas Chandler

Unit Affiliation: National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP)

April 2021 - August 2021
North America
Project Type: Research Outreach Education

DESCRIPTION: Background: FEMA’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, Strategic Goal II. Ready the Nation for Catastrophic Disasters
The intent of hosting a virtual, regional delivery of Executing Strategies to Rapidly Rehabilitate Damaged Housing course is to assist in preparing communities to conduct disaster housing planning and damage assessments. The curriculum includes opportunities to develop stronger partnerships between the public and private sectors, provide checklist based resources for use in a pre- and post-disaster environment, and best practices for enhancing community mitigation and disaster resilience. The course is driven by a scenario-based curriculum designed to apply knowledge, skills, and abilities on housing recovery, with a focus on the whole community approach to emergency management.

Source: FEMA Region 10 is seeking a vendor who delivers this course with the modules and schedule FEMA Region 10 needs. The selected vendor will provide this 7-hour/1-day instructor lead course along with the course materials. The instructor/facilitator will have experience in FEMA housing disaster recovery, mitigation policies and individual assistance programs. The vendor will provide certificates of completion under the National Center for Disaster Preparedness Certification Program.

Scope: Upon completion of an seven-hour course participants will be able to understand delays in rebuilding damaged housing after a disaster and the benefits of rapid housing rehabilitation; understand how non-profit partners can support rapid rehabilitation programs; understand the MLR program and how it can provide temporary housing options for survivors; and familiarity on the pre- disaster mitigation programs.