Qiñiġniaḷak qiñiġnaqsiḷugu: A Community Based Microbial Observatory, Narrative and Framework for Co-Production of Knowledge Practice

Lead PI: Dr. Ajit Subramaniam

Unit Affiliation: Biology and Paleo Environment, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)

July 2021 - December 2023
North America ; Alaska ; Kotzebue
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: Historically, scientists working in Indigenous and other communities living in sites of high research priority have failed to adequately value the standpoints and epistemic practices of these communities. They have also failed to engage these communities in the ethical co-production of knowledge. We propose to begin to address this failing through a new initiative, focused on the ethical co-production of knowledge, that will to develop a suite of practices and guidelines for researchers, students, and faculty at the new Columbia Climate School. Through the establishment of a community-based aquatic microbial observatory to collaboratively identify and address the needs of the Village of Kotzebue, we will also form the basis of a narrative on co-production of knowledge. We hope to influence a larger community of researchers by disseminating the practices we develop for our own community through a variety of modes and serve as a base for a much wider turn to the collaborative co-production of knowledge across other research-focused institutions.