Bridging Spatio-temporal Scales to Observationally Constrain the Cloud Feedback Pattern Effect

Lead PI: Katherine Marvel

Unit Affiliation: Center for Climate Systems Research (CCSR)

August 2021 - August 2022
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: Kate Marvel (KM) will advise a postdoctoral scholar at Columbia University and will collaborate on all aspects of the proposed research, which are detailed in the project description. KM will contribute expertise on the GISS model, cloud controlling factors (CCFs) and the CMIP6 archive. She will lead the PPE efforts with GISS and assist in quantifying model structural uncertainty.

KM will provide expertise and collaborate with Cristian Proistosescu (CP) and Kyle Armour (KA), as well as with the graduate student (at the University of Illinois) and postdoc (at Columbia), to conduct necessary model simulations, particularly with GISS, and performing a model intercomparison of cloud controlling factors for purposes of quantifying structural uncertainty.

KM will collaborate with CP and KA, as well as with the graduate student and postdoc, to develop optimal metrics for observationally constraining pattern effect. KM will advise and assist, as the need may arise, on other aspects of the proposed work such as quantifying structural uncertainty in Green's functions and developing low-order representations of the cloud feedback pattern effect.


University of Illinois, Board of Trustees


Department of Energy


cloud feedback


Modeling and Adapting to Future Climate