Scientific review of the Sustainability Boosting Program® of Enel X Global Retail

Lead PI: Dr. Christoph Johannes Meinrenken , Dr. Steven Alan Cohen , Satyajit Bose

Unit Affiliation: Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management (SPM)

December 2022 - December 2023
Project Type: Research


In this project, Columbia's Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management partnered with Enel X Global Retail, the global business line and energy transformation arm of Enel Group, the Italy-based multinational producer and distributor of electricity, and the second largest utility company in the world. The Enel X Sustainability Boosting Program® is a quantitative methodology an innovation process aimed at identifying and developing sustainability opportunities to be applied to products and services in order to make them more circular, inclusive, biodiversity-friendly. It is constituted by the application of three sub-programs: the Enel X Circular Economy Boosting Program®, with the aim of finding further application of the five business models of the circular economy, the Social Inclusion Boosting Program®, which addresses Social Inclusion, and a third module addressing biodiversity. The team of researchers Meinrenken, Cohen, Bose, Guo, and Wang (i) conducted an in depth review and benchmarking of the methodology's underlying metric system and internal stakeholder engagement processes and (ii) provided guidelines on how to apply the methodology to other divisions of Enel Group. []


Enel X Global Retail


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