Collaborative Research: US GEOTRACES GP17-OCE and GP17-ANT: Properties and Processes Impacting Other Trace EIement and Isotope Cycles using Noble Gas and Stable Isotope Tracers

Lead PI: Dr. Jennifer L. Middleton , Dr. Gisela Winckler , German, Chris; Jenkins, William J; Loose, Brice

Unit Affiliation: Geochemistry, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)

August 2022 - July 2025
South America ; Chile
Project Type: Research

BROADER IMPACTS: Beyond its scientific impact, this project will also take important steps to support the STEM pipeline: This project will augment the long-term US capacity in analytical noble gas oceanography through its technological and resource investments in the LDEO seawater noble gas laboratory, which will be led by J. Middleton, Co-PI and Lamont Asst. Research Professor beginning autumn, 2021. The project will also support graduate student Mollie Passacantando at URI to become an integral member of the GEOTRACES community. Next, the project will support the education of under-represented students in STEM fields through the URI/GSO Adopt-a-Classroom program. This program targets teacher professionals and curricular development that follows the implementation of Next Generation Science Standards in the State of RI. In Year 1, a focus group will be organized by URI Office of Marine programs to study how to effectively support these standards, given the constraints and the influence of COVID-19 on the K-12 classroom. In subsequent years, GSO participants will receive pedagogical training, and develop/deploy activities that teachers can use in the classroom or with their students online. To reach the public, co-PIs will coordinate with C. Wiederwohl (TAMU) to share GEOTRACES science themes and the Sailing with GEOTRACES (SWG). The team will participate in outreach events, including Kids Week at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum (NY), and the annual Lamont-Doherty Open House (NY), which draws over 4,000 visitors to the LDEO campus.


National Science Foundation




Kevin Cahill, Mollie Passacantando


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, University of Rhode Island