Ship Operations

Lead PI: Dr. Sean Higgins , Dr. David S. Goldberg

Unit Affiliation: Marine/Large Programs, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)

July 2018 - June 2024
Project Type: Research

BROADER IMPACTS: In common with other ships in the UNOLS research fleet, Langseth is more than just an instrument for the collection of scientific data - it is a learning tool, a university educational facility that allows young Earth scientists to experience the hands-on aspects of their trade. Students participate on Langseth as an integral member of a research team with experienced mentors and technical staff to obtain first-hand experience in research at sea. Columbia University is committed to increasing the educational initiatives and outreach opportunities for the Langseth and considers every cruise as a unique opportunity to engage with the public, through a mix of blogs, media communications, and in-port ship tours. Often, the images and data from Langseth cruises provide simple and powerful tools to tell stories about how our planet works. LDEO has long sponsored an annual public "Open House" event that welcomes several thousand visitors onto its campus to hear such stories across a wide range of Earth science disciplines, to see their interconnections, and to understand how our research addresses many of the challenges now faced by the global community.


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