Collaborative Research: Geomagnetic Variability, Paleoenvironmental Change, and a Tuned Geologic Timescale from Pacific Eocene-Pleistocene Sediments from IODP Expeditions 320-312

Lead PI: Helen Evans

Unit Affiliation: Marine and Polar Geophysics, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)

March 2010 - February 2013
Pacific Ocean
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: As part of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, the project would 1) refine shipboard magnetostratigraphies; 2) generate long continuous relative geomagnetic intensity and directional paleosecular variation; 3) construct high-resolution environmental magnetic records; 4) tune the geologic timescale; 5) improve the Pacific Plate apparent polar wander path.

OUTCOMES: Samples collected from Sites U1331 and U1338 have been measured and areas needing higher-resolution were identified.