Lead PI: Glenn L. Denning

Unit Affiliation: Haiti Group (inactive)

January 2012 - April 2012
Central America ; Caribbean ; Haiti
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: The link between reliable comprehensive science-based and data driven decision support tools, and critical state and local planning mechanisms remains absent in many areas of Haiti. The Haiti Research and Policy Program at EI proposes to support development of these tools and deploy them through local knowledge networks largely located in the universities and through Haitian official institutions like the statistical bureaus, aiming to spark innovation and long-term adoption.

OUTCOMES: Support and strengthen existing networks of university engagement in the South Department to build a platform for long-term university partnerships that strengthens the ongoing work in the region and to enhance coordination. Explore ways to leverage information and communication technologies (ICT) to achieve the above goals and create more access to information and global discussions and teaching on campuses. Develop curriculum, course materials, and teaching tools out of the Earth Institute’s multi-disciplinary data sets and research in Haiti over the past three years. Specifically, case materials and teaching tools will draw from EI-led socio-economic household surveys, facilities inventory, agricultural trial plot studies, land degradation surveillance framework, climate monitoring stations, studies on state and community planning mechanisms, health systems and program development studies, and land tenure surveys which will produce a wealth of data for integrated socio-economic, bio-physical and spatial analysis.