Health Vulnerability to Climate Variability in an Urban Setting: Temperature and Air Quality Impacts on Health in New York City

Lead PI: Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig

Unit Affiliation: Center for Climate Systems Research (CCSR)

October 2011 - September 2012
North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: The overall objective of this work is to examine health vulnerability to climate variability in urban areas across multiple dimensions, including individual demographics and health status, individual and neighborhood-level economic status, built environment, exposures to temperature extremes, and exposures to other environmental risks including air pollution.

OUTCOMES: 1) Develop a multi-year dataset of de-identified daily mortality and hospital admissions counts, temperature and air pollution at the neighborhood scale in New York City. 2) Obtain and process spatial data on demographic, economic, and built environment variables. 3)Carry out statistical analyses to estimate exposure-response functions linking health outcomes to temperature and air pollution, stratified by vulnerability factors. 4) Develop methods for future projections of health impacts of temperature.


University Corporation for Atmospheric Research


National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce




air pollution urban areas climate and society climate change health vulnerability air quality


Sustainable living