Improving Food and Livelihood Security through Water-Energy-Agriculture Management under Climate Change and Variability

Lead PI: Dr. Upmanu Lall

Unit Affiliation: Columbia Water Center (CWC)

April 2012 - March 2015
Asia ; India ; Punjab ; Gujarat
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: Assess food production system and rural livelihood vulnerability to emerging water scarcity; Identify climate forecasts and decision tools; Optimize agricultural practices; Facilitate access to field data collected by farmers and farmer's access to climate information and technical guidance using mobile phone technology; Develop integrated agricultural climate, water and energy use scenarios; Suggest policy to the State and National Governments promoting sustainable resource management and facilitating access to resources by low-income farmers; Develop an agricultural supply chain model enabling net improvements in income, meeting food production targets, and adapting energy and water use to climate conditions.

OUTCOMES: Experiments with 1200 farmers in Punjab on climate adaptation using water saving technologies and climate forecasts.