Projects Tagged global health

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A Prototype Earth-Gauging System Integrating Weather and Health Data to Manage Meningitis 4/10/09 10/15/12 Global
A web-based decision support system for malaria policy makers 7/1/11 12/31/12 Africa
Accelerating Progress Towards reducing child mortality and improving maternal health in the millennium villages 4/1/07 6/30/13 Africa
Accelerating progress towards reducting child mortality and improving maternal health in the millennium villages 12/1/09 6/30/13 Africa
Bugesera District HIV Prevention and Economic Empowerment Project 7/1/11 6/30/13 Africa
Capacity Building, Progress Review in EMTCT; Knowledge Sharing Meeting and Evaluation Report 4/1/13 11/30/13 Africa
Continuum of Care Model for Postpartum Hemorrhage and the Use of Oral Misoprostol 12/1/08 6/30/13 Africa
Distribution, Persistence, and Resuspension of Sediment-Associated Pathogenic Bacteria in the Hudson River 7/1/11 3/15/14 North America
Evaluating the durability and efficacy of used Olyset Nets Sampled from the Millennium Villages 10/25/11 10/24/12 Africa
Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education 1/1/17 7/31/18 North America
Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education 7/1/18 6/30/19 North America
Haiti Regeneration Initiative / Cote Sud Initiative 1/1/11 10/31/12 Central America
Health Effects and Geochemistry of Arsenic and Manganese - Administrative Core 6/1/00 3/31/17 Asia
Impact of Green Housing Practices on Indoor Exposure to PM2.5 Among Low-income Families in the United States 6/19/12 12/31/12 North America
IRI/The Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre-Climate Centre 6/15/11 7/1/12 Global
Millennium Villages-Project Community Health Worker Program-Renewal - MDG West; Community Health Worker Training in the Millennium Villages: Phase 2 1/1/11 6/30/14 Africa
Model Districts in India: Request for 3 Additional Districts 7/1/11 6/30/16 Asia
Norwegian contribution to ministerial Working Group on Scaling up Health Systems in low-Income Settings To Achieve the MDGS 12/15/09 12/31/15 Africa
Oral health and hygiene in the millennium village project 5/31/11 6/30/14 Africa
Piloting a Novel Delivery Mechanism of a Critical Public Health Service in India: Arsenic Testing of Tubewell Water in the Field for a Fee 7/15/12 2/28/13 Asia
Regional Indicators of Daily-to-Yearly Variability in Background Ozone to Inform Air Quality Standard Setting and Decision-Making 2/1/12 7/31/16 North America
Scaling up Rural Health Services- A Proposal to Launch Two Model Districts in India 7/1/10 6/30/16 Asia
Support for the Establishment of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Subsector in the Millennium Villages Project 7/1/12 12/31/15 Africa
UNAIDS and the Millennium Villages Project: Establishing 'HIV-1 mother-to-child transmission-free zones' 12/1/12 12/31/15 Africa
REACH: Using Technology to Increase Health Literacy and Health Care Access for Refugees in Turkiye, Lebanon, and Jordan 8/1/19 6/30/23 Europe
Collaborative Research: AccelNet: Clean Air Monitoring and Solutions Network (CAMS-Net) 1/1/21 12/31/25 Global
Health impacts of herbicides and pesticides: bridging the gap from correlation to causation with more low‐cost environmental data 1/1/21 12/31/22 South America
Global Health Facility Database Initiative 12/30/21 12/31/22 Africa