Projects Tagged atmosphere

By Project Name By Startdate By Enddate By Location
Drying Versus Wettening of the East African Climate 4/1/13 4/30/17 Africa
Global variation of the fundamental radiative properties of ice clouds 5/23/14 5/22/18 Global
Impact of rising greenhouse gases on mid-latitude storm tracks and associated hydroclimate variability and change 9/15/10 9/14/14 Global
Research Scanning Polarimeter (RSP) Team Support for CAMP2Ex 10/19/17 10/18/22 Asia
School-based Ecology and Environmental Discoveries (SEEDS) 9/15/10 8/31/15 North America
Surface Water pCO2 measurements from Ships 10/1/15 8/31/19 Antarctica
Synergistic ice cloud observations from eMAS and RSP 12/22/14 12/21/18 Central America
Quantifying the Impact of Biogenic and Anthropogenic Fluxes on the Atmospheric Composition of the New York City Metro Area 9/1/20 8/31/22 North America
A Multi-Spectral Thermal Infrared Imaging System for Air-Sea Interaction Research 9/1/20 8/31/22
Assessing the Role of the Atmosphere in Extreme Arctic Sea Ice Melting Events from Daily to Centennial Time Scales 6/29/20 6/28/23 Arctic
3-D Modeling of a Secondary Ancient Lunar Atmosphere: The Effect on Volatile Distribution 10/26/20 10/25/23
Collaborative Research: Global Agricultural Impacts of Stratospheric Aerosol Climate Intervention 4/1/21 9/30/22 Global
Advancing Carbonyl Sulfide (OCS) as an Independent Atmospheric Tracer for Global Photosynthesis through Quantification of Microbial-Mediated Sources and Sinks in Soils 1/15/21 12/31/21