Projects Tagged air pollution

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Air Pollution and Human Well-Being 7/1/16 6/30/19
Air Pollution from Gas Flaring and Human Capital Outcomes 5/1/17 9/1/20
Assessing the Impact of Clean Heat Policy Intervention in New York City 1/20/14 12/31/15 North America
Black Carbon Exposure, DNA Methylation, Airway Inflammation in Pediatric Asthma 11/1/11 10/31/17 North America
Development of a Parsimonious Set of City-level Environmental Performance Metrics for Jiyuan, Henan, China 1/1/14 6/30/14 Asia
Evaluating How Dry Deposition Influences Eastern U.S. Ozone. Aerosols, and Precursors: Mean Contribu 8/1/14 7/31/19 North America
Health Vulnerability to Climate Variability in an Urban Setting: Temperature and Air Quality Impacts on Health in New York City 10/3/11 9/30/12 North America
Potential inhaled dose of particulates, biking and cardiovascular indicators 3/6/15 2/28/17 North America
Potential Inhaled Dose of Particulates, Biking and Cardiovascular Indicators 3/15/17 2/28/20 North America
Predicting Extreme US Air Pollution Events 6/1/12 5/31/16 North America
Quantifying Risks From Changing U.S. PM2.5 Distributions Due to Climate Variability and Warming with Large Multi-Model Ensembles and High-Resolution Downscaling 1/1/16 12/31/20 North America
Regional Indicators of Daily-to-Yearly Variability in Background Ozone to Inform Air Quality Standard Setting and Decision-Making 2/1/12 7/31/16 North America
Understanding Adoption of Clean Cookstoves 9/17/14 6/30/19
The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change 11/13/19 Global
Investigating Drivers of Particulate Matter Pollution over India and the Implications for Climate 1/1/19 6/30/21 Asia
Crowd-Sourced Traffic Data: Predicting Air Pollution & Acute Ischemic Stroke 7/1/19 6/30/22
Integrating air pollution prediction models: Uncertainty quantification and propagation in health studies 3/16/20 12/31/21 Global
Collaborative Research: AccelNet: Clean Air Monitoring and Solutions Network (CAMS-Net) 1/1/21 12/31/25 Global
Support the Regional Framework Agreements (RFA) on Air Pollution in Africa with a focus on East Africa 9/30/20 9/30/23 Africa
Clean Air Toolbox for Cities 1/1/19 Africa
Clean Air Catalyst: A Global Partnership for Accelerating Clean Air Solutions 8/3/20 5/31/25 Asia
Investigating Spatiotemporal Patterns at the Nexus of Air Pollution, Climate and Public Health over the Northeast U.S.A. 1/25/21 1/24/25 North America
Accounting for the Health Benefits of Air Pollution Regulations in China, 2008-2020 6/1/20 5/31/21 Asia