Projects Tagged geopolitics

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American Gas to the Rescue? The Impact of US LNG Exports on European Security and Russian Foreign Policy 9/22/14 North America
Collateral Damage: The Impact on Pakistan from US Sanctions Against Iran 7/31/17 Asia
Columbia Global Energy Dialogue Report: Sulfur Regulations on the High Sea 4/21/16 Global
Columbia Global Energy Dialogue Report: The GCC and the New Oil World 4/6/16 Asia
Consensus for Action: Towards a More Effective EU Sanctions Policy 11/28/18 Global
Considerations for the Treatment of Energy in the US–EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 9/10/15 Europe
Energy Relations between Russia and China: Playing Chess with the Dragon 8/1/16 Asia
Implications of Sustained Low Oil Prices on Iran 7/10/15 Asia
Issue Brief: A Sanctions Approach to "Plan B" for the Iran Nuclear Problem 3/27/15 Asia
Issue Brief: Implications of New Oil Sanctions on Iran 3/2/15 Asia
Issue Brief: Revisiting Oil Sanctions on Russia 7/30/15 Asia
Issue Brief: The Future of Economic Sanctions in a Global Economy 5/21/15 North America
Navigating the US Oil Export Debate 1/16/15 North America
Six Months Later: Assessing the Implementation of the Iran Nuclear Deal 7/14/16 Asia
Some Future Scenarios of Russian Natural Gas in Europe 6/20/16 Europe
The Future of Nuclear Energy - A Three-Part Series 3/31/17 Global
The Geopolitics of Renewable Energy 6/28/17 Global
The Impact of Low Oil Prices on Algeria 10/12/16 Asia
The Impact of the Decline in Oil Prices on the Economics, Politics and Oil Industry in Venezuela 9/10/15 South America
The Impact of US LNG on Russian Natural Gas Export Policy 12/17/18 Global
The New Geopolitics of Energy 9/15/15 North America
The Rise of China's Independent Refineries 9/7/17 Asia
The Role of US Shale in European Energy Security and Trade 2/25/16 Asia
Transatlantic Sanctions Policy: From the 1982 Soviet Gas Pipeline Episode to Today 3/22/19 Europe
US Energy Diplomacy 3/1/18 South America
Venezuela's Growing Risk to the Oil Market 8/16/16 South America
In Dire Straits? Implications of US-Iran Tensions for the Global Oil Market 11/21/19 North America
The Qatari Sanctions Episode 10/29/20 Africa