Projects Tagged electricity

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Advanced Peak Demand Forecast and Battery Dispatch Algorithms to Integrate Storage-Based Demand Response with Building Automation Systems 6/15/15 8/31/17 North America
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Power Projects: Insights into Environmental and Debt Sustainability 10/3/19 Asia
Intra and Inter Building control algorithms and smartgrid communication links to facilitate electricity storage in buildings 1/1/12 12/29/13 Global
Papua New Guinea - Toward Development of a National Electricity Roll-Out Plan 7/12/13 12/31/13 Oceania
Reducing plug-load electricity footprint of residential buildings through low-cost, non-intrusive sub-metering and personalized feedback technology 9/1/16 12/30/22 North America
Reforming electricity, water, and fuel subsidies in the United Arab Emirates 4/20/17 Asia
Rural Electricity Supply: Commodity or Entitlement? 6/21/19 Asia
Sustainable Energy in Haiti: Hydrology and Meterology Program 5/30/13 12/31/16 Central America
The Role of Natural Gas in Europe's Electricity Sector Through 2030 8/7/18 Europe
PRISM 9/1/19 8/31/21 North America
Capturing Investment: Policy Design to Finance CCUS Projects in the U.S. Power Sector 4/28/20 Global
Powering the Globe: Lessons from Southeast Asia for China’s Global Energy Interconnection Initiative 4/23/20 Asia
Building a New Grid without New Legislation 12/14/20 North America
Heating Energy Modeling with Breakthrough Energy 10/1/20 9/30/22 North America