Projects Tagged mining

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Developing a strategy for integrated rural development in the mining communities of Geita 1/1/12 9/30/13 Africa
(SIGUIRI-Niang) Developing a strategy for integrated rural development in mining communities 1/1/12 9/30/13 Africa
Lubambe Millennium Village Project 12/10/12 1/24/14 Africa
Assessing Water-Related Risks in the Mining Sector Global
Conceptualizing Economic Linkages to the Resource Sector
Employment from Mining Investments in Land for Agriculture
Fostering Knowledge and Technology Spillovers of Extractive Industry Investments Africa
Infrastructure Development and Large-Scale Natural Resource Investments
Leveraging Mining-Related Infrastructure Investments for Development (Rails, Port, Power, Water and ICT) Africa
Mining & Water Risk: Diagnosis, Benchmarking and Quantitative Analysis of Financial Impacts 7/1/14 12/31/17 Global
Mining and Metals: The Transformation Map Global
Mining and the Sustainable Development Goals 1/1/16 Global
Resource for Infrastructure Deals Africa
Risk-Based Water Valuation for Mining Companies 1/1/19 Global
Strategic Environmental Assessment 1/2/12 1/3/13 Africa
The Mine of the Future
The Renewable Power of the Mine
Topical Contractual Issues
Community-Based Environmental Impact Tracking for Bauxite Mining in Guinea 1/1/20 12/31/21 Africa
EIA and Human Rights Fact-Finding in the Porgera Watershed 1/1/15 6/1/19 Oceania
Social-environmental Energy Systems in Catamarca, Argentina 1/1/18 8/1/19 South America
Tanzania Mining 1/1/17 12/1/18 Africa