Projects Tagged sustainable development

By Project Name By Startdate By Enddate By Location
Developing a strategy for integrated rural development in the mining communities of Geita 1/1/12 9/30/13 Africa
(SIGUIRI-Niang) Developing a strategy for integrated rural development in mining communities 1/1/12 9/30/13 Africa
Aligning Investment Treaties with Sustainable Development Europe
Business Case for Transparency North America
China Sustainable Development Indicator System (CSDIS) Asia
Collaboration between the Asian Development Bank and the Earth Institute; Policies to meet global economic challenges - Asia's perspective 3/21/12 11/30/16 North America
Columbia University Middle East Research Center (CUMERC); Advisory Support for the National Poverty Reduction Strategy and Executive Education in Sustainable Development 1/1/11 4/30/14 Asia
Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project 1/1/15 12/31/15 Europe
Development of Urban Sustainability Indicators: An Integration of Scientific and Participatory Approaches in China 7/1/15 12/31/16 Asia
Development of a Masters Level Education in Sustainable Urban Transport 10/1/16 12/31/16 Global
ENI SDSN Energy for all in Sub-Saharan Africa 7/26/13 6/25/17 Africa
Establishment of the POPGRID Data Collaborative 9/1/17 6/30/20 Global
General Operating Support for the Center for Sustainable Development 11/2/16 10/31/17
Ghana Telemedicine Project Phase II 7/1/13 12/31/17 Africa
GRID Mapping Portfolio Support 9/1/17 9/30/23 Africa
Haiti Regeneration Initiative / Cote Sud Initiative 1/1/11 10/31/12 Central America
IFAD-Universities Win-Win Partnership: Engaging students with IFAD-supported operations 1/28/16 9/30/20 Global
Innovative Case Studies for Sustainable Development 7/1/13 8/30/14
ITAD - SADA Millennium Villages Project External Evaluation 1/27/12 6/30/18 Africa
Kapuscinski Development Lecture in New York City 8/25/15 12/31/15 North America
Myanmar Sustainable Development Center 4/1/13 11/15/13 Asia
Population and Infrastructure on Our Human Planet: Supporting Sustainable Development through Improved Spatial Data and Models for Human Settlements, Infrastructure, and Population Distribution Based on Earth Observations 1/2/18 6/30/22 Global
Proposal to Review and Update the 2008 International Commission on Education for Sustainable Development 3/1/17 2/28/19
Renewal: General Operating Support for the Center for Sustainable Development 1/29/18 1/31/21
Research Series on New Trends in and Development Impacts of International Investment Law
Research to Engage Religious Communities in Sustainable Development - Climate Change and Sustainable 9/1/14 12/31/17
SDSN - Networks 7/1/15 6/30/16 Europe
Socioeconomic Data and Applications Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) for the EOS Data and Information System 8/1/18 7/31/22 Global
Sovereign Debt Crises in the US and the Eurozone: Potential Regional Impacts on Asia 12/7/12 2/21/13 Asia
Studies and pilot initiatives to promote environmental sustainability in Dominican Republic and Haiti 1/4/13 9/30/13 Central America
Sustainable Development Solutions Network 12/1/14 12/31/15 Europe
Sustainable Development Solutions Network 7/1/15 10/31/15 Europe
Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) 11/1/15 10/31/17 North America
Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Financing Sustainable Development 11/9/15 1/8/16 Europe
Sustainable Development Solutions Network partnership with USAID to take solutions to scale 9/1/14 12/1/14
Sustainable Development Solutions Network -Proposal for GIZ 9/1/13 6/30/15
The African Millennium Village Initiative (Phase 2) 1/1/08 6/30/11 Africa
The Sustainable Development Solutions Network 7/1/15 6/30/17 North America
UNAIDS and the Millennium Villages Project: Establishing 'HIV-1 mother-to-child transmission-free zones' 12/1/12 12/31/15 Africa
Enhancing the impact of well testing for fluoride with skits and songs in rural India 1/1/20 12/31/21 Asia
Sustainable Development and Peace: the Complexities of Land Tenure and Reconstruction in Haiti 2/1/17 11/1/17 North America
UNDP Platform Assessment 1/1/20 Global