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Asian LNG Trading Hubs: Myth or Reality 5/4/18 Global
Can Coal Make a Comeback? 4/25/17 North America
Columbia Global Energy Dialogue Report: Sulfur Regulations on the High Sea 4/21/16 Global
Columbia Global Energy Dialogue Report: The GCC and the New Oil World 4/6/16 Asia
Difficulties in Easing Sanctions on Myanmar 4/13/16 Global
Distributional Implications of a Carbon Tax 7/17/18 North America
Emissions, Energy, and Economic Implications of the Curbelo Carbon Tax Proposal 7/19/18 North America
Energy Access and Affordability Voluntary Action Plan for Latin America and the Caribbean 10/31/18 North America
Energy and Environmental Implications of a Carbon Tax on the United States 7/17/18 North America
Engaging State-Owned Enterprises in Climate Action 9/10/19 Global
Financing Solar and Wind Power: Insights From Oil and Gas 3/20/17 North America
For Production Cuts, Oil Market Looks to OPEC, but OPEC Looks Toward US Shale 10/17/14 North America
Guide to Chinese Climate Policy 2019 9/13/19 Asia
If You Build It, Will They Come? The Competitiveness of US LNG in Overseas Markets 11/22/16 Global
Interactions between a Federal Carbon Tax and Other Climate Policies 3/6/19 North America
Issue Brief: US Crude Oil Exchanges with Mexico 2/4/15 Central America
Making Sense of the Trump Administration's Fuel Economy Standard Rollback 4/18/18 North America
Mexican Energy Reform 6/11/14 Central America
Navigating Political Hurricanes in the MENA Region: Energy Pricing Reform in a Context of Changing Social Contracts 4/11/17 Global
Navigating the US Oil Export Debate 1/16/15 North America
New Realities, New Risks: Rethinking the Strategic Petroleum Reserve 5/30/18 North America
Reforming electricity, water, and fuel subsidies in the United Arab Emirates 4/20/17 Asia
Reforming the Renewable Fuel Standard 2/27/18 North America
Reserve Base Lending and the Outlook for Shale Oil and Gas Finance 5/3/17 North America
Rural Electricity Supply: Commodity or Entitlement? 6/21/19 Asia
Slow Steaming to 2020: Innovation and Inertia in Marine Transport and Fuels 8/10/17 Global
The Effects of Carbon Tax Policies on the US Economy and the Welfare of Households 7/17/18 North America
The Energy, Economic, and Emissions Impacts of a Federal US Carbon Tax 7/17/18 North America
The Future of Nuclear Energy - A Three-Part Series 3/31/17 Global
The Geopolitics of Renewable Energy 6/28/17 Global
The Impact of Low Oil Prices on Algeria 10/12/16 Asia
The Impact of US LNG on Russian Natural Gas Export Policy 12/17/18 Global
The Renewable Fuel Standard: A Path Forward 4/15/15 North America
The Role of Natural Gas in Europe's Electricity Sector Through 2030 8/7/18 Europe
The Role of US Shale in European Energy Security and Trade 2/25/16 Asia
They Might Be Giants: Emerging LNG Importers Are Reshaping the Waterborne Gas Market 11/16/17 Global
Venezuela's Growing Risk to the Oil Market 8/16/16 South America
Vulnerability, Resilience, and Reform: The GCC and the Oil Price Crisis 2014-2016 12/20/16 Asia
In Dire Straits? Implications of US-Iran Tensions for the Global Oil Market 11/21/19 North America
Potential Implications of the COVID-19 Crisis on Long-Term Electricity Demand in the United States 10/26/20 North America