Projects Tagged greenhouse gas

By Project Name By Startdate By Enddate By Location
Atmospheric Tomography Experiment (ATom) 4/1/15 3/31/21 Global
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Power Projects: Insights into Environmental and Debt Sustainability 10/3/19 Asia
Climate and chemistry changes from 1975 to 2000 as observed and modeled in the coupled chemistry-aerosol-climate GISS ModelE Earth System Model 5/14/09 6/30/15 Global
Collaborative Research: Assessing the Role of Compound-specific Phosphorus Hydrolase Transformations 9/1/17 8/31/20 Global
Collaborative Research: Constraints on Sediment Physical Properties at the Cape Fear and Currituck landslides from velocity analysis of new, open access seismic reflection data 8/1/18 8/31/20 North America
Collaborative Research: Testing the Orbital Theory of Ice Ages Through Analysis of Glacial Deposits and Numerical Modeling 7/15/13 12/31/18 Global
Compact inexpensive micro-reformers for distributed GTL 8/1/14 3/6/17 North America
Coupled Model Biases in the Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Distribution of the Global Tropics and their Influence on Climate Change Projections 3/15/17 2/28/21 Global
Do Low Oil Prices Undermine US Passenger Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards? 7/19/16 North America
Emissions modeling, Phase III 11/1/11 8/31/12 Global
Reconciling substrate specific difference in the carbon isotope Excursion marking the Paleocene-Eocene transition 7/1/15 7/31/17 Pacific Ocean
Sustainability Plans for PepsiCo International 1/1/08 12/31/13 Global
The Energy Sector and the Sustainable Development Goals Global
Understanding Forced Asian Monsoon Changes in Observations and Coupled Model Intercomparison Project 11/1/16 10/31/21 Asia
Understanding recent global hydroclimate change using multivariate detection & attribution techniques and GCM Experiments 8/1/15 7/31/19 Global
Updated Climate Scenarios for New York State 10/1/13 6/30/14 North America
Wave Breaking in High Winds and its Effects on the Air-Sea Exchange of Gasses of Varying Solubility 9/1/15 1/31/18 Arctic Ocean