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Can Coal Make a Comeback? 4/25/17 North America
Columbia Global Energy Dialogue Report: Sulfur Regulations on the High Sea 4/21/16 Global
Distributional Implications of a Carbon Tax 7/17/18 North America
Energy Access and Affordability Voluntary Action Plan for Latin America and the Caribbean 10/31/18 North America
Energy and Environmental Implications of a Carbon Tax on the United States 7/17/18 North America
Engaging State-Owned Enterprises in Climate Action 9/10/19 Global
Financing Solar and Wind Power: Insights From Oil and Gas 3/20/17 North America
Guide to Chinese Climate Policy 2019 9/13/19 Asia
ICT in Education Impact Study 9/1/12 12/31/15 Africa
Improving Regional Situational Awareness During Fuel Emergencies in the New York Tri-State Areas: Lessons from Superstorm Sandy 7/28/16 North America
Interactions between a Federal Carbon Tax and Other Climate Policies 3/6/19 North America
Low Oil Prices: An Opportunity for Fuel Subsidy Reform 10/30/15 Global
Making Sense of the Trump Administration's Fuel Economy Standard Rollback 4/18/18 North America
Navigating the US Oil Export Debate 1/16/15 North America
PG&E: Market and Policy Perspectives on the First Climate Change Bankruptcy 8/15/19 North America
Population-Environment Research Network (PERN) 1/1/01 Global
Power of the River: Introducing the Global Dam Tracker (GDAT) 11/19/18 Global
Slow Steaming to 2020: Innovation and Inertia in Marine Transport and Fuels 8/10/17 Global
Socioeconomic Data and Applications Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) for the EOS Data and Information System 8/1/18 7/31/22 Global
Solar Together: A Proposal 4/26/16 Asia
Storms, Forms, and Complexity of the Urban Canopy: How Land Use, Settlement Patterns, and the Shapes of Cities Influence Severe Weather 7/23/12 11/30/16 Global
Terra Populus: A Global Population/Environment Data Network 9/1/11 8/31/16 Global
The Effects of Carbon Tax Policies on the US Economy and the Welfare of Households 7/17/18 North America
The Energy, Economic, and Emissions Impacts of a Federal US Carbon Tax 7/17/18 North America
The Future of Nuclear Energy - A Three-Part Series 3/31/17 Global
The Geopolitics of Renewable Energy 6/28/17 Global
The Paris Agreement and Market Signals: A Survey 11/17/16
The Renewable Fuel Standard: A Path Forward 4/15/15 North America
US Carbon Tax Design: Options and Implications 1/16/18 North America
Origins of Environmental Law 9/1/15 12/28/15 North America